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    Andrija Puharich: Water Decomposition by AC Electrolysis
    Posted on Tuesday, March 01, 2005 @ 22:10:39 GMT by vlad

    Devices There seems to be a new interest in Puharich's patent (US Patent # 4,394,230) even though it is more than 20 years old (interesting reading). Below is some info from the rexresearch.com site:

    Dr Andrija Puharich reportedly drove his motor home for hundreds of thousands of miles around North America in the 1970s using only water as fuel. At a mountain pass in Mexico, he collected snow for water. Here is the only article he wrote on the subject, plus his patent ():

    ...Visionary scientists tell us that the ideal fuel in the future will be as cheap as water, that it will be non toxic both in its short term, and in its long term, effects, that it will be renewable in that it can be used over and over again, that it will be safe to handle, and present minimal storage and transportation problems and costs. And finally that it will be universally available anywhere on earth.

    What is this magical fuel, and why is it not being used? The fuel is water. It can be used in its fresh water form. It can be used in its salt water form. It can be used in its brackish form. It can be used in its snow and ice form. When such water is decomposed by electrolytic fission into hydrogen and oxygen gases, it becomes a high energy fuel with three times the energy output which is available from an equivalent weight of high grade gasoline.

    (Ref. 1 ) The interested reader should refer to the special issue of National Geographic, "Energy", February 1981.

    Then why is water not being used as a fuel? The answer is simple. It costs too much with existing technology to convert water into gases hydrogen and oxygen. The basic cycle of using water for fuel is described in the following two equations, familiar to every high school student of Chemistry:

    H2O Electrolysis + 249.68 Btu Delta G ==> H2 + (1/2)O2 per mole of water (1 mole = 18 gms.). (1)

    This means that it requires 249.688 Btu of energy (from electricity) to break water by electrocal fission into the gases hydrogen and oxygen.

    H2 and (1/2)O2 === catalyst ===> H2O - Delta H 302.375 Btu per mole of water. (2)

    This means that 302.375 Btu of energy (heat or electricity) will be released when the gases, hydrogen and oxygen, combine. The end product (the exhaust) from this reaction is water. Note that more energy (under ideal conditions) is released from combining the gases than is used to free them from water. It is know that under ideal conditions it is possible to get some 20% more energy out of reaction (2) above, then it takes to produce the gases of reaction (1) above. Therefore, if reaction (1) could be carried out at 100% efficiency, the release of energy from reaction (2) in an optimally efficient engine (such as a low temperature fuel cell), there would be a net energy profit which would make the use of water as a fuel an economically feasible source of energy .
    A Thermodynamic Device has been invented which produces hydrogen as fuel, and oxygen as oxidant, from ordinary or from sea water, eliminating the cost and hazard of liquefaction, storage, transmission, and distribution. The saving of this aspect of the invention alone reduces the total cost of hydrogen by about 25%.

    This Thermodynamic Device is based on a new discovery --- the efficient electrolytic fission of water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas by the use of low frequency alternating currents as opposed to the conventual use of direct current, or ultra-high frequency current today. Such gas production from water by electrolytic fission approaches 100% efficiency under laboratory conditions and measurements. No laws of physics are violated in this process.

    This Thermodynamic Device has already been tested at ambient pressures and temperatures from sea level to an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level without any loss of its peak efficiency. The device produces two types of gas bubbles; one type of bubble contains hydrogen gas; the other type contains oxygen gas. The two gases are thereafter easily separable by passive membrane filters to yield pure hydrogen gas, and pure oxygen gas.

    The separate gases are now ready to be combined in a chemical fusion with a small activation energy such as that from a catalyst or an electrical spark, and yield energy in the form of heat, or steam, or electricity --- as needed .When the energy is released by the chemical fusion of hydrogen and oxygen, the exhaust product is clean water. The water exhaust can be released into nature and then renewed in its energy content by natural processes of evaporation, solar irradiation in cloud form, an subsequent precipitation as rain on land or sea, and then collected again as a fuel source. Or, the exhaust water can have its energy content pumped up by artificial processes such as through solar energy acting through photocells. Hence, the exhaust product is both clean and renewable. The fuel hydrogen, and the oxidant oxygen, can be used in any form of heat engine as an energy source if economy is not an important factor. But the practical considerations of maximum efficiency dictate that a low temperature fuel cell with its direct chemical fusion conversion from gases to electricity offers the greatest economy and efficiency from small power plants (less than 5 kilowatts).

    For large power plants, steam and gas turbines are the ideal heat engines for economy and efficiency. With the proper engineering effort, automobiles could be converted rather easily to use water as the main fuel source.

    (2) A Elementry Introduction to the Design & Operation of the Thermodynamic Device to Electrolyse Water with AC ~

    The Thermodynamic Device (TD) is made up of three principal components: An electrical function generator, Component I, that energizes a water cell, the TD, Component II and Component III , a weak electrolyte.

    Read the whole article here: rexresearch-Puharich



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    "Andrija Puharich: Water Decomposition by AC Electrolysis" | Login/Create an Account | 2 comments | Search Discussion
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    Memories of a Maverick - A biography of Andrija Puharich, M.D. LLD. (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Saturday, March 19, 2005 @ 18:08:41 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Hola Folks!

    A free online book you can download about the late Andrija Puharichs'


    Memories of a Maverick A biography of Andrija Puharich, M.D. LLD.
    internationally acclaimed American scientist, inventor, researcher,
    physicist, theorist, and author. Editor of "THE ICELAND PAPERS" (Select
    Papers on Experimental and Theoretical Research on the Physics of
    Consciousness) 1979.

    Dr. Puharich was a leader in the field of psychical research, merging
    quantum mechanics and relativity into a new scientific world-view to
    examine the way in which brain/mind function gives rise to a focused

    "In 1980, Puharich resumed studies on properties of water, beginning
    with the problem of how to devise a more efficient method of converting
    water into fuel that could produce energy and power.

    The method was awarded a U.S. patent in 1983. No. 4,394,230."

    Jerry Decker - http://www.keelynet.com

    Public Archive http://www.escribe.com/science/keelynet

    Order out of Chaos - From an Art to a Science

    Re: Andrija Puharich: Water Decomposition by AC Electrolysis (Score: 1)
    by allodia on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 @ 07:49:34 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    This is a good article of Andrija Puharich. I will read the rest of it.

    NJ solar [goarticles.com]


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