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GWE announces new technology for the auto industry
Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2003 @ 00:20:15 EDT by vlad

Devices rastahal writes: I just found this on the GWE website and this was also my question to GWE when Vlad asked us to submit questions....check it out!

Genesis World Energy Introduces Revolutionary Automotive Hydrogen Fuel Generation Device

Genesis HICEF™ Technology leapfrogs current fuel cell-based transportation development by enabling the use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines

Boise, ID - April 21, 2003 - Genesis World Energy, the company behind a revolutionary energy generation technology introduced in December 2002, has announced an automotive and transportation application that creates an on-demand source of hydrogen fuel for internal combustion engines. The Genesis HICEF (Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Fuel) Technology represents a stunning breakthrough in hydrogen-based automotive power systems through its on-board, on-demand generation of hydrogen gas derived from water — circumventing the need for either externally supplied sources of hydrogen or hydrogen generation based on chemicals or fossil fuel derivatives.

The Genesis HICEF Technology represents a dramatic departure from current hydrogen-based fuel cell research, which has focused primarily on the generation of power for electric vehicles. Rather than abandoning the internal combustion engine and the decades of progress made in its improvement, the Genesis technology will enable automobile makers to design power systems that run off hydrogen gas rather than fossil fuels - thus eliminating a major source of pollution.

For a 60-day period effective May 1- June 30, 2003, World Energy Management, the licensing arm of Genesis World Energy, will make its HICEF Technology available to companies who are interested in applying it to automobile, trucking, mass transit, aircraft, locomotive and marine engines. The HICEF device can be easily incorporated into existing internal combustion engines with relatively few modifications made to the vehicle, and is similar in approach to today's conversion of vehicles from gasoline to natural gas or propane — without the need for high-pressure storage of flammable gases.

On Demand Hydrogen Fuel
Although manufacturers have demonstrated both internal combustion engine and fuel cell-powered automobiles using hydrogen, the technologies upon which they have been based have not been commercially viable. The Genesis HICEF Technology overcomes a critical barrier that has inhibited the use of hydrogen as an internal combustion engine fuel source: the cost-effective creation and delivery of hydrogen gas. Relying on nothing more than a source of purified water, the Genesis HICEF Technology makes it possible to design internal combustion-powered vehicles that burn hydrogen gas produced on board the vehicle, freeing it from the need for externally generated sources of hydrogen fuel.

The Genesis gCell Technology
The Genesis HICEF is based on a revolutionary technology recently introduced by the Genesis Project in the form of the Edison Device - a residential and commercial energy generation unit that creates gas and electrical power through the separation of hydrogen and oxygen molecules contained in any source of water. At the core of this technology are the Genesis gCells, which break water down into its basic molecular structure through a series of electro-chemical processes, yielding ultra-pure hydrogen and oxygen gases. The reactant chemistry in the Genesis HICEF Technology is different from that of the Edison Device in that the gCells do not require many of the support processes needed in the Edison technology. The water supplying the gCells can be stored in special tanks that replace the ones currently used for gasoline in conventional fossil-fuel vehicles.

Economic and Environmental Impact
Since the water used by the gCells must be purified, consumers will have the choice of obtaining purified water from conventional fueling stations for an estimated $.20 to $.30 per gallon, or relying on filters in the Genesis HICEF unit that purify the water from sources such as a garden hose. Obtaining already purified water from fueling stations will extend the life of the filters in the HICEF unit, as well as provide a more profitable income source to gas station owners.

Converting diesel engines will require a more involved process than gasoline engines; however the cost will be relatively the same as the conversion to natural gas. The trucking industry and mass transit will benefit greatly from the reduction in fuel costs. Of even greater significance are the potential benefits to our environment: the Genesis HICEF Technology represents the cleanest possible alternative fuel source, producing essentially zero tailpipe emissions.

Readily Available Technology
Manufacturers and aftermarket companies who are interested in the conversion of conventional internal combustion vehicles from fossil fuels or natural gas energy sources may express their interest in utilizing the Genesis HICEF Technology through a form available on the World Energy Management website. This form will be available through June 30, 2003 at :

For further information regarding the Genesis Project, the Edison Device, and World Energy Management, please visit



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"GWE announces new technology for the auto industry" | Login/Create an Account | 155 comments | Search Discussion
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Re: Sounds good but what about performance (Score: 1)
by RedPill on Tuesday, April 22, 2003 @ 16:29:13 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
So they found a way to migrate their technology to the automotive sector which i think everyone was expecting with this announcement. I dont see how they would expect existing gas stations to profit from selling water. plus how many people do they expect to buy water when they could just as easily use the garden hose. OK so the filters will degrade much more quickly but compare the purchasing of water from a "water station" for X amount of years untill the filters degrade and the price of replacing the water filters. I think replacing the filters more often would be cheaper. But there are other factors. how many miles can you travel on 15 gallons of water, what would the new maintenance schedule and expenses be like for an engine running on hydrogen. I would expect a new Q&A session to begin on GWE's website based on this new announcement.

Re: GWE changes wording on Edison device to Kilowatt hours (Score: 1)
by RedPill on Tuesday, April 22, 2003 @ 17:02:18 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
I found this under the Edison device section of the web site

"The Genesis Project has developed two market-ready models of the Edison Device: a residential version and a commercial version. The residential model is capable of producing up to 170 kilowatt hours electricity and a minimum of 30 cubic feet of customer usable hydrogen gas per day (a typical home uses less than 100 kilowatt hours of electricity and 5 cubic feet of gas), and the commercial model can generate up to 720 kilowatt hours of electricity and a minimum of 100 cubic feet of customer usable hydrogen gas per day. For heavier commercial requirements, multiple Edison Devices can be linked together."

Re: GWE announces new technology for the auto industry (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 22, 2003 @ 19:28:20 EDT
This is a scam people.

Re: GWE announces new technology for the auto industry (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, April 23, 2003 @ 00:21:44 EDT

I am here too! And I also feel that your bashing of GWE is ridiculous.

Granted, anything that could truly change the world is usually greeted with anger, rage, and hate. So what you do is not unusual.

Are we totally certain that GWE is totally legit? Nope. But there is also no reason to believe otherwise at this moment.

Yes, some of their website talk is vague. But have we been reading formal papers on the opperation of this device? NOPE! We are simply reading PR probably written by non scientists!

Give GWE a break, for now. Lets see when the first of these devices start to be released.

I don't know how we have came as far as we have with all the debunking and naysaying...

Anonymous and proud of it!

(Being Anonymous does not make you a coward. It is a right.)

GWE is a tad scary! Wanting to take over the world? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, April 23, 2003 @ 13:59:28 EDT
In one way the GWE company and Edison devices is facinating, thrilling, and exciting. In another way, it is scary. I will tell you why:

Because of their politically based statements.

Of course they are free as a private company to have political opinions. But have you read all the qualifications a country must have to utilize their technology? Have you read about how their device will self destruct (well, stop working) if you simply move it out of a certain area? Have you read their list of requirements for any country that wishes to use this device?

In my opinion, this is the only SCARY thing about GWE. It seems that they want to control the world and use their technology as a political tool. Technology should help the world and obviously a wonderful technology that produces cheap energy could make the world a more peaceful place. But you can not use YOUR will to FORCE your political, ethical, or other beliefs on others.

That is the main thing I am worried about. Maybe I am wrong about them, and maybe their requirements are mainly for show. I hope so, because otherwise their technology is indeed scary...

If I had to die and starve to death I would not use their generators unless I could disable the self destruct device (even though I hardly ever leave my small town in the USA) and that every single nation in the world good and bad had access to this technology.

This technology belongs to all humanity and GWE should sell it that way.



Re: GWE announces new technology for the auto industry (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, April 23, 2003 @ 19:55:32 EDT
The NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) are very strict and unilateral, so it's difficult to say much without approval and being subject to severe legal penalties. My source is one of the few persons within GWE that can grant permission person to discuss any matter related to the project. They said I could pass along the following points to ZP Energy readers:

1: Nearly every key role within the group is managed and handled by women. In fact, there are very few men in the group at all. The project organizers feel that played a key role in meeting the project's objectives.

2. The wording on their website is very carefully chosen and is true and accurate. Anything that is placed on the website goes through several stages of construction and approval. As a result, very little that is written by the technology team ever makes it to the web site in anything like its original state. Wording that is vague is intended to be that way for reasons that are important to the project. You will find that the vague statements will be replaced over time with detail.

3. All of the energy devices based on the technology that were planned have already been developed and will be released over time in accordance with GWE's plan. I think it's safe to say that very few energy markets will be left untouched by the technology.

4. Development and preproduction versions of Edison Device have been operating essentially flawlessly for over a year. The team feels that consumers will be very pleased.

5. The team has experienced organized opposition in taking the technology to market, although that was expected and anticipated. Many of those efforts to try and stop the technology from going forward violate a range of civil and criminal laws and some of the perpetrators post false information about the project on this website. The team feels it has made good choices in developing and implementing its strategies and is very pleased with the results. World response has been overwhelming positive.

I hope this helps. I was allowed to share this information by the team in gratitude for the positive and supportive comments that have been made about the project by ZP Energy and its readers. This may be the only time information on the project is permitted to be released outside of the GWE website.


Re: linking Edison devices (Score: 1)
by RedPill on Friday, April 25, 2003 @ 12:11:37 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Can multiple residential edison devices be linked together? GWE website states "For heavier commercial requirements, multiple Edison Devices can be linked together." I dont know if this only means the commercial can be linked. Some of us may require greater output then 7Kw per hour.

FCC approval (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, April 26, 2003 @ 15:42:35 EDT
Has this device been granted FCC approval?
If approval has not been sought when does GWE plan to do so?

Re: Why the lack of media coverage (Score: 1)
by RedPill on Monday, April 28, 2003 @ 13:57:50 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
This question is directed to CK,

Do you have any insight as to why such a revolutoinary device received so little attention. There was some media coverage, and you can find it all over the web but as far as the media giants go, there was no coverage, I thought for sure you would see it on CNN, or bloomberg, FOX News, ect... I would assume that they are sitting back and waiting to see how it develops before they cover it but I just don't get it. I sent some friends over to the GWE website and they all say the same thing. "If its so revolutionary, why haven't I heard of it" assuming that it would be plastered all over the news.

Re: GWE announces new technology for the auto industry (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, April 28, 2003 @ 16:39:53 EDT
I want to thank Rastahal for this very article. It has been one of the best readings about energy ever.
Also a special thanks to chipotle_pickle who has made this discussion to be delicious. I have had a lot of laughs hitherto. It is everyones right to be suspicious when facts is that unclear as in this case.
I am quite suspicious myself, because there is a lot of facts that do not correspond to eachother. There are also failures in technical vocabularies that are of very low art. For instance kW is not energy, and so on.
One can crave a lot more from such a hightech source.
Anyway, keep the fire burning and let this discussion last forever.

Re: GWE announces new technology for the auto industry (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 06, 2003 @ 16:09:46 EDT
I believe GWE's latest annoucement is where the rubber will meet the road, pardon the pun. If what they say they have is concrete, auto makers who profess to welcome the hydrogen economy should be beating down their doors.
GM, Ford and the like have claimed, storage and infrastructure are the problem. This solves both.
All the car manufactures surely want to be the first to market with an automobile that does not rely on gasoline and is environmentally clean.
If what GWE professes is true, we will know soon enough.

So Crystal, it's been a month that you've had the NDAs (Score: 1)
by chipotle_pickle on Saturday, May 31, 2003 @ 14:29:37 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://freehydrogen.blogspot.com
And all the license candidates have gotten is an email letting them know that their NDAs were recieved. And even THAT was only after Vlad posted an article from anonymous complaining about not hearing anything back from you guys. No test results. No video (like Diana promised C Horianopolous). No information on how they can perform their own test. You spend more effort posting here than in working with those guys.


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