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Humanitarian aspects of ZPE technology
Posted on Sunday, July 28, 2002 @ 13:54:00 GMT by vlad

General In a recent letter published on his website (MEG humanitarian plans - Jun 25, 2002), Tom Bearden talks about the two projects his group are pursuing - The MEG and the Cellular Reversal medical project. Here are extracts with their views and plans for getting more benefits from these technologies for the society and especially those nations in great need for support to survive:

"I really believe both projects are essential to the peoples of the world. We will make some money, of course, but in return we will also do lots of good. E.g., in the MEG project, we have a non-negotiable position that 10% of the gross income from a given country will be plowed back into that impoverished nation to build its infrastructure (clean water wells, teachers, schools, textbooks, medical teams and treatment, etc.). (more...)

In many nations, orphans are extraordinarily impoverished and in utter squalor; that must be changed, with food, clothing, shelter, human care and medical care, etc. We cannot abandon or neglect the children, and expect not to cripple and maim the nation. For remote impoverished areas, our program will include gift of MEG power units, lights, etc. and periodic maintenance teams. Critical roads and bridges come along high on the list, so that functioning main routes of communication get established (a farmer can get his grain or produce to the city for market, e.g. if there is a road.205
The humanitarian program funded by the MEG team will be administered by a separate tax exempt, nonprofit foundation, which will be funded for each country's work by our 10% set aside from the MEG income (gross income, not net). It is our desire to make as significant and rapid an impact on each impoverished nation and people, as we possibly can and as rapidly as can be socially absorbed. One third of the human race goes to bed hungry at night. One third, for goodness sakes, has worms, let alone a variety of other parasites! In Africa, there is now a substantial part of a generation being raised as orphans, with the parents dead from AIDS. Cellular reversal (genetics and all) will cure the AIDS disease, once developed, and the treatment can be given as soon as a person tests positive, without waiting for the debilitation and ravaging of the disease. We simply have to do better than what is being done now. And if we succeed, we will indeed do better than that. You can count on it. Anyway, such are our initial humanitarian plans for now. As I said, those humanitarian parts of the proposed program are non-negotiable, and have been with all the financial groups we've been negotiating with to try to obtain necessary development funding. We are very strongly committed to those humanitarian ideals. I personally was hospitalized with malnutrition as a child, and I personally know what hunger is and does to you. I vividly remember the first hot lunches that Huey Long put in school; my first hot lunch under that program was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, biscuits, and milk. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
I still remember the first monthly old age pension check my dear grandmother (who raised me) received - $30. With the older population in dire economic circumstances and many old people starving all across Louisiana, that $30 represented life itself. My grandmother, a heroic and stoic person, broke down and cried. I cried too, because I also knew what it meant. Some of our other fellows have similar background experiences that left indelible marks - and great determination. We are determined that, if ever we succeed with the MEG, we will use much of the income to insure that deeply beneficial things are done in those needy countries and for those suffering people205

Tom B."



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"Humanitarian aspects of ZPE technology" | Login/Create an Account | 3 comments | Search Discussion
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Re: Humanitarian aspects of ZPE technology (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 30, 2002 @ 19:01:00 GMT
dtb (dtb@fastq.com) writes: MEG Plagiarism Claim

From: "Bruce A. Perreault"
Date: Fri Jul 12, 2002 2:22 pm
Subject: Authentic "MEG" Invention

Hello All!', '
I just received the true "MEG" patent in pdf format.
It is now posted at...
', 'http://ionvalve.com/pdf/MEG4904926.pdf


Hello All!
I just got a response from the inventor of the
MEG type transformer. I have left out his email
address to retain his privacy.

Bruce A. Perreault

> Hello Bruce,
> When I first thought of MOG (magnetic oscillating generator)
> I was working on a linear generator and I started to think
> about how stupid it was to move the magnets around. They
> didn't want to move, the fields that was around them made it
> very difficult to move. It takes 8 horsepower to move the
> fields around, to get 4,000 watts. That is very stupid! Lets
> just move the fields. The easiest way to move a field is with
> another field. Create a place for the field to go. Keep it
> balanced and then make it uncomfortable to be there and give
> it an alternative path with less resistance to it's presence.
> My first prototype in 1984 is exactly what Bearden got a
> patent on. It does work. It does show over unity. That and
> the internet is making over unity acceptable.
> (By the way the clerk at the Patent office must have been
> asleep at the wheel.)
> Is it a transformer? Yes it is a transformer with a permanent
> primary but that is very Two Dimensional. Moving flux lines
> across a conductor to get electricity is so flat lander (two dimensional).
> It is a way of perception. Is that what is really happening?
> I don't think so.
> Field of the magnet plus the field of the input gives total
> field of output. So you get more out than the input. How much
> depends on the magnet and the speed of the change.
> The concepts of zero point energy, the active vacuum are a hype.
> These claims really do not make this device unique. Honda and
> other manufacturers of gas driven generators, can make the
> same claim. Their generators also use the active vacuum or zero
> point energy. Do you really think that gas driven generators get ', '> their electrons from the gas that they burn?
> The only difference between my generator and Hondas is that Honda
> moves the magnet, and I move the fields. We both use the active
> vacuum, zero point energy. Daahh............
> Rio


Re: Humanitarian aspects of ZPE technology (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 @ 00:29:00 GMT
vlad (vlad@zpenergy.com) writes: Don, I will reproduce here some of Dave's reply to Bruce (BAP), which I find reasonable (Rio is Mario Pasichinskyj):

"From: "Dave N."
Date: Sat Jul 13, 2002 9:35 am
Subject: Re: [nuenergy] Re: Relevant MEG Patents

', 'Using the logic that you did below, then the patent holders of 4,006,401 and 4,077,001
could claim that Pasichinskyj ripped *them* off.

(BAP)> Building on a concept and making improvements to an invention is acceptable. Bearden has made no improvements over the prior art!

This is debatable and one of the reasons lawyers get involved with patents. I would propose
that if the previous patent's devices did *no*t work, and MEL's *did* work, that would be the", "gold standard of 'improvement'. I think this is the case as MEL's patent include the input and
output waveforms and none of the others did. It also included specifics, i.e. the
nanocrystalline core material. However, we'll have to wait and see.
', 'This is why I sincerely wish you luck on getting Mr. Pasichinsky to come to your conference. If
he's got something (or the other patent holders for that matter) then we all need to see it!"

The latest from Bruce tells us thatMario "doesn't seem too excited about going to a meeting. So it's all up in the air at this point. I will let you all know if something develops."

I personally still have confidence in Bearden to get a working product out (if MEG works) and that is what really matters at this point...Vlad

Re: Humanitarian aspects of ZPE technology (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Saturday, August 17, 2002 @ 16:35:00 GMT
Hal Ade (aq093@ncf.ca) writes: Hello, Dr Bearden:

You mentioned 10% of your gross receiopts from the sale/lease of the MEG for humanitarian efforts. In the early stages of cash flow therefore, you'd be eating into your "seed grain", not just your "feed grain". You'd be digging into your capital, and thus hindering Magnetic Energy Ltd.'s ability to pay expenses, produce more MEGs, and do more R&D for improved product.

I recommend that a percentage of the *profits* be taken, as soon as they appear since, early on, there probably will be no profits until up-front costs are recovered o liabilities paid off.

That being said, I look forward to affording a MEG.

Hal Ade
Member, Planetary Assoc. for
Clean Energy
Ottawa, ON, CAnada


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