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    SFG Research Willing To Disclose Innovations!
    Posted on Friday, December 02, 2005 @ 21:59:59 GMT by vlad

    Devices DanielJackson writes: Daniel Jackson here, I am willing to let you the public have a disclosure of my invention called the stationary field generator (sfg device) on CD Rom so that you may build it. I am going to burn copies of the PDF text with a few extra items added and send out the CD Rom to any who contribute to my research.

    The CD will go for $30 via money order.

    The Open Public License in the text explains the extent of your use of the device in private uses only and not for manufacture. You may build it and use it and innovate with it.

    send request and money orders only, to: Dannie Ray Jackson
    2058 Turkey Creek Road Barbourville Kentucky 40906 USA

    spell name correctly as above

    This is merely a one man operation so you are helping the suppressed technology inventor when you get my CD. Allow four to eigth weeks delivery time being I am sole operator here.


    Yes, I am giving it to the world for free, just use my authoratative text, thats all. All concepts Intellectual Property and Copyright of Dannie Ray Jackson inventor of all stationary field generator devices.

    Open Public Disclosure For Public Innovation OF Stationary Field Generators

    Here at ZPE you can download the full PDF text about the device known as a "stationary field generator." As soon as Rob gets it up on the Downloads/New-Energy page.

    You may build, test and experiment with this device yourself. Manufacturing is not licensed however.

    Learn for yourself the truth here and now. I hope all of the world enjoys what they read. It is free for the world, let us make it a reality. You can decide which of the innovations you have heard about is more likely to succeed and quickly after you read this text. Electronics knowledge is required.

    Do not contact me to tell me how things are suppose to work. I am a seasoned electronics tech/physicist since 1976. Expert in the state of the art in electronics parts technologies. Do not tell the teacher how it is suppose to work! Be a student for once, be a student of mine and let me open your eyes!

    Dannie Ray Jackson
    Comments On Stationary Field Generators

    This page is for input by the community in regard to the technology you have read about in the SFG PDF Text available here at ZPEnergy.com/Downsloads/New-Energy. Feel free to make yourself heard. Share your views about SFG with everyone. I'll try to check in here once a month to see how it is all going. Enjoy the SFG PDF and its view of over unity principles. Tell us if you think that this is where new energy reseach should go or not?

    [Dannie's file "Stationary Field Generator.pdf" is now available in our Downloads/New-Energy section - Vlad]



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    "SFG Research Willing To Disclose Innovations!" | Login/Create an Account | 8 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: SFG Research Willing To Disclose Innovations! (Score: 1)
    by Technophile on Monday, December 05, 2005 @ 08:50:22 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I have mixed feelings about commenting on this. I appreciate Daniel Jackson's willingness to post his material, and don't wish to diacourage others from doing the same. However, having read the paper, I am convinced that the device has no possibility of working.

    The device uses a static charge to induce a charge in another conductor. So far so good. All of the earliest static electric generators used this principle. He errs, however, in assuming that he can then use that induced charge. For that charge to become useable, it must first be separated from the original static charge. That requires work. Without that input of work, the induced charge will just sit there, still attracted to the inducing charge. No current will flow.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    Re: SFG Research Willing To Disclose Innovations! (Score: 1)
    by PierreSinclaire on Wednesday, December 07, 2005 @ 21:34:43 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Dear Daniel, I have read your paper three times now and paid attention to the duplication of the full solid state circuit described in your paper. Unfortunately, I could not get it started. I also applied the voltage across Dx but with no success. I started wit branch one and so on. Again, no success. So, at this juncture I believe that is would be very helpful to have a summary of the parts number from your working circuit, if possible, so I can somehow, have some sort of result to allow me to move forward.


    Pierre Sinclaire  

    Re: SFG Research Willing To Disclose Innovations! (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Monday, December 12, 2005 @ 22:23:49 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    The latest updated and corrected version of the SFG pdf file from Dannie has been uploaded in the Downloads/New_Energy section (replacing the old file). He sent to me many other small text files (with observations/comments, etc.) that are not organized into a master file and can not be posted as such. Please contact him directly for more info. Thx.

    Re: SFG Research Willing To Disclose Innovations! (Score: 1)
    by DanielJackson (overunityenergy@netzero.com) on Thursday, December 15, 2005 @ 00:07:18 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)

    I would like to reply ti the comment that my circuit doesn't work.  Pierre Sinclaire did not have the parts to build a proper model and yet he realized the reverse volatage proof of the principle in the device he did build.  John Duran also know as Duranza over at my www.overunity.com [www.overunity.com] post wrote that he realized the proof of the principle and powers a led with his model which he said he built closely to my design and has no problem with it running still.  So you have to build it and it will validate itself.  The loop back is accomplished by the accumulated electrons wanting to repel away from each other.  They can not under the high potential postive pressure, but diode Dx gives them and avenue to escape to be recollected up again.

    Re read and see if I do not in my text explain the loop back mechanism from sound electrical views.  If you are not an electronics tech or engineer
    you actually have no place in this world to comment on my device, is this not true?  Builders may however comment.

    Final Results Of Advancements To The Sonic Generator And The Findings (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Monday, May 11, 2009 @ 12:47:16 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    DanielJakson writes: Final Results Of Advancements To The Sonic Generator And The Findings

    (Main page with LTspice circuit file downloads abd help text are at:
    http://www.overunity.com/index.php?topic=7437 [www.zpenergy.com])

      Well it got tough before it got better in developing along the concepts of my sonic resonator power enhancement circuit.  And so, I have uploaded the latest and best developed LTspice files that conform to the descriptions of the findings mentioned below.  But it did turn out all good in the end!

      The new LTspice files of the perfected models are here if you are a memeber of the freenergy group of yahoo:
    http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/freenergy/files/SFG%20Sonic%20Resonator/Perfected%20Sonic%20Resonator.zip [www.zpenergy.com]

      I had to convert the output wave form into a square wave output so that the tech or engineer would immediately see the power since a square wave unlike a sine wave, has its rms, average and peak power all equal.

      The graphic of the wave form is here is here if you are a member of the freenergy group of yahoo:
    http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/freenergy/files/SFG%20Sonic%20Resonator/DC_Squarewave_output.jpg [www.zpenergy.com]

      So I have a model that the software computes that the output is 8.23 Watts square wave, for a steady state DC power input of 5.29 Watts.  And so, since the DC power is steady state and does not vary in amplitude in either current or voltage after the initial charge up time of 3 seconds.  The rms, average and peak power input of 5.29 Watts steady state DC is unity or 5.29 Watts In.

      So that makes the item somewhat hard for the tech or engineer to ignore.  Also, the period of the output half cycle is increased to 0.64 (230 degrees) which is +50 degrees past the 180 degree positive half cycle of the 1 kHz input wave cycle, which just happens to be the ratio of 5.29 Watts / 8.23 Watts (= 0.64).  And so, the added energy is stored in the 14% uncrease in the period of the positive half cycle.

      If you are not a member of this group you can see the plot graphics and download the files here: http://www.overunity.com/index.php?topic=7437 [www.zpenergy.com]

      Well I have given you my finalized studies (and files) for the moment of the circuit and my conclusions.  Which contains a PDF document as well as my most recent LTspice circuit files to run the simulations of.

      Its pretty well figured out now and perfected.  And is developed enough now for others to study.  And so, I now turn it over to the Public for Open Source study and development.

      It did look bad on some days, and got tough.  But in the end I came up with something that I could live with.  It will not power everything but I think it will work well for cost saving on powering electric lights and electrical heaters.  And so, it seems to be most fit for lighting and heating applications.  When scaled up using vacumm tubes for high powered versions.

      Like DC 529 watts in, 823 Square wave watts out.



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