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Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production
Posted on Sunday, December 08, 2002 @ 07:50:00 GMT by vlad

Devices Chris Horianopoulos writes: The Edison Device harnesses the energy contained within the hydrogen and oxygen molecular structure of ordinary water and utilizes the existing electrical wiring and natural gas plumbing in a home or business to replace the energy provided by utility companies.
Source: PR Newswire [Dec 07, 2002]...(more)

BOISE, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 5, 2002--Genesis World Energy, a privately funded consortium created by a group of military and space program research and development specialists, today unveiled a scientific breakthrough that allows consumers to easily access the energy contained within the hydrogen and oxygen molecular structure of ordinary water.

This scientific breakthrough provides a limitless, low cost and environmentally clean source of energy that can be implemented with minimal cost and effort. The viability of using water as an energy source, previously a theoretical concept, is now a reality. "Water has always been the source of life on this planet, now it will also transform the way we create energy," said Charles Shaw, corporate counsel and spokesperson for Genesis World Energy. "The implications for worldwide energy generation and consumption are nothing less than staggering." http://www.evworld.com/databases/shownews.cfm?pageid=news071202-01



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"Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production" | Login/Create an Account | 14 comments | Search Discussion
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Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Monday, December 09, 2002 @ 07:03:00 GMT
DTB (dtb1000@yahoo.com) writes: Vlad,

Do you have a followup to his article as to who
has been issued franchises. Where can you purchase
the fuel cell for home use?
The article is a advertising PR but but doesn't
list any references as to where to who has the
distribution rights.

There is no references as to independent data verification of their claim.


Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Monday, December 09, 2002 @ 07:26:00 GMT
Working Prototype (chris.horianopoulos@bofasecurities.com) writes: At this point the only info I have is from the web site: www.genesisworldenergy.org

Chris Horianopoulos

Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Monday, December 09, 2002 @ 20:06:00 GMT
mscoffman (mscoffman@yahoo.com) writes: DTB,

The way I read their web site; The Genesis World
Energy organization plans to sell licenses to', 'manufacturing companies who will actually build the new devices. Only then will the consumers be able to obtain the equipment for there own use. This is a very round-about way of doing things, but also fairly standard considering the wide impact such a device would likely have.

They are signaling manufactures they are ready
to begin discussions for manufacturing licenses.
These would likely contain any "proof" of operation.


Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Monday, December 09, 2002 @ 21:08:00 GMT
DTB (dtb1000@yahoo.com) writes: Mark,
I'm curious to know what the patent number of their device is? That would give legitimacy to
the product. Whether it works as advertised is
something else.
I've read the article but it appears to me to be
PR hype.', '

Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in H (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Monday, December 09, 2002 @ 22:25:00 GMT
Dave (david.sinclair@mailexcite.com) writes: On the genesisworldenergy website, it is stated that

"The home version of the Edison Device produces approximately 30 kilowatts of combined gas and electrical energy per day. By comparison, the typical home uses between five to six kilowatts per day. The commercial model is capable of producing 100 kilowatts of energy per day."
Whoever wrote this apparently does not know that the kilowatt is a unit of electric power, that's ENERGY PER TIME UNIT. To say that the unit produces 30 KW per day is as nonsensical as saying that a car is going at 75 miles per hour per day.

Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 @ 22:51:00 GMT
vlad (vlad@zpenergy.com) writes: Here is an interesting news, possible related to this one:

Hydrogen from water, without electrolysis
', 'Researchers at DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory have patented a "Method of Generating Hydrogen by Catalytic Decomposition of Water." The invention potentially leapfrogs current capital and energy intensive processes that produce hydrogen from fossil fuels or through the electrolysis of water. According to co-inventor Arun Bose, "Hydrogen can be produced by electrolysis, but the high voltage requirements are a commercial barrier. The invention provides a new route for producing hydrogen from water by using mixed proton-electron conducting membranes." Water is decomposed on the feed surface. The hydrogen is ionized and protons and electrons travel concurrently through the membrane. On the permeate side, they combine into hydrogen molecules.

From: http://www.ornl.gov/news/pulse/pulse_v121_02.htm

Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 @ 07:32:00 GMT
Joseph Booth (josephaboothii@mac.com) writes: I have spent most of the morning searching for any information about World Energy Management, the "Genesis Project", Nejhla Shaw President of World Energy Management, and anything that would show what this "Edison Device" that they claim to produce electrical energy with and have found only the PR releases and the non-informative website www.genesisworldenergy.org.

This is just screaming "Somethin' ain't right here!" To me at least.

I can't imagine the Edison people, which I am sure there are, would appreciate some "consortium" using a term that uses the Thomas Edison name to hype a product that isn't under the Edison umbrella of public knowledge. My understanding was that when the phonograph was introduced to the "people", a common term to refer to it was "Edison Device".

It also seems odd to me that I am unable to view names, pictures and supporting documentation of the 400 consortium members that worked together to bring this technology to "the people". If you just unlocked one of the greatest resources available to the world, power from water and not just clean pure drinking water, any type of water. Wouldn't you want your boss to acknowledge you on the website under consortium member of the month?

Even though these people are in a "consortium" there still must be a admin structure, a "boss" type person, a project coordinator, team names, team members etc. And yet no mention of anyone on these teams. This is the statement that seems odd "the individuals involved in the Genesis Project wish to remain anonymous."

Of course they do. If you have no names, you can't pin anyone down to ask questions. And it seems that this "consortium" has managed to do just that. Put out a tremendous claim, one that has far reaching global, social, political and scientific ramifications and then said "Well...we did all this work, here is our ambiguos press release through some SMALL PR agency in Boise, Idaho don't call us, we'll call you."

', 'Come on. Please.

Again, the allusions to this device helping the people of the world seem to defy their own mission. The figures they throw out "roughly $3,000 for the residential model, and $9,000 for the commercial model" seem to be out of line for people in developing countries it could take years to garner that type of cash to have power. Hell by the time the unit was paid for a person might be able to afford the lamp to plug into the unit.

I also love the we want to help the people of the world bit and then you read this "The Genesis Technology is privately owned by the individuals who created it and they have no intention of offering equity to the public. People who wish to invest in Genesis related technologies, may look to publicly traded corporations that receive licenses." Are you serious? Directing me to some energy company to buy your wares? Got one word for ya...ENRON!

You are not pulling this one again. I am not going to feed a bunch of money grubbing suit wearing corporate executives who don't give a shit about "the people". If this is such a liberating technology that they have gone through all this trouble to develope, I would think a bunch of wisenheimers in this "consortium" would be able to attain funding to start a business, build a factory and distribute "Edison Devices" through my local Wal-Mart. Hell I get everything else in Wal-Mart, why not my energy?

They state "Energy has always been as plentiful and inexpensive as water. Amazingly, it was right there in front of us all this time; we just were not looking at it that way."

That is just great. You can look at a different way to generate the energy from water, yet you want to fall into the trappings of going through corporate entities to get the product to "the people". How does it help me to have to pay markups, service fees and all the other bullshit that goes into marketing and selling a product? It seems like a easy sell if its real. Does this product have to be like everything else before it? Help the people, do the right thing, if this is a real deal then step above the human desire to wring every dollar from people and make it as available as water to use.

Q: Are Edison Devices currently available?

A: Commercially viable versions of the Edison Device currently exist, as does the manufacturing capacity to produce and assemble devices. It is the intent, however, of the Genesis Project that full-scale assembly and distribution of the Edison Device be accomplished by licensees, rather than by Genesis World Energy or World Energy Management.

Where are they being used? What companies are using them? Can we contact these companies and ask them about the cost savings of not paying the electric company for power? Since the companies are not paying utility companies are they passing the savings on to the workers? Or is this a executive kick back? Where does the money savings go? I would love to contact all companies that have this device installed. I would think I could do a search on "Edison Device" powered business and get some results. Go ahead and try it.

I know if my business was able to severe the tether of paying big utility companies for power I would be on the roof top screaming at the top of my lungs "POWER FOR THE PEOPLE!"

According to Nejhla Shaw, World Energy Management President, "We will make Edison Devices rapidly available to governments and industries on a worldwide basis, with special licensing opportunities for those industries that will be most affected by the technology. For the first time in the history of the world, a clean and abundant source of renewable energy is as simple as the attachment of three wires, a gas line and a water hose."

Who is Nejhla Shaw? This is the only name I can find in association of all of this. Why is there no way of contacting Nejhla Shaw? There is just to much print and not enough proof at this point to really take these people seriously. Maybe when I get the printed material you can request I'll change my tune. I doubt it though.

Now if a "Edison Device" shows up on my doorstep and it works. Listen for the scream.

Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 @ 20:12:00 GMT
Josh Neal (desijn@yahoo.com) writes: find a whois server and search for genesisworldenergy.org
and worldenergymanagement.com

you get some names, ph numbers, and addresses that may be usefull in checking if this is real.
i live in new zealand so im not gonna pay for an international call but someone may be closer. i'd love to find out..

Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 @ 21:51:00 GMT
vlad (vlad@zpenergy.com) writes: From IdahoStatsman site:

Nejhla Shaw, a former New York Life Insurance sales supervisor, is president of World Energy Management, which is the licensing representative for the Edison Device. Her son Darren Shaw, who previously owned a wireless communications company in Arizona, is CEO. Another son, Charles Shaw, is corporate counsel for Genesis World Energy, the technology development, production and supply arm of The Genesis Project. 205

Among the questions the Shaws declined to answer were: What are the names of those involved in the privately funded consortium? Where did the research take place, and what are the locations of a residential home and industrial facility said to be fully operational using the Edison Device? How much was invested in research and who provided those funds? 205

“It's incredibly interesting,” said Shirl Boyce, vice president of economic development for the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, who was invited to view the technology launch at the Boise Centre on the Grove. “I can264t respond to a business model or anything else about them. I can264t say a lot more than that.” 205

Idaho Power did not have a representative at the launch, but a representative Thursday said the technology was potentially revolutionary.
“If this is legitimate, then it would revolutionize the energy industry,” said Dennis Lopez, a spokesman for Idaho Power, after he perused the group264s Web site (www.GenesisWorldEnergy.org).
Lopez said new ideas for generating electricity aren264t uncommon and the utility264s parent company, IdaCorp, has a division that is focused on developing fuel cell technology.
“Our fuel cell division has a number of fuel cells being tested by the military and others,” said Lopez, but he added he isn264t familiar with anyone who has developed a process that uses solely water - and nothing else - in a fuel cell.
“Using just water without any other resource would be a major breakthrough. I264m sure if they have a working model we could look at, I would assume any utility would be interested in seeing it.” 205.

Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Friday, December 13, 2002 @ 06:10:00 GMT
Joseph Booth (josephaboothii@mac.com) writes:
Vlad the article you provide seems to echo my reservations about this claim of energy from water. Thank you for posting the link.

I am really interested to hear any other information in regards to this claim if you or anyone else on the web locates info can you post it in this area?



Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Friday, December 13, 2002 @ 07:20:00 GMT
Eagleman (wanbl1@earthlink.net) writes: It seems to me that "IF" this is real AND "IF" it's as easy to manufacture as indicated, one would NOT desire to distribute it through the "Existing Energy Infrastructure" as "they" have NO VESTED INTEREST in bringing this technology to market. There is little "Recurring Revenue" in this product when compaired to the Tremendous recurring revenue produced with fossil fuels. I have seen several other devices that actually work get bought up by these companies and "SHELVED"! Why would "They" even consider this device.

I do understand their "reluctance" to self manufacture and distribution, considering the "PAIN" inflicted on others who have attempted to market their product and "dusrupt" this mega-money maker. See:
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Rampart/4871/zeropoint/conspiracy.html', 'http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/feb2/articles.htm

Anyway, I do not expect to see this (or any other environmentally friendly) energy device on the open market any time soon. I do, however, expect to see people with some technical skill, building these devices themselves and skirting the "Existing Energy Infrastructure" to do so.
', 'Eagleman

Re: Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production (Score: 1)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 @ 13:30:00 GMT
seethelight (dmcgowan@amre.com) writes: Has anyone found any new information on this? There has been nothing since the PR.


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