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    Natural Ways
    Posted on Sunday, March 06, 2005 @ 21:20:56 GMT by vlad

    General In the greenglow yahoo group, "michael_dean_jr" writes: Moving forward in Breakthrough Propulsion Physics:

    First and foremost such technologies are only possible because nature has allowed them and second off, we do not own nature as individuals; nature owns us.

    The mentality responsible for slow advancements within our technologies is based on the "it's mine" mentality. This is the very mindset of the board persons within large petroleum companies. It's their oil, their money, their coveted way of life that is thought to be theirs and theirs alone to secure their own sustenance. Free energy is a threat to such "sustenance". It is also touted as their contribution in maintaining a "marketplace" so that others may live as in meeting their sustenance.

    Many of those persons within this research (propulsion physics and ZPE, etc) are guilty of the very mindset that is found in the petroleum business. It's my technology, I made it, and I'm the one who should gain all the "royalties" from this thing, "it's mine". As if Earth and its life forms are the only that exist or are the most advanced within the universe and we could somehow be "first" at anything and one persons "discoveries" are the first of such "discoveries". Notice the word "discovery" or "discover", yes that right, to un-cover that which has been covered, but covered by whom?

    The "it's mine" mentality and it's reality as a default "lock" to keep such juvenile and animalistic tendencies away from the rest of the universe and its content is a wonderful thing. Because this mindset is possessive it secures the universe from wild and crazy entities from raping and pillaging that which is within the universe at large. How this is accomplished is found in the fact that possessiveness leads to unshared and non-unified explorations, when this occurs, a venture or goal is slowed to its slowest possible advancements. We see how unification can lead to the greatest accomplishments and how division leads to chaos and disorder, ultimately stifling growth within a society.

    Though we see the United States as the strongest nation, it's strength was accomplished through a shared goal, the security of freedom, unfortunately it was adopted on the free market society and the market has now engulfed the "goal", this has lead to the stagnancies of the United States and we will see our nation begin to roll deeper into the abyss of depravities and removal of freedoms, its a given, the U.S. will fall just as every nation in history has proven itself to fail. The only way failure can be avoided is to re- establish our goals as a nation for a "Nobel" or greater cause, a cause greater than ourselves, the very non selfish goal that created the U.S., the observation of others rights/freedoms.

    It's real simple to destroy the advancement of such technologies, I can come in here and sow fear or dissention and this will lead to keeping silent from either fear or anger, the possessive "it's mine" mentality is already an inherited virtue and no-one need attempt to instill that within you, so, you're screwed off the starting block by your own mentality before anyone even tries to trip you up a little.

    The universe is ours and we belong to it, it is not mine, it is ours as a collective. Those who choose to ignore this are left to their own devices (take a look around you if you need such proof). What many of you fail to realize is the fact that such technologies open the universe up as our home, not our backyard but our home and those who live in our home are our family and as a group who are not into the "it's mine" mentality, no-one is left to need or lack of sustenance.

    The default lock is securely engaged, what can you do to unlock this lock? Which of the two possible lives do you chose to live, do you chose live in an "it's mine" life or do you chose to live in a, "it's ours" life. Some of you may point at communism. communism failed because it lacked the technology to allow such a way of life to continue. Aside from that, communism is living and working together to meet only the groups' needs, what I have referenced is to meet the needs of universe as a whole, beyond our needs. So, I'm not talking about communism, I'm talking about being stewards of that which has been created.

    Go figure, you have a choice to live like a caveman or you have the choice to live like what some might ignorantly confuse as "gods".

    The choice is up to you. Live in fear, anger and selfishness or live beyond such petty constraints.



    From: Robert Neil Boyd
    Subject: Re: Natural Ways

    Yay Mike!

    Good stuff! You got the "me first" aspect out of it.

    Now all we have to do is get the "people first" perspective out of it, and realize that all of Nature has just as much right to Live as we do. When we treat Natural Beings as Heart-Equals, with the same kinds of consideration and respect we would accord to another human being, then we can return to living in co-operation and harmony with Nature, as it was in the first place, before intellectual excesses started running rampant over heartfulness. I think people can gain great benefits from watching how Nature does things, and discovering that all living things constantly live in The Harmony.

    All Life is Sacred.

    Nature is filled with Divinity and it is the easiest aspect of the Divine to contact directly. The Native Americans had it right. Then the invaders came along and screwed it all up with their "might makes right" approach to what they called "living". I call their version of life "intellectual obsessing", a conquering mentality. It's easy to see what this common basis for destructive behaviors leads to. Our various difficult global situations all stem from this same behavioral source: Obsessive thinking, rather than appreciating all the Beauty that is directly and immediately available to the senses, and the emotional sensitivities, at any given instant.

    "When because of all their fears,
    Their eyes can't hope to see,
    The beauty that surrounds them.
    Now isn't it a pity?"

    - George Harrison [The Beatles]

    Thanks for bringing that up Mike,




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    Re: Natural Ways (Score: 1)
    by ShareTheTruth on Monday, March 07, 2005 @ 21:45:24 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Well Said

    Notice the word "discovery" or "discover", yes that right, to un-cover that which has been covered, but covered by whom?

    The "it's mine" mentality and it's reality as a default "lock" to keep such juvenile and animalistic tendencies away from the rest of the universe and its content is a wonderful thing. Because this mindset is possessive it secures the universe from wild and crazy entities from raping and pillaging that which is within the universe at large. How this is accomplished is found in the fact that possessiveness leads to unshared and non-unified explorations, when this occurs, a venture or goal is slowed to its slowest possible advancements. We see how unification can lead to the greatest accomplishments and how division leads to chaos and disorder, ultimately stifling growth within a society "

    Re: Natural Ways (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Monday, March 07, 2005 @ 23:04:33 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Message: greenglow yahoo group
    Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 10:59:14 -0000
    From: "michael_dean_jr"
    Subject: Re: Natural Ways


    I agree with the nature part also, animals equal etc, 100 percent, that's precisely why I threw in the good stewards of nature business, it isn't just about those creatures who have the ability to manipulate the universe, we're and the animals insects etc all equally important and "wonderful miracles".

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) it would appear that "thinking" or "intellectual" processes are a must within natures scheme, without this, the things that nature creates would also become destroyed by the very same processes that created the "Living Galaxy". Thus our intelligence is a necessary part of the process, similar to Noah and the ark. To save lives from eminent destruction is to promote evolution and since nature started evolution and created evolved creatures smart enough to bridge the primordial destructions, evolution will go even further! When a planet is facing eminent destruction, nature has created an insurance policy through its intellectual creatures (us or those more advanced than us), those creatures may either stop the destruction of the planet by stopping a meteor impact or what have you or they may find it's better to remove a portion of the animals and place them on a safer planet to see that this miracle of life continues forth, the possibilities for such protections are just a matter of how far those creatures (us or whom ever is "big" enough to get past the petty me crap) are willing to strive.

    You know, all cultures on this planet have a story that is almost exact to that of Noah and the Ark. they all appear to be telling of the same event. That event/story is a benchmark for mankind to adhere to, what Noah did is our very purpose, even today, that's why we're here, that's what nature is probably trying to do with us, prep us for our responsibilities in nature, to nurture what nature has created. I've always thought this.

    So, to live like the "Indians" and not strive for more intellectual processes (not saying that was your implication, I believe you meant being "in accord with nature"), eventually the Indians and the animals on this planet would impact the sun or be destroyed by a meteor or who knows what devastation, this, selectively destroying that which did not produce a self protective means against the basic primordial events in the universe.

    There's an even ground that we're looking for here, if we ignored that, we leave ourselves open for other basic natural destructions or the opposite our own self destruction and all those things around us, that's another lesson nature just showed us through the recent meteor strikes on one of our neighboring planets.

    We'll get it right, I think we're on the right track; it's just a matter of time now, if we're not on track... I'm sure we wouldn't be the first intelligent life forms to become extinct because of our own selfishness.

    Bottom line, nothing and I mean nothing works outside the truth or how things are suppose to work. everything is part of the "plan", it's all built in through natural defaults that we cannot escape.

    Here's the funny thing, Nature teaches us that the strong or savvy creatures usually succeed, what nature also does, it poses this for it's intelligent creatures to see and those that are intelligent enough to see that intelligence changes our playing field, playing strong, or cunning, won't cut it in the intelligence circle, we have "evolved" beyond those primordial tricks for survival and survival is no longer an issue for us if we do what we're suppose to do. If we don't follow through within our intended purpose, we're screwed as a race; there are no ands ifs or buts about it, nature will terminate us, guaranteed.

    We do need to get together and we need to do it in a "semi professional" mannerism, without all the UFO talk (let us talk responsibilities as if we we're such creatures instead) etc, we need an organization that includes members from all around the world, all sharing their findings without regard to patens or financial gains, it's the only way to beat the current ("fellow mankind") backstabbing from the current system (oil market). The bottom line is that there is no personal fortune to be made in "AG", even if you amassed a small fortune. it would probably be worthless a short period later, that's the technology group that releases us from our current ways of life in monetary systems etc. Our lives will forever change and our responsibilities will become enormous, no more room for petty behaviors. All of our work will provide much more than we can use, the proficiency will become amazing. Keep in mind this is if we work towards nurturing nature, all of our work in that arena will provide as a byproduct far more than just our simple needs for survival, the "creature" comforts, everyday a vacation, every turn, a new discovery to us. think about that, when this "AG/ZPE" strikes, it will swiftly change everything we thought we knew about life, it will rapidly advance into many other technologies, perhaps even living long enough to see many creatures evolve and perhaps long enough to watch them evolve into "intellectual" creatures that replace us, so we can advance to the next level of "natures" plan. I have a feeling there's a lot more to what's out there than we can initially imagine.

    If we are striving to become part of the universal neighborhood, we have to start practicing as if we belong in it now, thus we have to start that before we even leave the earth on a first "flight". I think of it as a step in "mankind's" maturity development.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if we had some folks (^) already out there waiting for us to reach out for their guidance. you know that old deal that revolves around not helping someone till they are actually trying to help themselves and they have shown that they are worth the effort to help? It all deals with motives, etc.

    Anyhow, yes, I'm bored with all this crapola, t.v. computers, all the entertainment/technology/common values/goals, it's all shallow non-fulfilling living, it's a fattening way of life, that has no real "PURPOSE". I want our purpose back! How many goddamn things can I buy or how many damned places can I visit; who gives a crap, it's all boring the hell out of me, it's been boring me since I was 25, I want to be part of something worth while! I can't see myself wiping the ass of some old person who lived a fattening life, namely my own, it's repulsive.

    Let's grab some of that purpose damit! I'm NOT in this for the stupid ride across the galaxy at superluminal velocities (probably won't even feel anything anyhow)! I'm in this for the PURPOSE, screw the ride and all the pretty scenery, I want something to do that has substance. If I wanted the feeling of speed or a first hand view of our planet I'D sign up for a rocket ride departing from Russia! I need the purpose, not the ride!



    Re: Natural Ways (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Monday, March 07, 2005 @ 23:08:43 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    "Equalizer" in the greenglow yahoo group writes: Fwd: ================ from EagleHawk

    Who could have imagined celebrating 100 years of Einstein's legacy with that awesome equation, E=MC2, and still being stuck at the crude and almost prehistoric access gates.

    How right you are Mike, with "it's all mine" mentality, expanded to a viewing perspective category of "shortsightedness: "The mentality responsible for slow advancements within our technologies is based on the "it's mine" mentality."

    Science is a major access to our expanding window to reality, and our ability to thrive and survive. Shut that door, and civilization advancing in complexity will die. When the clamps were put on E=MC2 in the 40's and 50's, the dumbing down process of behavior modification began in earnest. The expanding window to reality must contain complete perspectives - Local, Global, Me, We, Point, Circumference, Physics, Metaphysics - which all possess common scientific attributes - and an evolving movement from a point of view to a viewing point.....which does not delete the point of view but provides comprehension, understanding.

    The flat earth analogy references today's perspective on E=MC2.

    Going backwards to the "anal retentive retardation" mode is a very simple psychological manipulation process - reversing the child development stages: from "it's just me early stages of awareness, towards an expanding cognition of an external world and "others" in it, with the relationships therein conducive to life. (recall the application ease of the Milgram Psychology principle). The reward structure fostering the backward development march (both monetary and commercials designed for two year old mentality), create the enormously complex physical structures, social institutions and laws (defying common sense) that prevent a return to normality and common sense through economic parameters and sanctions. "We all must support the beast to survive and eat today" and the dragon eating its own tail analogy becomes clear.

    The only liberation is through scientific advancement, beginning with the required, extremely low cost, unlimited energy evolution, necessary for sustainable survival for all. (i.e., where your life, lifestyle, and ability to survive does not depend upon the likes of Kenneth Lay, corporate rulers, et al, who are beginning to own all the resources world wide that are required to live)

    However, the necessary energy base evolution to sustainable survival that was to come from an expanded viewpoint of "E=MC2" was silenced. As Tesla's former benefactor recognized, there can be no monopoly when every person has his own access to unlimited energy sources. In so doing, that also silenced the scientific connection to Human evolution, progress and survival itself............today we reflect in amazement the speed with which wagon trains climbed over rocky mountains, contrasted to us in modern vehicles, over flat terrain in the 24 hour rush hour.

    Some very shortsighted people will scream Conspiracy!!!!!!..............however ignorance is no excuse to the denial of the development processes and learning stages, which civilizations must develop and evolve through (currently, the power mode abuse stage). The records are found throughout history.

    Unfortunately, human evolution is not even considered within mainstream educational systems (beyond Piaget "child development' or Maslov's "survival vs self-actualization needs"). The astounding fact of Nature's intended revelation and scientific connection, between energy evolution and human evolution, has not even come up as a possibility of thought, much less a survival requirement......notwithstanding the beacon from the past, the circle with the sine wave curve running through its center, boldly pointing to the radius of curvature of all natural law within the expanded concept equation of E=MC2 .

    Without a scientific human evolution connection, advances required in life sustaining energy evolution leave us with a "dammed if you do, dammed if you don't death threat. - see the funny side how Nature opposes our mental sickness http://fadingillusionviarealitycurve.blogspot.com/

    Conclusion, when Freedom changed to Freedumb, the death march of civilization began.

    "Resource wars" and the "stabilization, restoration of equilibrium processes" in Gaia's balance mechanisms, equilibriums that have been maintained for eons, have almost past the point of no return, while all the little minds continue heading into the death trap playing ego, me better than thou, trivia word games in the tower of babble to the very end.

    As a very ridiculed person from the 50's so aptly stated: "comprehending the "Uses (i.e., life sustaining)" that our creations shall be put constitute the third leg of the tripod analogy upon which civilization rests. The Physical Sciences, the Mental Sciences, and the "Missing" SCIENCE, which today's hollywooders, footsyballers, commercial shopper droppers and smart bombers claim is just a 2000+ year old repetitive, individualized, verbal belief system.

    EagleHawk sends his regards, and compliments this group on the mucho progress since his last flyby, and specifically in broadcasting this group's reputation in the "Illusion vs gravitational anomalies discussions".



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