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Protocols for survival -- A new energy era, urgency of research, development and
Posted on Sunday, July 27, 2008 @ 12:48:07 GMT by vlad

General by John Varney

Attention of: The Executive

- The remarkable and inspiring work of Blacklight Power under the direction and endeavours of Dr. Randell Mills, certainly heralds a new era in technology as they have now gone commercial with their 50 kw. unit and will upscale to multi megawatt units in 18 months.

- What we do during the next few years, in relation to this new energy era, will determine if we are able to deliver a worthy and honourable legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Regarding the attachment identifying the application of Plasma Engines [to power generation and all forms of transportation], in respect of aviation, the accelerating rate of pollution of our atmosphere through the operation of engines using, exclusively, the combustion process, will if it continues, establish an atmosphere that will, within decades, threaten the survival of the human race.

I propose that research establishments and University laboratories around the globe, immediately assemble capable, aggressive and inspired teams to negotiate and prevail in achieving the following:

A - Establish a plasma [in a vacuum environment] using the Dr. Randell Mills process.[under the direction of Blacklight Power].

B - Establish a pressurized plasma, using the back pressure of a compressed air stream and via a containment vessel and delivery duct, equipped with electromagnetic fields,to inject that plasma at a controlled rate into the air stream such that the heated air may be introduced into a turbine.

C - Establish a plasma [in a vacuum environment] using ammonia vapour [as a feedstock] incorporating the Varney protocol as an adaption of the Dr. Randell Mills process

D - Establish a pressurized plasma as in B

The "Varney Protocol" is the use of ammonia gas [NH3] that would replace the hydrogen + catalyst feedstock of the Mills Process.

The idea [purely speculative] is that with essentially instantaneous pre-heating using a helicon antenna device [or similar device that utilizes high frequency oscillations], the "Mills Process" can be achieved with the nitrogen component of ammonia acting as catalyst, and before the molecule of NH3 has disintegrated [severed its bonds with the three hydrogen atoms], or before the hydrogen atoms have migrated far from the original molecular site, low level nuclear fusion may begin to occur owing to the high energy level and proximity of the hydrogen atoms.

It may be possible for a constant and self-sustaining low level of nuclear fusion to substantially add to the base load energy from the "Mills Process".

Yours Truly
John Varney

These designs,concepts and systems [inspired by Blacklight's early announcements on the internet some 8 years ago], have been distributed to governments, universities, the press and companies around the world and clearly state that I have no commercial interest in any subsequent products that may incorporate the designs, concepts and systems that I have defined in my enclosed briefs.

John Varney
146 Brooklawn Ave
Scarborough, ON M1M 2P9
Tel: 416-269-4981

April 25th. 2007

Attention of: Sir John E V Rose Chief Executive
Rolls Royce PLC
65 Buckingham Gate
London SW1E 6AT
United Kingdom

Copy to: Colin P Smith Director Engineering & Technology

Dear Sir John

In the summer of 2001, I suggested to Rolls Royce [with whom I worked in the early sixties], that they consider injecting a, newly discovered hydrogen plasma into the gas turbine, as a source of energy that would replace traditional fuels. This strategy could be used for all manner of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial propulsion and power generation, providing, the vacuum based process [developed in the mid nineties by a Dr. Randell Mills], can be pressurized.

Rolls Royce had their physicists, assess the technology and although most interested, concluded that at that time [2001], the technology was insufficiently developed for them to commit the necessary investment.

With the ominous threat of climate change on our doorstep, now is the time to take a giant step forward and end the era of the combustion of fossil fuels decisively and immediately.

Since the summer of 2001, I have developed conceptual engine designs, using this pressurized plasma, have distributed them around the globe [to governments, institutions and companies], in order to place the material in the public domain and have clearly indicated that I seek no commercial interest or monetary gain in any application of this technology.

These conceptual and basic designs are identified in the attached Plasma Report. The other report, called the “Ten Year Program”, identifies how, in conjunction with renewable energy, the plasma engines may play a central role in the growth of massive new industries that produce engines and vehicles that no longer pollute our atmosphere, land and oceans.

I would appreciate receiving any constructive or supportive comments you may have and thank you for attention on this urgent matter.

Yours Truly
John Varney

[As a means of making a total national commitment to ending the era of fossil fuels]


Dated April 5th. 2007

Canada must not be fooled by corporate rhetoric, that the “Tar Sands Project”, the burning of clean coal, the sequestering of flue gases laden with carbon dioxide and the use of nuclear energy [as a heat source for the Tar Sands process], represent practical or reasonable strategies for mining, processing and combustion of fossil fuels, when the global impact of climate change, is now an undeniable truth..

We need to immediately move away from the process of combustion with the initial, reasonable and practical strategy of the application of renewable energy systems across Canada.

Nuclear power, with its highly sophisticated technologies, expensive and heavy components [that require extremely specialized and expensive engineering and manufacturing processes] and not least, the massive government underwriting required, in order to insure and take responsibility for any major accident that can occur and indeed, has occurred in the past, is not a wise alternative to power generation from fossil fuels.

The fact that major capital investment, precedes, by many years, the initial generation [and sale] of electrical power, makes nuclear power a risky commercial venture especially if it encounters a major repair program.
The relentless increase in deposits of radioactive spent fuel, stored in unprotected ponds on site, is an affront to future generations, is an arrogant and ignorant strategy that exposes them to horrific acts of terrorism.

A strategy to install [in a 10 year program beginning in 2007] 125,000 MW of renewable power generation across the country, of which, 100,000 MW would be from large wind turbines [each unit rated at 5 MW] and the other 25,000 MW from new Hydro-electric projects, provides the means of replacing all fossil fired power plant with the added commercial capability of making major power sales to the States.

A total of 200 wind farms, each of which containing 100 wind turbines, would be located on hills and ridges [approx. 1500 ft. above surrounding terrain] throughout the country and would be as close as possible to existing roads and electrical grids. The latest information on wind turbine performance indicates that increased wind velocity at these hilltop altitudes would result in the year-round mean generating capacity of the wind turbines being in excess of 50% of nameplate.

A country wide electrical power grid will enable the transmission of power generated from any wind farm or hydro plant, to be conveyed to any demand point in Canada or if surplus power, to the States via export grids.

Unfortunately, renewable energy does not address the pollution of the atmosphere [at high altitudes] that results from the growing numbers of aircraft. In order to completely eliminate this source of pollution it is necessary to develop propulsion engines that do not utilize the combustion process. Similarly, in order to eliminate pollution of the oceans from shipping we must develop marine propulsion engines that do not utilize the combustion process.

In regard to engines that utilize a non-combustion process, I make reference to my brief entitled “The application of a non-polluting plasma technology as a protocol for survival” dated July 27th. 2006.

In regard to road vehicles, an exciting new technology, namely, the “Hydrino Hydride Battery” promises improvements in capacity and power density that are orders of magnitude greater than current technology and will probably make electric drive the norm for all road vehicle


This bold program, to immediately address climate change and related pollution of the environment, will almost certainly have a powerful and positive effect on the economy. A ten-year sequence of many large projects that involve both intense manufacturing and construction phases, together with the emergence and growth of sustainable industries involving new non-combustion technologies, will provide Canada with a great step forward into the 21st. century and firmly establish us as a leader nation.

Our initial challenge, in this respect, is to expose the fear mongering and self-interest of the energy lobby and its relentless pursuit of direct or indirect corporate welfare, inherent in the application of precious public tax dollars, for research projects targeted at maintaining the markets for fossil fuels.

The following, identifies the growth stages, that the economy will experience during the ten-year program:

Stage 1 - Manufacturing facilities will be created to produce 5 MW wind turbines at the rate of 2000 units per year for a total of 20,000 units over the ten-year program. It may be necessary to produce these units, under license, to foreign companies. Many construction teams will be assembled to construct the foundations, install the infrastructure, set in place the wind-turbines [100 units per farm] and then electrically connect the systems [via necessary devices], to the grid, and finally, test and commission 20 wind farms in each year of the ten-year program. Service teams will maintain the facilities throughout the operating life of these 200 wind farms.

Stage 2 - Large construction and manufacturing contracts will be placed during the early stages of the ten-year program to initiate several hydroelectric projects that will, on completion, provide a total of 25,000 MW of base load.

Stage 3 - The anticipated emergence of the Hydrino Hydride battery [HHB] will demonstrate the complete validity of electric road vehicles and will present the opportunity for Canada to initiate new electric vehicle industries.

Stage 4 - The development of the non combustion, non-polluting, plasma gas turbine, for large scale power generation, will provide the means of replacing nuclear power plants with a much more efficient, compact, simple and relatively inexpensive system that can be located adjacent to the nuclear facility and utilize the existing transformer and tie-in facilities of the now redundant nuclear station. Smaller versions of this plasma gas turbine can be used for marine electric propulsion and will make possible the emergence of fleets of giant global fast ferries [carrying passengers and roll-on, roll-off freight] across the oceans at service speeds in the range of 70 knots. The Canadian ship-building and the gas turbine industries would enjoy a massive transformation into vibrant and sustainable businesses.

Stage 5 - The development of the non-combustion, non-polluting plasma turbojet and the plasma ramjet for the propulsion of subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic aircraft, will thus end the pollution of the atmosphere [especially at high altitudes]. These new aero engines will form the bedrock of a huge aerospace industry embracing all categories of aircraft with major new plants being created across the country.

Stage 6 - Finally, the development of the plasma rocket engine will herald the era of intense space exploration and space tourism, spawning an array of aerospace industries that gives clear evidence that we have entered the 21st. century like a lion.

Perhaps, in conclusion, we can hope that the energy corporations can find honorable purpose and challenge, in the new era and can transfer their focus from combustion, [of the fossil fuels] to alternative applications using environmentally safe processes for refining these commodities.

[The pdf file "PlasmaEngines.pdf" can be found in the "Downloads/New-Energy" section]



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