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The Strange Case of the Rosemary Ainslie Circuit
Posted on Monday, December 21, 2009 @ 21:39:04 GMT by vlad

Devices By Steve Windisch (jibbguy) / OpEdNews.com

Recently the Overunity and Energetics online forums (the largest virtual meeting places and "home" for many in the Open Source / "Free Energy" communities), and several other similar Internet sites have been featuring and discussing an amazing phenomena popularly known as: "The Rosemary Ainslie Circuit". The name comes from the South African woman who first noted the predicted effects while testing a circuit designed to verify her unique Unifying Theory of Physics. Rosemary had written a new and interesting model for electro-magnetism that she was convinced could be proved empirically by building a circuit that manifested energy efficiencies which defied "conventional" theory... and that is essentially what has happened: The anomalous energy readings that have been recorded with this circuit defy conventional explanation.

The original circuit and recent replications show "excess" energy output: But it is important to note, that this is not what is termed "energy creation"; but energy coming from a previously unknown source in an "open system", not a closed one. Much as a sailboat is powered by the "invisible" wind. Thus these claims cannot be shrugged-off with the old epithet of "perpetual motion nonsense"; which implies "energy created from nothing". One can do a Search online at the Los Alamos National Labs Physics Archives for the phrase "Zero Point Energy", and see literally hundreds of entries for Abstracts and Peer-Reviewed Scientific Papers that discuss the reality of energy coming from unseen sources that do not adhere at all to the Laws of Thermodynamics (first written in the 1860's). It is important to note that despite the lack of general public awareness regarding the above; these concepts are no longer "Fringe Science". ...

Full article: Rosemary Ainslie Circuit



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"The Strange Case of the Rosemary Ainslie Circuit" | Login/Create an Account | 6 comments | Search Discussion
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Re: The Strange Case of the Rosemary Ainslie Circuit (Score: 1)
by Koen on Sunday, December 27, 2009 @ 10:19:43 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://no.nl/tesla
I have seen similar circuits on the internet before.
The background theory of Rosemary Ainslie and that of many others for the explanation of overunity are totally unimportant.

All that counts is:  are the measurements and its interpretation correct and sufficient in order to conclude the circuit shows overunity and anomalous excess energy?
Repetition of the experiment is also important, but if in incorrect interpretation of the data is also copied, then we are still empty handed.

Rosemary's model is not much of a model:  just like Tom Bearden it is a stream of words (word salad)  without any mathematics behind it.  It is not likely we can base science on this 'model'.

But again, many times models don't mean much when exploring nature.
The method of measurement is all important here. And are the readings of the instruments translated in a reliable way into energy/power figures???
Most of the time big mistakes are made while interpreting measured data.

Re: The Strange Case of the Rosemary Ainslie Circuit (Score: 1)
by Patrick524 on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 18:10:25 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)

March 23, 2010
Patrick Sullivan

The key technical issue to understand how power can be generated from the Cosmos, is to be aware that the planet is in high speed (18.5 miles per second) motion, and this motion translates into potential energy.

The question then is: “How do we couple this high-speed motion to drive our motors and heat our coils?”

We know that the electric field has 2 prime components; half spin, (Fermions) and full spin (Bosons). We can also call these our Volts and our Amps.

Understanding how to employ these prime components of the electrical field can provide us with the tools to allow us to couple our machine motors and coils to the high-speed motion of the planet.

By using electronics, we can Separate and filter the heavy particles (Amps) of the electric field and induce them into our machine motor and heater coils. On the high side of the electric field (Volts) we accelerate the light particles to produce a resonant frequency.

Resonance intensifies the mass acceleration in the light side (Volts) of the electric field. This acceleration, if in percents of the speed of light, will cause a time contraction of matter within the electric field.

For instance: 80% the speed of light will cause time to flow at 60% of its original clock rate.

So for this example if 10 microseconds of time pass as the heater and motor coils of our over unity machine sail through space attached to planet earth, our over unity machine will translate this 10 microseconds of time into 10 inches of travel through the time space continuum.

If our heavy full spin heavy particles (Bosons)(Amps) are inserted into our motor or heater coil THEY WILL TRAVEL 10 inches.

On the light side of the electric field, half spin light mass particles (Fermions)(Volts) are filtered with a semiconductor and then with the use of a resonant frequency, accelerated to 80% the speed of light; the electrical field will become separated and the time of the light particles (Volts) will be contracted and show 6 microseconds.

Because of the clock rate difference,(Relativistic time contraction) our time has slowed due to acceleration of the light (Volts) particles, THEY WILL TRAVEL 6 inches.

The 4 inch travel distance difference between the 2 prime components of the electrical field will cause the heavy particles (installed in our machine motor and heater coils) to attempt to become destabilized, yet the static field of the planet will pour energy in to maintain the full spin particles original position within the 4th dimension of the time space continuum.

This energy input is from the motion of the planet and will torque a motor or produce heat in a fixed coil.

The heavy gauge invariant particles (Bosons) due to their full spin characteristics produce gyroscopic effects and standing waves that interleave at the sub atomic level of our machine motor and heater coils.

The standing waves produced by the full spin particles (Bosons) gyroscopic effects also interleave with the standing waves of the planet's inertial fields (Static fields).

This mechanism is what allows us to couple the high-speed motion of the planet to our motor or heater coils.

When a motor or heater coil is receiving energy from the motion of the planet it will demonstrate "Cold electricity." Tesla discovered COLD ELECTRICITY in 1899. Its presence is proof of an over unity reaction.

The electro-static force explains the curious phenomenon of cold electricity. Energy is entering our machine at the motor heater coil level, rather than being pushed into the machine as is the case with the electro-motive force.

"Electron drag" is one term used to describes this, though it is actually the relativistic clock rate variation (Time contraction) of the electron due to acceleration.

The planet's motion provides the power (24/7) that is available in over unity machines and it is the time differences between the 2 sides of the electrical field (Volts and Amps) that drive the coupling mechanism that allows us to extract energy from the motion of the earth.

The Kaluza-Klein theorem explained before 1938 that the extraction point for over unity energy was at the “plane of the dimension;” located between the 4th and 5th dimension.

Another aspect is that there is no friction point involved with tapping this energy source, the motion of the planet.

The clock rate variation of the light (Fermions) that are produced by acceleration and mass absorption, is the final component to understanding how to draw power from the Cosmos, using the motion of the Earth itself.

The heavy particles installed into our motor or heater coil remain in the 4th dimension, and the accelerated light (Time contracted) particles temporarily access the 5th dimension, producing a displacement within the time space continuum.

The static fields of the planet then pour the energy in that will allow the relativistic time shifted electric field (Fermions Volts) to couple the motion of the planet applying torque to the machine motor or heater coils.

These are the basics of "Static field technology."

"The Power of the Cosmos"

Re: The Strange Case of the Rosemary Ainslie Circuit (Score: 1)
by xela26 on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 @ 05:44:19 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
This article about "the Strange case of the rosemary ainslie circuit" is very interesting to read. I manage to read the full article of this blog. thanks for putting this.

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