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Mission Statement

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       When nothing is sure, everything is possible. - Margaret Drabble

    Mission Statement

    ZPEnergy is a news portal devoted to experimental research/applications in new revolutionary energy technologies . It aims to connect together people who have the same pragmatic goal: bring to the public amazing devices which can tap a seemingly unlimited supply of energy that fills the universe, the so called "Zero Point Energy" (ZPE).

    There is no doubt as to the existence of ZPE but there is still much debate among scientists if it can be used for a practical purpose! It appears that some experimenters out there didn't wait for the scientist to make up their minds and didn't want to forget interesting anomalies that made them think this energy can be harnessed. There are even signs that a few succeeded to tap this energy and prototype devices already exist! If that is true, we are here to help them prove it.

    The social and economical implications of a too rapid mass production of such devices are staggering and, we have to admit, potentially disruptive. But "small is beautiful" and perfectly suited for a gradual, unobtrusive and hopefully unstoppable penetration of this technology into our day to day life.

    This is NOT another site that debates the validity or invalidity of the theory behind this technology (there are plenty of good ones on the Internet - please see our Hot Links and Web Links sections). With all due respect to our theoreticians, this is irrelevant to the general public and, from our experience, tremendously time consuming and totally inefficient in changing the status quo. What matters is if the devices work or not. In this regard, it is most important to allow people to provide witness or expert testimony to support or debunk a claim in an open, and verifiable manner. This is to minimize the undeniable risks associated with any new technology enterprise and connect real inventors with real people that can help, and who feel the time to get involved is now! They will drive this site.

    Who is invited here:

    If you are one of those "men/women of experiment" and claim your device is ready to get out of the home workshop, garage or lab, and you have the courage to try it in the real world, you came to the right place. Here we also hope to attract people or small companies who are willing to bring their skills, expertise, time and/or money to build such a device for actual use, as intended. Others, would want to help with legal and commercial matters (and we can assure you, there are plenty of issues of this nature) and others would just like to work in this awesome new emerging industry, and learn to install, operate and service these machines. All of us who want to encourage the genuine new-energy pioneers are invited to contribute here. Nothing is perfect from the beginning but, if people want it, these devices will power our homes, transportation means, industry, etc., before the next decade... and they will be everywhere!

    Together with the communication revolution, this will bring human kind the true independence we all dreamed about, to live in harmony and respect with each other and with Mother Nature, who gives us this energy for free!

    As you can see, this site wants to be a window  to the world for the people  who are directly involved in this fascinating technological adventure and for those interested in what is practically happening in this field of research.

    Site Design Concept:

    The concept for this site is to let the users build it. We will provide the tools and a structure (also adjustable based on user's suggestions), and moderate only to keep the postings within our mission statement. The process is very easy and it consists of the posting of a message, a document or a link and assign it to the relevant categories. Powerful search engines will quickly retrieve whatever you are looking for from the database; automatic feedback of any reply to your posting or updates to the selected categories are available.

    We do not want to duplicate other newsgroups/forums/mailing lists on "alternative/ new/ free energy" topics but keep this site focused on exactly what we want to facilitate - help inventors to "get out of the closet" to prove their devices are ready for manufacturing stage. This site needs to be simple, accessible and open to fulfill its goal. If requested, "members only" visible areas can be set up, but we encourage all potential users to think of this site as a vehicle for spreading the word that this technology is here and real. People helping people and educating more people is the answer to win over suppression!

    Please see below more specific comments for each of the proposed topics. We want this to be a dynamic site, consequently in continuous expansion and improvement. Please participate with quality information in order to give more legitimacy to this controversial field of experimental research and help make a difference in the world tomorrow.

    Got questions/suggestions? 

    E-mail us at

       It is never too late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot


    ZPEnergy is primarily dedicated to promoting radical devices that are opening the door to a vast source of energy, clean and available everywhere. Some call it "zero point energy" many "vacuum/ space energy" or simply, the ridiculed "free energy".

    For some it is a laughing matter, for others, a life long struggle and frustration to bring this truth to the world, and change it forever. We think it's time to end the "playing around" with this crucial technology, prove or disprove it, and get down to business. There are signs that the society and even big industry (energy sector) is ready to accept, slowly, a new paradigm of science and technology that would make any other Industrial Revolution pale in comparison. We only need to awaken "the market forces" and they will do the rest. Doing it on a small scale gives the economy and society time to properly adapt to the fantastic changes this technology will trigger in almost every aspect of our human existence. There are still many ways for powerful vested interests to stop this, as it appears to have happened before, but we believe chances are that a compromise is now possible.

    We are not talking here about "traditional" renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal, etc.). Neither we are considering the fuel cells or "new hydrogen energy" technologies  which are revolutionary and with great potential but, in our opinion, still a transition phase to the "ultimate machine" tapping directly the quantum fluctuations in the vacuum of space (the ZPE). We are glad the above mentioned technologies take the spotlight, because in its shadow the "real thing" has the necessary time to mature.

    Most of these ZPE tapping devices practically need no fuel; they don't create energy either, but rather tap into an existing natural potential energy source; most advanced devices need little or no energy storage capacity because they can tap as much energy as needed when and where it is needed! If you want to know more about this topic please explore the sites we list in our Hot/Web Links sections.

    Too good to be true, some say, and so far, from the general public perspective, they are right! For various reasons, there is not a single commercially viable product of this sort, as yet (as far as we, ordinary people, know it). But tell that to those continuing the work of Tesla, Kelly, Russell, Moray, Hendershot, Coler, Reich, Sweet, Gray and many other pioneers, no longer among us. Strong and competent voices such as those of Bearden, Evans, Puthoff, Fox, Bailey, Grotz, Adams, Aspden, King, Johnson, Takahashi, Kawai, Shoulders, Lambertson, Baumann, Searl,  Bedini, Hutchison, DePalma, Valone, Mallove, Correa, Fogal, Newman, Hamel, etc. (some of the best known names) can be heard today saying they have proof the ZPE can be tapped to supply meaningful power, and some of them have actually done it themselves. We invite them to contribute to this site and tell us how can we help to bring these prototype devices from their crude pre-manufacturing stage to a commercially viable unit. We hope other users of this site would help some of these inventors to overcome the "Suppression Syndrome" that has unfortunately plagued almost every aspect of this technology development. We touch on that in the other sections of this site.

    At ZPEnergy we target small scale devices development (usually up to 10-30 kW primarily for individual "home" use). There are clear advantages to go this route for the inventors/ manufacturers and users alike, but the challenges will not be easier! There is no better proof than a working device.

       What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other? - George Eliot


    We have no doubt that, in the end, everyone is interested in living in a cleaner and healthier environment. We owe that to our children. And we also love freedom. To have your own inexhaustible energy source means real freedom. Just think about it for a couple of minutes...  What would you do if you would have a "battery" that never runs out and allows you to connect to it as many electrical devices as you want (motors, heating/cooling devices, lights, your computer and the home theatre, etc.)? If I would offer you one for ... say ... the price of your car, would you buy one? Oh... if itís for real, you want two?! Yes...I understand...you live in California and youíre a PG&E customer... and itís <Stage 3 Emergency> again!

    Well, we really donít think the demand would be a problem. We donít think even the existence of such a device (almost like the "battery" we've mentioned) is impossible. Contrary to what you hear, there might be such devices already in operation (and not just in the US). They are not "perfect" or for sale yet, possibly because of the Uncle Sam and The Invention Secrecy Act, the Patent Office, etc., but mostly because people need to hear it from Tom Brocaw to take notice or believe it.

    But thatís OK, we need only some people to seriously research this topic, and these are the smart investors. The world cares very little about what people know, it is what people are able to do that makes a difference. Unfortunately without money, one can do very little in this world, to make a difference. And when the stakes are so high, even money is not enough. There could always be vested interest groups with more money (and power) that can take control. Thatís why we said smart investors, because they have to avoid two things: the crooks out there (and make no mistake, there are quite a few) and too much "noise". We strongly believe that a low profile is essential at this time for the success of  any enterprise of building such an energy device for commercial use. Probably it is not a coincidence that nobody (almost) heard anything from the New Energy Partners investment group since they've announced their venture capital fund (even their site <www.new-energy.com> has not been updated once since 1998! ... it is a good reading though).

    This section of ZPEnergy site is dedicated to the potential investors and their ideas on how to help this technology slowly emerge and evolve into one of the greatest human technological accomplishments ever. There could be no greater pride than to be part of it.

       Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it. - Edward De Bono


    This is probably the "Achillesí heel" of this energy technology. Significant obstacles and dangers stand before any developer of new technology, especially of such a revolutionary nature. There are distinct advantages in obtaining a patent, as we all know it, but easy said than done for any technology that appears to defy the current laws of thermodynamics.

    In the U.S. for example, the "Atomic Energy Commission, the Secretary of Defense and the chief officer of any other department or agency of the Government designated by the President as a defense agency of the United States" has the power to "withhold the grant of a patent". There is also the less known "Invention Secrecy Act" of 1951 which enables the U.S. Patent Office to block the issuance of a patent when it believes the technology could be "detrimental to the national security".  In a way this technology is so revolutionary that it could (and probably will) change the balance of power in the world, and yes, not everybody will be happy.

    Even if the patent is granted, the inventor is vulnerable to expensive legal suits from vested interest "patent busting" companies, usually with far more legal and financial resources to drag these suits for years and eventually put the original inventor out of business. Posting on the Internet detailed information on the invention to make it "public domain" (without a patent secured) does not seem to work either, for the same reasons as above.

    What is happening is outrageous for a progressive, democratic society of the 21-st century (as we like to believe we are). We are convinced that there must be ways to deal with all these problems properly. This technology is badly needed and its benefits far outweigh  the possible negative impacts. But as somebody very well said, our current technology or lack thereof, reflects our global consciousness. In theory, science is open to new ideas. In practice, it is open to new sources of funding.

    This section is a challenge for all the  people who claim they understand the politics of law, to find an "elegant" solution to break this gridlock in which progress is held hostage.  As Pogo said : "We have found the enemy, and it is us!"; then, there is hope.

       I know what happiness is, for I have done good work. - Robert Stevenson


    This section is for those individuals or small companies that think they have the necessary skills, equipment, time and money to take the challenge of manufacturing such a remarkable energy device. After all, these prototypes have been built by humans and if these people feel they are ready to guide others to do it again and again on a piece by piece basis, we see no technical reason why it could not be done.

    We fear the problem doesn't lie that much with the manufacturing process itself, but with the developmental stage of the prototypes. Some only work in a controlled "laboratory" environment and they do not meet yet the requirements for a market ready unit. It will obviously take a team effort, investment capital and engineering skills to bring some of these prototypes to commercialization stage. We are convinced that there is no shortage of that, once there is a will to do it.

    ZPEnergy site wants to become a place where individuals or small manufacturing companies make known their willingness to undertake such an "adventure in technology". The offer could just be a declaration of intention, or directly targeting a certain device. We also expect many questions to be asked by the potential manufacturers to the inventors themselves or to other groups such as potential investors, legal advisors, etc. News from those who started their involvement will prove to be invaluable information for others who want to follow in their steps, but are not convinced yet that this is a real and serious enterprise.

    As Dr. Harold Puthoff put it, this is "high risk, infinite payoff" business but "If you don't do it, who will? If not now, when?"

       The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. - R. Laing


    Depending on the type of the energy device, there could be very different auxiliary equipment necessary to transform/improve the form of energy coming out of the device (mechanical, thermal, electrical) into the desired form of energy (i.e. electricity), of certain required quality.

    Every other distributed generation technologies such as fuel cells, micro-turbines, reciprocating  engines, etc., face similar problems of power quality, reliability and eventually, grid connectivity. Consumers today and especially the digital economy in the making, expect from their utility a grid reliability of 99.9% and a high quality electrical power. It will take time for the new distributed generation (DG) technologies to attain these reliability/quality levels in a stand alone application. Operating in parallel with the grid would provide the necessary time for the technology to mature, and could help the utility too (with peak load shaving for example). It can also generate revenue for the owner if the excess power is sold to the local utility. But there are still numerous issues, many of them non-technical, to be cleared up before we can talk about interconnection and selling power to the grid.

    To start with, this section is mostly targeting the power conditioning technologies able to improve the  quality of the power coming out from the energy machine to required standards (depending on the target use of that energy). The power electronics industry and the energy storage technology companies are welcomed to post in this section, based on the operating characteristics of the ZPE based generators that we hope to see in the devices section.

       Press on: Nothing in the world can take the place of perseverance. - C. Coolidge


    Obviously, this is the place to hear from the potential customers of this technology. It is important to get a feeling of how many and what type of people would be "bold" enough and "risk" their money and/or reputation to buy such a device, given the fact that the official word is: "this could not exist". Most importantly (must know) weíd like to know what are the conditions in which they would do it (certain tests passed, expected performance, warranties, price and payment methods, etc.).

    There is not much else to say for this section. In ultimate instance, it is a market research for the benefit of the other groups that want to get involved in bringing these devices to the public. We welcome suggestions from these groups for  "questionnaires" they would like to submit to their potential customers to help with better understanding them and their needs. For example, knowing what would these devices be mostly used for (such as heating, driving other motors, electricity for home, etc.) would provide a wealth of information  for all groups represented on this site. Make no mistake, this must be a customer oriented business in order to succeed because, in the "braking the ice" stage, it will be the word of mouth and the testimonials that will promote it!

       Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm. - Ben Disraeli


    Some may think it is ridiculous to talk of distribution/service for these machines when there is not even one out there yet! Well, we think the success of any enterprise is in details.

    This site is structured such that every aspect related to a successful bringing of this technology to the public is covered. A proper distribution and support of any product is essential for its acceptance by the market. And the challenges are even greater given the unusual nature of these devices and the fact that weíre talking a very small scale production, in the beginning.

    Gaining the confidence of the consumer by ensuring every possible support for making these machines work as intended requires more than a business plan; it needs a strong believe in the product, in the vision it promotes and the people behind it. It also requires passion in convincing other that this is real, it is changing the world, history in the making , and they should be part of it!

    We think that for the "pioneers" of this enterprise it will be more of a "work of love" than a financial supper success (but who knows?). Nevertheless, this is not for everyone; those who have a "hobby" understand better the approach needed here and the happiness (and frustration) this can bring to the involved individuals.

    In this section we expect to get entries from people/organizations who understand what  it takes to promote such an unusual technology, distribute/service and eventually operate these devices. This should be a forum of ideas on how to proceed about it to improve the odds of success, severely compromised by  the con-men who feed on naivetť, ignorance and greed and the dogmatic skeptics who continually cut the "wings" of those who dare to go beyond what they believe to be possible.

    Many brilliant discoveries were buried for years because they were too advanced for their time. We believe we already have the critical mass of open minds now such that nothing could be too advanced for this time as long as itís real! Today, the global communication, the Internet is the key for a success story! We have to "fire up" sufficient nodes/"neurons" of this network/"brain" for brilliant ideas to emerge and, for what we believe in and act upon, to happen! It's that simple!

       We must become the change we want to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi


    We consider this section as probably the most important because testimonials can make or break any product or business. Like advertising, testimonials can be complete and honest or biased by vested interests. We would like to set up a protocol for entering testimonials in this section, to prevent as much as we can the possibility of misleading information slip in.

    Ideally, every witness should be aware of what information would be needed in order to file a proper testimonial before  he/she is going to witness an event in which a revolutionary energy device is involved. This is not always possible and we do not discourage posting a testimony for this reason.

    We recognize this subject is controversial and posting of a testimony where one cannot remain anonymous, takes honesty and good will but a lot of courage too! Honest people still dominate in this world but itís the lack of courage to get involved and take stand when we believe in something that is loosing the "battle" for them! The truth will win the "war", no doubt about that, but itís up to us to decide when and with what sacrifices. Honesty and courage are formidable weapons and democracy is providing a perfect battle ground; we only need to act, for the truth to win!

    Please contribute with ideas to establishing a simple but acceptable protocol for the testimonials to follow. This would be a recommended template aiming to provide the reader with essential information about a personal witness of a credible demonstration, in an objective manner. We should also look at means to corroborate these testimonials as a further step to give this section the highest rank of credibility.

       The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. - Herbert Spencer

    General and Science

    We would like to stay focused on the task and topics we set for this site but, before we can report that first ZPE tapping device that can actually be built for us, the John & Jane Doe-s, a General section to exchange information related to Zero Point Energy field of research and related is needed.

    As we are targeting the general public, we encourage postings that are accessible to our intended audience and more of a pragmatic (experimental) than theoretical nature. Getting quite a few postings of a scientific/theoretical nature, we recently added a section on Science where news/information of that nature can be exchanged. Charles Osgood said once: "Scientists are like atomic nuclei. They are more easily split than fused";-). We hope to help some of them fuse, and generate that tremendous energy they need to fight the current "beliefs" in science! (Beliefs: those things we hold to be true despite evidence to the contrary - Joseph O'Connor).


    All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. The comments are property of their posters, all the rest © 2002-2016 by ZPEnergy. Disclaimer: No content, on or affiliated with ZPEnergy should be construed as or relied upon as investment advice. While every effort is made to ensure that the information contained on ZPEnergy is correct, the operators of ZPEnergy make no warranties as to its accuracy. In all respects visitors should seek independent verification and investment advice.
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