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    Susskind's World Hologram, Casimir Force & Extra Space Dimensions
    Posted on Sunday, November 06, 2005 @ 16:57:18 GMT by vlad

    Science Dr. Jack Sarfatti writes: Casimir force measurements are an extremely sensitive test for extra space dimensions.

    If 't Hooft & Susskind are correct, then on the basis of their theory, I predict a new "gravity" term for the Casimir force that can be used to test for extra space dimensions. Indeed, it is pretty safe to say that extra space dimensions have already been detected via current observations of the Casimir force without people realizing it - provided that 't Hooft & Susskind's basic idea is correct.


    The simplest model of the QED Casimir force uses the OLD form of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle

    &p ~ h/&r

    & means "uncertainty" (root mean square fluctuation of "ensemble" of identically prepared micro-quantum systems subject to the Born probabilty rules with "signal locality" from "sub-quantal equilibrium" - A. Valentini)

    Note that

    &p < h/&r for virtual off-mass-shell zero point processes inside the vacuum

    &p > h/&r for real on-mass-shell excited states outside the vacuum

    Susskind shows that gravity (formation of a tiny black hole at large momentum transfer in scattering) modifies the uncertainty principle to

    &p ~ h/&r + (h/Lp)^2&r/h = h/&r + (c^3/G)&r

    Its dual is

    &r ~ h/&p + Lp^2&p/h = h/&p + (G/c^3)&p

    Therefore, the Casimir force equation needs to be changed from

    F = ahcA/L^4 = a(h/L)cA/L^3 = a&pcA/L^3


    F = [a&pc + b(h/Lp)^2c&r]A/L^3


    F(Casimir) = (ahc/L + b(c^4/G)L)A/L^3 = ahcA/L^4 + b(c^4/G)A/L^2

    = QED Casimir Force + (G-STRING TENSION)(A/L)^2

    where a & b are dimensionless coefficients to be calculated by renormalization/regularization algorithms.

    c^4/G = G-string tension (Energy/Length) = (Force)

    Extra space dimensions increase G* at small scales. Note that c^4/G is a big number because G is small and c is large.

    Therefore, the fact that such a huge Casimir force ~ (10^19Gev/10-33cm)A/L^2 is clearly not seen implies either:

    1. The 't Hooft-Susskind idea is wrong.


    2. There are already extra space dimensions at the scale of Casimir force measurements that make

    c^4/G* << c^4/G

    Note, in a spherical conducting cavity A/L^2 is a constant.

    Therefore, the gravity Casimir force is a constant = G-STRING TENSION

    The potential is linear

    V(Casimir Gravity Potential ~ (G-STRING TENSION)r

    For positive dark energy density with negative pressure from w = -1 inside the cavity V > 0 and the radial force -dV/dr is attractive pointing toward the center of the spherical cavity i.e. a CONFINEMENT FORCE like the quarks inside hadrons.
    This qualitative kind of effect may have already been seen in Ken Shoulders EVOs (AKA "Charge Clusters").

    PS. None of this is in any of Hal Puthoff's papers on ZPE, Casimir Force & Charge Clusters.

    On Nov 5, 2005, at 7:39 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

    A key desideratum for PRACTICAL LOW POWER METRIC ENGINEERING OF WARP AND WORMHOLE for our Conquest of Space-Time, for our Privateers against the ET Enemy - IF such they be, is that we WANT w = -1.
    We certainly want w < -1/3. We must be careful not to have w < -1 since that is a WMD BIG RIP universe destroyer if it goes ICE NINE in some kind of HIGGS OCEAN INSTABILITY.

    Also we need to develop a theory of the effective "w" in highly anisotropic thin films with quantized Hall effect anyons.

    On Nov 5, 2005, at 7:24 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

    On Nov 5, 2005, at 6:01 PM, cosifan wrote:

    As Hal told you back in September 05

    "First, yes, it is true that, as you and Ibison have agreed upon (as do I, BTW) an "empty" universe filled only with a cubic-frequency ZPE that is Lorentz invariant and has no cutoff has an equation of state w = -1 for the very good reasons stated in Peacock, p. 26 ff., and as restated in very clear terms by Michael. We have no disagreement there.

    OK fine. I agreed we agreed on that particular point back then.

    When it comes to applying ZPE concepts to Casimir Effect calculations, however, the vacuum territory is radically restructured. The introduction of specifically-placed plate boundaries with materials-dependent cutoffs means that we no longer have a w = -1, Lorentz-invariant vacuum structure, but rather a frame-dependent vacuum structure defined by the placement and materials of the Casimir plates.

    Wait a second here. Putting in the plates only breaks the translational symmetry T(4) along the perpendicular to the parallel plates. It should not affect the Lorentz group boosts at all if we look at the total experiment from the POV of uniformly moving inertial observers. In any case until Hal shows the actual math here, it is not clear what exactly he is claiming here.

    The details, explicitly stated in GR vacuum stress-energy terms as you wish to do, are provided in B. S. DeWitt, "Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime," Phys. Reports, vol. 19, pp. 295-357 (1975).

    Where else? It should be possible for Hal to make some more detailed remark to explain this.

    In setting up the problem of a ZPE-filled vacuum into which plates are to be inserted, regularization of the now-required frame-dependent stress tensor at the beginning setup yields T^(uv) = (3Λ^4/pi^2) x diag [1, 1/3, 1/3, 1/3], where Λ here is a high-energy cutoff (not the cosmological constant).

    Is this supposed to be

    Tuv(ZPF with plates) - Tuv(ZPF without plates) ?

    Tuv(ZPF) should be of the form

    Tuv(ZPF without plates) = (hc3Λ^4/pi^2) x diag [1, -1, -1, -1]

    Now Hal needs to give some kind of detail showing HOW THIS MIRACLE HAPPENS?

    How does sticking in the plates cause the -1's to JUMP to +1/3?

    How does Hal or DeWitt pull that White Rabbit out of the Top Hat?

    If it's so obvious, let Hal EXPLAIN HOW THAT WORKS without HAND WAVING and citing inaccessible badly written papers by DeWitt who takes jillions of pages to explain things in obscure Schwingerian formalism.

    As stated by DeWitt, "This has exactly the same form as the stress tensor of a photon gas at rest (zero total 3-momentum) in the chosen frame." That is, w = + 1/3.

    But this is only the virtual photons between the plates, assuming the claim is correct, for the moment.

    So, to get W = +1/3 you need a cutoff
    or boundary conditions.
    And W = -1 without a cutoff or no boundary.
    In both cases Hal talks about the boundary
    conditions for ZPE. Boundary conditions
    that's all.....Rmc

    Suppose for the moment what Hal says above is correct. Even so, IT IS IRRELEVANT to METRIC ENGINEERING!

    All the above HOCUS POCUS NUMBO JUMBO will do is to GIVE YOU THE PURE NUMBER coefficient in the formula

    Casimir Force = (pure number)hcA/L^4

    Frankly Collins I don't give a DAMN what that PURE NUMBER is to UMPTEEN decimal places. I only care about its order of magnitude.

    This Casimir force says NOTHING directly about HOW ZPF bends spacetime.

    BTW, if the result is correct that ZPF virtual photons have w = + 1/3 in thin films, then they are not relevant to warp drive.

    However, what about virtual electron-positron pairs in the same thin film?

    In principle ALL dynamical fields are important, however at nanometer scale we can neglect gluons and weakons. All we have to play with is virtual photons, virtual electron-positron pairs and of course the vacuum coherent Higgs field on that scale. I mean the one from the virtual electron-positron condensate.

    The whole idea for metric engineering is to make sure that w = -1 in the regions we want to warp directly with

    Guv + Λzpfguv = 0


    tuv(ZPF) = (hc/L^2)Λzpfguv

    L is the effective SHORT-WAVE CUTOFF.

    Note, in principle L need not be the Planck scale!

    Note: This post is for physicists. From time to time I get the question: where is the “real science” in the ZPE research? As I mentioned from the beginning, this site targets the general public. As far as I understand it, the “real science” of this field is very complex and restricted to a few brave, open minded and extremely well qualified physicist and mathematicians, who debate these issues through mostly private e-mails and a few moderated more or less public groups. I do not know and do not care if Sarfatti is an Illuminati or not; I feel what he does is important for all of us and I respect him for having the knowledge and the guts to do it.  [Vlad]



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    "Susskind's World Hologram, Casimir Force & Extra Space Dimensions" | Login/Create an Account | 3 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Susskind's World Hologram, Casimir Force & Extra Space Dimensions (Score: 1)
    by Kadamose on Monday, November 07, 2005 @ 05:24:19 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Anyone who is Illuminati does NOT have humanity's best interests in mind. I'd retract your last statement if I were you.  

    Re: Susskind's World Hologram, Casimir Force & Extra Space Dimensions (Score: 1)
    by ElectroDynaCat on Monday, November 07, 2005 @ 20:31:43 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    What I am about to write might shake some people up, but it needs to be said. It concerns the many speculations posited throughout the world of theorectical physics that essentially go no where and use up paper and energy.

    I just recently started reading Wagner's Chemical Reference which was published in 1874, it contains a wealth of knowledge about the old chemical processes, everything from making gunpowder to soap. Whats interesting is the amount of actual knowledge that was uncovered without any theoretical frame work at all.

    It was then that a became amazed at the fact that this enormous amount of technical expertise had been accomplished in the many centuries before us, some of it actually in prehistoric times.

    And it was all done without the knowledge of quantum mechanics, computers or calculus. The amount of chemical knowledge the old timer empircists discovered in is formidible. They did it by trial and error, recorded their findings and built on previous knowledge and didn't let preconcieved notions hinder their minds or their explorations.

    Having known people that actually created value through R&D, they have often given me this advice in the realm of physical science research:

    Don't listen to the theorists, they only know what they can't do

    Re: Susskind's World Hologram, Casimir Force & Extra Space Dimensions (Score: 1)
    by ElectroDynaCat on Monday, November 07, 2005 @ 20:36:39 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Doctor Jack,
    If you know so much, then tell us how to build a working ZPE device! Forget extra dimensions, holograms and all that junk! One set of plans for an FE/OU device capable of lets say, 10 kilowatts output of energy from the vacuum.

    Or is that too much to ask?


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