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    Dr. Al Swimmer Endorses Joseph Newman's Energy Machine!
    Posted on Sunday, September 28, 2008 @ 12:45:57 EDT by vlad

    Devices From JNPCo.: NEW VIDEO RELEASED 9/24/08!

    Dr. Al Swimmer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of a major university endorses Joseph Newman's Energy Machine!

    See the newest 27-minute video entitled "The Big Eureka" at:

    Video on Google: The Big Eureka

    ***Dr. Al Swimmer Endorses Joseph Newman's Energy Machine!

    An Invention Whose Time Has Come!

    Nikola Tesla once wrote:

    "The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is,
     will chronicle an event probably greater than any other
     recorded in the human race."

    * IMAGINE a civilization with an access to virtually
     unlimited energy . . .

    * IMAGINE an energy source that is abundant, inexpensive,
     and environmentally-friendly . . .

    * IMAGINE a stable and durable alternative to oil, gas,
     coal, and nuclear . . .

    * IMAGINE an electromagnetic Motor which runs cool and
     harnesses the elemental forces of the universe in
     complete accord with the 1st Law of Thermodynamics . . .

    * IMAGINE such a Motor powering the world --- every
     automobile, appliance, home, farm, factory, ship, and
     plane, at a FRACTION of the present cost of energy . . .

    * IMAGINE such a Motor enabling us to someday reach the
     stars --- safely and inexpensively . . .

    Such a technology now exists:


    The A & E (Arts & Entertainment) Network aired a national Special entitled
    "Conspiracies" which featured the revolutionary technology of Joseph Newman.

    Joseph Newman has been featured on the CBS Evening News, The Tonight Show,
    ABC/CNN National News, LIFE Magazine, PBS's "All Things Considered," in thousands of
    newspapers/ magazines across the world, and on hundreds of radio talk shows
    presenting his revolutionary technology.

    Better than 30 physicists, nuclear engineers, electrical engineers, and electrical technicians
    have signed Affidavits attesting to the validity of Joseph Newman's revolutionary invention:
    an electromagnetic Motor/Generator that could supply every America's home, farm,
    business, automobile, and appliance with electrical power at a fraction of the present cost
    and enable you to become energy independent.


    "The future of the human race may be dramatically uplifted by the large-scale,
    commercial development of this invention."

    --- Dr. Roger Hastings, Principal Physicist


    "If the manner in which Joseph Newman conducted his experiments
    and the results were made known to the industrial or engineering community
    then, in my opinion, several companies and/or individuals possess the expertise and capabilities
    to construct the hardware required to fully exploit the apparent capability of his new concepts."

    --- Dr. Robert E. Smith, Chief, Orbital and Space Environment Branch
    George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA


    "You have opened an area in Astrophysics which may revolutionize
    the magnetic energy problems which is now the most paramount problem
    in future energy and space travel. I do believe with proper research funds,
    the results would not only be a great financial boom to your financiers,
    but would lead to developments that will be practical and
    beneficial to all mankind and develop a new step in science."

    [Dr. Moragne was an electromagnetic pioneer in the development of the first atomic bomb.]

    Please let others know about these new videos!

    For important information about the energy machine technology
    including TV interviews/reports with experts who have endorsed the technology:
    Joseph Nolfe, President, NECorp.
    (205) 835-9022

    Note: This is a classic example why an organization such as my proposed Xtreme Science Foundation (XSF) is so much needed to give inventors with a working prototype the chance to prove their claims through an objective, recognized, scientific validation process, and to the public an honest verdict on the truth behind such claims so we all know what to support and when it is time to accept the truth and move on. [Vlad]



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    "Dr. Al Swimmer Endorses Joseph Newman's Energy Machine!" | Login/Create an Account | 6 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Dr. Al Swimmer Endorses Joseph Newman's Energy Machine! (Score: 1)
    by modernsteam on Monday, September 29, 2008 @ 09:11:39 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Certainly, I think Joseph Newman's energy machine should be properly investigated in the scientific manner, and that if, after empirical investigation, results appear to be negative,  investigators should first ask themselves what they may have done incorrectly in the investigation. Coil kinks are good examples of that. If no answer could be gotten that way, they should then ask the inventor what they could have done wrong which prevented positive results from being obtained. One would be pleasantly surprised at the R&D progress that could be made that way:a real synergistic effect.

    Nonetheless, I wouldn't just send money, not knowing how it would be spent. Old-fashioned investment procedures should still be followed: share registration, legal assistance (as expensive as that is), issuance of share certificates, a board of directors, co-signing authority to be assigned to investor representatives other than just the inventor and his principals, and non-"insider" share-holder representatives to spot-audit the books, and otherwise keep an eye on technological developments to ensure legitimate  shareholders' interests are being persued.

    One must also ensure that the intellectual property of the inventions of others  are not infringed, since it would appear that a characteristic of many magnetics-based devices, either rotary or motionless, is "cold" electricity, which I understand is pure potential - voltage, almost current-free - . which we've seen time and again with some inventions, such as those of Bedini, Newman, and Lindemann. It thus may be necessary to cross-license, which hard-drive manufacturers do all the time.

    Hal Ade

    Re: Dr. Al Swimmer Endorses Joseph Newman's Energy Machine! (Score: 1)
    by Mar1 on Monday, September 29, 2008 @ 10:40:45 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Could someone please tell me what "major university" is "Dr. Al Swimmer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus" from? I've googled his name and I can't find any information on him. Joseph Newman is someone who in my opinion has exuasted the public's credibility. He has made so many claims in the past and none of them have come to fruition. He is always blaming someone or something of obstructing his progress. If he has something as revolutionary as he says he does he can still make alot of money without the need for patent protection.There are many individuals who have tried to replicate his work and openly admit that there is no observable power gain. Just look at all the examples you have on Youtube of people attempting to replicate the newman machine which in essense is a large spiral coil with a permanent magnet attached to an axel where the permanent magnet is located in the middle and allowed to spin. The permanent magnet rotates because of the interaction with the coil's magnetic feild when an electric charge pases through it. The electric charge because of the coils configuration is high voltage, low amperage . The result of this unique configuration is that you produce more amperage than you consume, but not necessarily more eletric power given that according to Ohm's law electric power equals voltage multiplied by current. When the circuit's load is its own baterry it will keep its charge because your feeding it back its own power and the power losses incurred in the process are compensated by the production of electricity created by the rotating permanent magnet in the middle of the coil, but as soon as you divert part of this energy to aid an additional electric load or place any kind of mechanical resistance on the axel the battery will eventually drain and this is what Newman never talks about. This is why he doen't have a product yet, so be very careful folks about giving him your money because Newman has had more than his share of unhappy investors. With that said, I would sure get a kick out of him proving me wrong. I would be so amazed that I would ask him to personally teach me and others how to properly construct his machine so that there can never be any more misunderstandings or misrepresentation of character. I believe that initially Josphe might have been well intentioned, but I don't think that's the case now.

    Re: Dr. Al Swimmer Endorses Joseph Newman's Energy Machine! (Score: 1)
    by pixel97 on Friday, May 14, 2010 @ 09:37:09 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Hey guys

    Is this truth or not http://www.josephnewman.com/

    R.I.P. - Joseph Newman New Movie (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Saturday, December 10, 2016 @ 22:39:26 EST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    From KeelyNet.com [www.keelynet.com]: Joseph Westley Newman - Joseph Westley Newman (July 2, 1936 – March 6, 2015) was an American inventor and author who claimed to have developed a perpetual motion machine. This device greatly influenced the "free energy movement" in America from the late nineteen seventies until his death in 2015.[citation needed] He described this device in a book, The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman. Newman alleged that he had a mechanical explanation for Albert Einstein's unified field theory of physics. After applying for patents on the perpetual motion motor, he battled for over seven years against what he claimed was a government conspiracy to suppress his supposed discoveries.[2] As a result of this, he gained national attention.[3][4]=

    Joseph Newman is one of the pioneers of the “free energy” movement. He is a controversial character that has pushed the free energy concept to mainstream more than most.

    Some of my associates new him personally and have even replicated his work to various degrees and admit that his technology works. Last year, Jospeh Newman passed away from heart failure, but before that, fortunately, a full length movie about his life story was finished that details his introduction to free energy concepts, his fights and struggle and rise to fame and then the collapse at the end of his life.

    Film description [emediapress.com]: Joseph Newman, the legendary asocial backwoods inventor, happens onto a brilliant discovery that ends the need for oil, gas and nuclear dependency as we know it, but he spends most of his life fighting conspiracy and Washington DC for a patent. - R.I.P. - Joseph Newman – New Movie

    Also read the newest Aaron Murakami post: New Joseph Newman Disclosure Coming [emediapress.com]


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