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Bangladeshi Inventor Has Demonstrated Fuel Free Magnetic Power!
Posted on Saturday, May 31, 2008 @ 17:50:02 GMT by vlad

Devices Submitted by Mark Goldes (MPI)/ May 14, 2008 - Bangladeshi Inventor Has Demonstrated Fuel Free Magnetic Power!
Giasuddin Kachi Opens a Practical Path to Superseding Fuels
Sebastopol, California

Magnetic Power Inc. has become aware of a revolutionary achievement. After 17 years of research, a 37 year old inventor in Bangladesh has shown professors from an engineering university, as well as other scientists and electrical engineers, that he has created magnetic energy conversion systems that produce electricity without any need for fuel. The professors commented that this invention challenged fundamental principles of electricity and energy conservation. From what has surfaced to date, the work appears to parallel similar, commercial, development under way by our own firm.

If we and our families and friends are to enjoy a peaceful and prosperous planet, humanity needs abundant, renewable, inexpensive, energy that does not require fuel. That must become a primary goal. The timeline to dramatically reduce our dangerous dependency on fossil fuels is less than a decade - otherwise, we may be unable to avoid cataclysmic possibilities which literally endanger the survival of our children.

Innovation is urgently required. Some existing technologies can help, but they fall far short of adequate. If, as has recently been predicted, oil reaches $200/barrel, gas prices are projected to rise much further.

As a result of rising energy costs, food is so expensive in some parts of the planet that large numbers of people now go hungry.

Nuclear power is promoted as a solution because safer, more practical, less expensive, alternatives have not been in evidence. It is a dangerous illusion that such expensive boondoggles can save us.

There is a wonderful reality in having the first practical magnetic energy conversion system emerge from Bangladesh. One third of that country is often flooded, as the land is so close to sea level. If Global Warming is not rapidly attacked, much of that poverty stricken nation may disappear in the not-too-distant future.

The first public demonstration of Kachi's invention was apparently at the Chittagong International Trade Fair, earlier this year. He showed that his generator could power a drill requiring 800 watts. It then lit a 500 watt lamp. He claims to have experimentally produced up to 10,000 watts of power. He believes his invention can eventually be scaled to 10, and then to 50, megawatts. Units of such large size can be utilized to replace the need for coal or uranium fueled power plants.

Earlier this month, after observing the invention, a visitor to his facility said in correspondence to us: "He uses two circuits. One is a primary circuit and initially needs external power to excite the device. Afterwards, it is excited or energized by a secondary circuit, which is induced by the primary circuit. It continues to operate indefinitely. A very small part of the power of the secondary circuit is used to energize the primary circuit. The remaining electrical energy produced by the secondary circuit is used to power an external load".

This is identical to the way that generators without moving parts, under development by Magnetic Power Inc., are expected to operate. As with internal combustion engines, there are a great many ways to design and patent such systems and a variety can be expected to reach the world's markets. Large firms are already in touch with the inventor and negotiating to license his patents. MPI has several multi-billion dollar firms interested in our parallel work in this country. Two are large electric power utilities, interested in the possibilities such systems offer for turning parked cars into power plants.

Magnetic energy conversion systems can rapidly be placed in production throughout the world. Cars that become power plants, wirelessly connected to the grid when appropriately parked, can be expected to pay for themselves. This opens a door to a restoration of the domestic automobile manufacturing industry.

The technological revolution being born in Bangladesh holds promise of creating millions of new jobs and helping to encourage a healthy economy in every corner of the planet.

Download attached document (60.5KB)

For Further Information:
Source: http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/partner/story?id=52485



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"Bangladeshi Inventor Has Demonstrated Fuel Free Magnetic Power!" | Login/Create an Account | 29 comments | Search Discussion
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05/30/08 - Maltese Fuel-Free Generator (Score: 1)
by vlad on Sunday, June 01, 2008 @ 16:06:38 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
From KeelyNet News [www.keelynet.com]: Dr Joseph Muscat, one of the candidates in the Labour leadership election, on Thursday visited the workshop of a group of inventors in Gozo, whose latest environment friendly invention has not only won them an EU award, but also shows that the creativity of Maltese contributes to innovation. An invention by Gozo Enterprises Ltd was recently awarded the prestigious ‘Energy Global’ Award, in Brussels. Dr Muscat viewed the invention, a fuel-free electricity generating machine, and observed that this is yet another proof that Malta can use its creativity to solve problems which we will be facing in coming years. - Source [www.maltastar.com]

The 'Blue Energy Hoax' and Gardner Watts (Score: 1)
by vlad on Sunday, June 01, 2008 @ 16:14:34 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
Also from KeelyNet News [www.keelynet.com] last month (on foreign inventors):

05/30/08 - the 'Blue Energy Hoax'
The President has been chided for apparently being taken in by what experts are calling the "Blue Energy" hoax. Blue Energy was the work of a Joko Suprapto, who claimed to have created fuel from water. Joko, who has been labeled a charlatan by some observers, managed to secure a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who was eager to pursue the Blue Energy project. Some scientists and lawmakers have since dismissed the so-called invention as a hoax, saying the President was deceived by Joko, who never published articles about his claimed Blue Energy in scientific journals. The presidential office has never issued a statement about the issue, although lawmakers and scientists have urged the government to explain the mystery behind Joko's brief disappearance and what has happened with his invention. - Source [old.thejakartapost.com]

05/22/08 - Take water and potash, add electricity and get - a mystery
From 05/18/2003, whatever happened? - British researchers believe that they have made a groundbreaking scientific discovery after apparently managing to "create" energy from hydrogen atoms. In results independently verified at Bristol University, a team from Gardner Watts - an environmental technology company - show a "thermal energy cell" which appears to produce hundreds of times more energy than that put into it. If the findings are correct and can be reproduced on a commercial scale, the thermal energy cell could become a feature of every home, heating water for a fraction of the cost and cutting fuel bills by at least 90 per cent. The makers of the cell, which passes an electric current through a liquid between two electrodes, admit that they cannot explain precisely how the invention works. "What we are saying is that the device seems to tap into another, previously unrecognised source of energy." The cell is the product of research into the fundamental properties of hydrogen, the most common element in the universe. Hydrogen can exist in a so-called metastable state that harbours a potential source of extra energy. [Quantum] theory suggests that if electricity were passed into a mixture of water and a chemical catalyst, the extra energy would be released in the form of heat. After some experimentation, the team found that a small amount of electricity passed through a mixture of water and potassium carbonate - potash - released an astonishing amount of energy. "It generates a lot of heat in a very small volume," said Christopher Eccles, the chief scientist at Gardner Watts. The findings of the Gardner Watts team were tested by Dr Jason Riley of Bristol University, who found energy gains of between three and 26 times what had been put in.(http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/)

MPI: Scam (Score: 1)
by PacketSender on Sunday, June 01, 2008 @ 20:07:07 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
So Mark Goldes crawls out of the woodwork yet again.
(Sorry for the post title, I hope it registers well wth the search engines.)
It appears that all his past “we’ll have something to show next month” (and always failed to deliver) posts have failed to generate enough revenue to continue that tact.
Time for a new story; quote an unsubstantiated, unverified, hearsay story. No proof, no facts, no details, just typical Goldes tripe. Yet somehow he this leads typical tripe right into ‘proof’ of the MPI balderdash that’s he’s been spewing for how many years now?
All the posted links are nothing more than MPI docs geared towards the gullible investor.
Slightly new tact, same goal – ‘gimme money’.
Goldes game is past pathetic. Reach towards, and quote, anything to attempt to substantiate his never-ending pleas for cash.
Let’s look points from this BS post objectively, without the rose colored glasses that Goldes hopes we wear while reading:
1. Someone else has demonstrated fuel free magnetic power.
2. No proof, no evidence, no documentation, no peer reviews, no links.
3. This lack of any information leads directly into the same tired old MPI spiel
4. The story is simply that ‘someone else verified my BS claims’
5. The story is a direct lead into a many year old investment scam
6. Please invest, all it takes is yet more cash from yet more gullible angel investors
7. Somehow we are to believe that someone else has proof of a working device, yet we still require ore investment


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