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Why We Have Energy in the Universe
Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 @ 20:49:48 GMT by vlad

Science Randy writes:
Every form of fossil energy that we extract from the earth, and radioactive materials for nuclear power to fuel our centralized power plants must be converted into high frequency and high voltage AC before it can be transmitted in our power grids. To do this we produce steam and turn mighty generators. Sometimes, we use wind and water to turn smaller generators on a greatly reduced scale, but the principle in all these devices is the same. Today, because of promising materials science we do not have to turn generators to produce alternating current, and this is not the way AC is produced by nature.

The only form of energy that has ever proven so practical as to power the entire world for the last one hundred plus years is alternating current. Alternating current, now called AC was conceived of in a vision of a rotating magnetic field by Nikola Tesla in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Tesla later devised our system of electrical distribution and invented the induction motor in 1888 that is used in our appliances today. Both were a fulfillment of his vision of alternating current. Yet, despite his efforts, he is not well known today by people in the world.

The universe is driven by an irreducible vibration some call the zero point, and our universe is filled with high frequency electromagnetic waves. Piezoelectricity in crystals amounts to an irreducible vibration also, when nature gets its magnetic grip on crystals.

The presence of piezoelectricity was confirmed by the Curies after being deduced from fundamental thermodynamic principles in 1881. The Curries then confirmed a converse effect and obtained proof of complete reversibility of electro-eleasto-mechanical deformations in piezoelectric crystals.

In layman’s terms, piezoelectricity is the production of a voltage on the faces of these crystals due to tiny vibrations that cannot be observed visually. Nevertheless they are utilized today in the production of high voltage and high frequency alternating current but only in certain special applications.

During World War I, piezoelectric devices and materials were developed in the United States and using these materials, we developed sonar for the war effort. Companies kept the information under wraps in hopes of securing monetary gains from patents. Today, thin slices of manmade piezoelectric crystals form the basis of piezoelectric motors and very precise control mechanisms for laser mirror alignment among many applications, but we do not use them to power our nation’s electric grids.

Nature uses piezoelectric crystals to produce almost unlimited energy in the universe in the form of high frequency electromagnetic waves, but not with slices of the crystals as we do, but rather spherical crystals.

With subtle and sometimes mysterious methods, nature turns globs of silica glass with just a few impurities slowly into crystals in much the same way that the semiconductor industry makes piezoelectric crystals today. These mighty and subtle forces of nature join magnets to globs of glass subjecting them to a strong electric field turning them into crystals. Then these magnets squeeze the newly formed crystals and in doing so apply a changing magnetic field to them at the same time storing a charge on the crystal faces.

So, the crystals are electrically charged from the magnetic squeezing and then discharge electricity in the form of an electromagnetic pulse that has a mighty magnetic force upon the crystal. Each time the crystal charges or discharges, the fields of the moving magnets are interacting, and the magnetic field within the crystal is changing strength.

The electromagnetic waves produced by the tiny deformation of these crystals is of very high frequency or "short" and fit the confinement of the spherical crystal so that they are reinforced by the principle of resonance. Usually, the displacement of the crystal is measured in just a few nanometers so the electromagnetic waves produced are also just a few nanomenters in wavelength. Recognizing this it should be apparent that making use of very tiny crystals for producing AC might be impractical unless some modifications are made.

Practical application of this vibration would need to involve a much lower frequency, a larger displacement, and a bigger confinement. So, we would need stronger magnetic fields. To achieve much stronger fields, we would employ both permanent magnets and ferromagnets. Ferromagnets produce a strong and changing magnetic field in the presence of a weaker changing one.

Remember that the presence of a conductor in a magnetic field is not enough to produce AC. We need the vibration or oscillation of the crystal to produce an interaction between the magnetic fields. We must have a changing magnetic field.

A larger confinement would reduce the frequency of the alternating current produced because the emitted wave would then be governed by the geometry of the dielectric shell of the larger confinement, and the larger resonant chamber. So, the shell would then discharge at a much lower frequency. The principles are the same as nature’s piezoelectric crystals but the size of a practical device needs to be larger.

To understand the workings of piezoelectric crystals one needs to recognize that the crystals are a regular arrangement of atoms that each have their own magnetic fields that are interacting and producing electromagnetic waves as the crystal changes shape. The crystal is mostly empty space. So our crystal is made of faces and spaces. The waves produced by electrons orbiting the individual atoms each have a magnetic force so that these waves help to produce a displacement within the crystal and alternating current. The atoms making up the crystal are likewise charging and discharging just like the crystal. This is what amounts to the interaction of changing magnetic fields and a conductor or "Resistance" within the fields.

Just as quantum dots are nonlinear optical devices, piezoelectric crystals produce electricity in a nonlinear fashion. They amount to nature’s example of electronic amplifiers.

This is the mechanism that nature is using to produce alternating current, but we do not use this principle for powering the grid. Instead, we use up valuable natural resources and contribute to many environmental problems by burning fossil fuels.

If we had an incentive, we would be using piezoelectricity for power generation now, and I think that the potential for serious Climate Change should be reason enough to adopt nature’s design.

We have been fossil fools long enough. With the right person in charge, we could avoid the catastrophe that is upon us now, but we will surely need such leadership and everyone’s cooperation. Never have we had such disagreement between our leaders as to the course of the nation.

The good news is that all our leaders are now beginning to agree on a single overarching issue. To address Climate Change, we must get off oil, or wreck any hope securing the future for ourselves or our children. So, hope that our leaders will soon be honest enough to tell us that we are on the wrong highway and ask for directions.

Ralph Randolph Sawyer



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"Why We Have Energy in the Universe" | Login/Create an Account | 12 comments | Search Discussion
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Re: Why We Have Energy in the Universe (Score: 1)
by dfwrunner on Thursday, May 31, 2007 @ 08:23:38 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Unsure here, why not just use an RC circuit and an amplifier configuration to convert DC power to AC.  Very efficient, no breakthroughs required.

Conjuring Crystals (Score: 1)
by Randy on Friday, June 01, 2007 @ 10:40:25 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
For information about growing crystals in space read the NASA article, "Conjuring Crystals".  This article describes the Detached Bridgman Method.

Growing better semiconductor crystals in space (Score: 1)
by Randy on Friday, June 01, 2007 @ 12:21:13 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Semiconductor alloy crystals with desirable thermoelectric and electro-optic properties are almost impossible to grow on earth.  In the absence of gravity, however the ingredients don't separate as readily and the molten material tends to pull away from the container shortly before solidifying.  "In experiments performed on the space shuttle, this "detached growth" process has produced much better crystals.  See the article, "Scientists propose growing better semiconductor crystals in space".  If growing crystals in space can help us with our terrestrial energy problems, then by all means, we should go there.

Hall Effect Introduced (Score: 1)
by Randy on Saturday, December 22, 2007 @ 02:53:51 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)

"If a conductor is immersed in a magnetic field, the charge carriers in the conductor experience an additional force due to this field. The charge carriers are deflected to the side of the conductor as a result of this force creating a potential difference across the conductor at right angles to the current flow. The process is known as the Hall Effect."

"In crystalline solids, the atoms are closely spaced so that their electron wave functions overlap; it then becomes difficult to associate electrons with particular atoms." Attaching magnets directly to a piezoelectric crystal induces a changing magnetic field due to lattice vibrations.

Google search Hall Effect.

Purifying Water with Magnets (Score: 1)
by Randy on Tuesday, January 08, 2008 @ 04:13:15 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Mr. Charles Stevens of Victorville, California experimented with magnets as a way to soften the water in his home. He also attached magnets to the fuel line in his car and saved money on each tank of gasoline because of improved efficiency.

The water purification system was installed at St. Mary Medical Center and Victorville Community Hospital saving the latter $9,600 in one year. "Calcium deposits corrode cooling towers, and up until now the hospitals had to use chemicals to reduce the calcium buildup."

Stevens says, "Magnets create crystals inside the water that goes into the tower. Those crystals attract calcium. When enough calcium has adhered to the crystal, it sinks to the bottom of the tower. Calcium attracts algae, and algae is a food base for bacteria. By reducing calcium, magnets reduce the possibility of bacterial contamination to the water supply."

Stevens was honest enough to say that he did not invent the purification system. Nature did this.

Yes, there is a way to turn our transportation infrastructure into water purification systems by building glass crystal streets that play a secondary and more important function as water cisterns by storing water beneath these streets. Many countries face severe water shortages. Some of these shortages are acute. Soon potable water may be more valuable than oil is today. It may be time to prepare for this eventuality.

The significance of this experiment (Score: 1)
by Randy on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 @ 09:33:51 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)

It has been observed that a pendulum once set in motion or oscillation never comes completely to rest. Scientists call this the minimum allowable energy for an oscillating system. Crystals can be considered an oscillating system with a minimum energy (now referred to as irreducible) that manifests itself as a minimum or irreducible vibration that never drops below a certain level. When magnets are attached to crystals, the fields of the vibrating magnets interact producing high frequency electromagnetic waves in the crystal. High frequency waves actually contain more energy than lower frequency waves. These waves charge the insulating oxide shell of a quantum dot because an oxide is a dielectric that stores charge. Oxygen in the atmosphere produces this thin outer layer that charges and discharges. When a capacitor or dielectric discharges it sets itself into vibration. Some of the first capacitors were made from simple oxides.

The universe can be thought of as a crystal with attached magnets, or a polarized dielectric in the presence of a strong electric field that generates a force in the direction of the north or north seeking pole. This has never been completely cleared up. This is the principle of magnetic propulsion and magnetic levitation. In theory, this is why the stars are moving more and more rapidly apart because they are self propelled systems. The force may not be large, but the effect leads to exponential acceleration. So the universe cannot wind down. The more it does, the more energy it gains because of the conversion process.

The demonstration is totally worthless except as a teaching tool because it demonstrates that the universe runs on free energy. The materials that are used to make piezoelectric quantum dots are so rare that only a variation of this technology using common oxides is of any value. The advanced technology proposed in my articles cannot be developed unless this technology can be understood and simply demonstrated in principle with this experiment.

Practical Time Travel (Score: 1)
by Randy on Saturday, March 22, 2008 @ 15:47:11 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)

Scientists tell us that the only practical form of time travel is in the form of traveling through space at an exponential and unlimited velocity. Einstein essentially stated that time and space cannot be considered separately and that our perception of time is only an observation based on our rate of travel through space. He also reasoned that the effect of acceleration and our displacement from the people we leave back on earth becomes extreme at any velocity greater than one half the speed of light. At this rate of velocity we essential leave the reality that we left behind and enter a different realm of reality.

When our scientists tell us that the force that is causing the stars to move apart from each other at an accelerating and exponential rate it is a mysterious dark energy it is because they are not allowed to tell us that they understand the mechanism. The understanding of this mechanism by the general public would provide us with the key to understanding our secret and yet unreleased technology. The effects of dielectrics and the principle of magnetic propulsion, magnetic levitation, gravity control, and mass cancellation are perfectly explainable with known principles of physics.

The only dark force is the suppression and distortion of knowledge.

mass cancellation explained in simple terms (Score: 1)
by Randy on Monday, March 24, 2008 @ 12:38:14 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Scientists tell us that not only is there a relationship between space and time that can only be considered as a single entity but that there is a direct relationship between mass and velocity. As our solar system accelerates through space there is a gain in mass and that at a velocity that is 99 percent the speed of light that our mass become essentially infinite and further acceleration is impossible. The only possible method of traveling faster than light is by reducing the mass of our time ship to zero. The cancellation of mass in simple terms involves the application of whole body vibration. This effect is related to piezoelectricity. Scientists use the term mass cancellation when describing piezoelectric crystals so that they are admitting essentially that they understand the mechanism that would be necessary to travel back in time.

The mechanism of growth in the universe (Score: 1)
by Randy on Monday, March 24, 2008 @ 18:34:31 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
The relationship of velocity to mass and the basic design of the earth seem to explain the mechanism of growth in the universe. The earth seems to follow the basic design of my proposed invention utilizing common oxides converted to dielectrics. The earth then can be thought of in terms of a cyclotron in which a great amount of energy is converted to mass and alternately a spherical dielectric in the presence of a strong applied electric field. This would mean that our earth and the entire solar system are traveling through the universe at an exponential accelerating velocity. According to this theory, the earth may have grown from a seed, and using some basic observations of past growth and some calculations based on these observations, the age of the earth might possible be established. According to this theory, the rate of growth is accelerating and the increasing frequency of earthquakes is part of this accelerating growth. These are growing pains. Our earth is growing from the inside out and causing the tectonic plates to move away from each other ultimately pushing up the mountains in certain areas higher and higher.

Establishment of a Multiverse (Score: 1)
by Randy on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 @ 10:20:34 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)

Our universe may be only one of many universes established individually by the formation of what is called a cavitation. This is essentially the establishment of virtual confinement and perpetuated by electron tunneling. Electron tunneling is a known and established principle of solid state physics and only requires known laws. Quantum physics describes the ultratiny and the threshold of quantum physics lies at any dimension less than nine nanometers. Quantum physics and nanotechnology provide for the conversion of high frequency electromagnetic waves shorter than visible light that come to us from space and are always present. This cavitation might only be a small vibration or wrinkle in spacetime. Any motion in spacetime leads to further motion and the energy conversion process I described perpetuates itself so that the amount of energy is greater at any one second than it was the previous second. The growth method mentioned and the process of unlimited and exponential acceleration provide a method of establishing the growth and creation of each universe. The only possible way that any human being might travel through time would be to reestablish our essence in an artificial and eternal being since whole body vibrations might be destructive on our human bodies. No single individual could travel back in time but a whole planet and an entire civilization might travel together by converting our planet to a time machine. Any single person who traveled back in time would never again have any association with the ones he left behind and would therefore not be able to relate his experiences. His trip would be of no value. Our civilization if converted to a time machine would then be reborn as a celestial and eternal one.

Quantum Tunneling and Precession (Score: 1)
by Randy on Monday, May 05, 2008 @ 15:42:51 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)

According to quantum theory, the virtual establishment of short-lived particles and the atomic structure may have similar origins. In short-lived particles, closely spaced time-space dimensions may share a tiny doorway that is opened and closed in the shape of a ring and has properties similar to the electron tube deflector, but only on a very tiny scale. Since the electron has a definite energy level in most circumstances, this single electron or particle is everywhere in the probability area instantaneously. The process takes place outside of normal time.

This process provides the energy for atomic fortitude and sustenance that is taking a similar but more permanent structure. In fact, all heavenly structures may be being constantly and eternally regenerated from nanosecond to nanosecond. The shape of our structures necessarily would be in the form of toroids and virtually sustained as virtual quantum confinements or as larger bodies with similar features. This structure may indeed be a universal design in nature ubiquitous and everlasting.

Quantum tunneling is known to involve cold emission, unlimited acceleration, and image replacement. In other words, the particle emitted always returns to its origins, but actually may gain in energy levels at times causing the growth of the structure. This energy gain comes from excess virtual energy, i.e. virtually generated particles.

Our universe may be one of many dimensions supporting one another. The process may be completely quasi random. Order arises from chaos. Creation takes place everywhere all at once. There is no center and no edge.

Re: Why We Have Energy in the Universe (Score: 1)
by Randy on Saturday, May 17, 2008 @ 19:20:33 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
I am leaving a can with some extra pictures in it out in the truck.. There are some 5 by 7’s under the rubber mat for two dollars If anyone wants one. The pick up is parked in my mother’s drive way and I am working on another chest of drawers and making it out of cedar. I live in the eastern part of Houston in the Woodforest neighborhood. To get a picture,all you have to do is listen for the sound of a table saw at work, and listen to a sermon about the last days.


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