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Can Zero Point Energy Gain Credibility?
Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 20:24:27 GMT by vlad

General rputman writes: Two of my 4 college majors were math and physics. Nevertheless, I'm primarily just a seriously interested lay person, since I don't work in the fields of physics or math.  For years, I've had some Google News Alert queries that pertain to ZPE. Most of the hits aren't worth much. Today I got a rare hit that I feel is worth passing on for several reasons:
* The article provides a cogent answer to answer to the common question from the public - "But where would this ZPE come from?"
* The article provides names and institutions that seriously-interested ZPE folks could contact.
* The article transforms tech talk into language and concepts that non-scientific people can understand.
* I'm thinking/hoping that some valuable synergy might result...

Here's a link to the article:

I apologize if this article has already been linked on zpenergy. I only visit the site rarely - when I find something that appears to be helpful.

Rich in MN USA - where we could use really cheap, clean energy to melt a LOT of snow.



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Re: Can Zero Point Energy Gain Credibility? (Score: 1)
by vlad on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 @ 21:44:07 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
From KeelyNet.com [www.keelynet.com]: You might want to check out this file on Thrust and Electrical Power by Rectifying Aether/ZPE with Chaos Converters [www.keelynet.com] - This paper and the associated images are intended to illustrate how aether/zpe can be envisioned as energy popping into and out of existence to produce mechanical thrust OR electrical energy as described by Puthoff/Haisch/Rueda as a 'Quantum Vacuum/Foam' and by Henry Moray, Sr. as a 'Sea of Energy'. ".... Many researchers see the vacuum as a central ingredient of 21st- Century physics. Some even believe the vacuum may be harnessed to provide a limitless supply of energy. This report summarizes an attempt to find an experiment that would test the Haisch, Rueda and Puthoff (HRP) conjecture that the mass and inertia of a body are induced effects brought about by changes in the quantum-fluctuation energy of the vacuum.... It was possible to find an experiment that might be able to prove or disprove that the inertial mass of a body can be altered by making changes in the vacuum surrounding the body."

It's just 'there'....and it CAN be used BECAUSE it is a wave, waves can be intercepted and RECTIFIED, Nature does it and one day, in the very near future, we too will learn to utilize this enormous energy source.

Less Than Zero-Point Energy (Score: 1)
by vlad on Tuesday, March 01, 2011 @ 21:26:45 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
Via KeelyNet.com [www.keelynet.com]: The Casimir force can only be measured when the distance between the two plates is extremely small; in the order of several atomic diameters. Since the Los Alamos experiment, other researchers have repeated and refined the experiment, in the hope that they can one day connect gravity with the quantum world.

Scientists say that accomplishing this may finally lead to a theory of everything. But the idea that zero-point energy exists everywhere in the universe has also appealed to others who believe that they can somehow tap this unlimited energy for free.

Something for nothing, or "owt for nowt," is the usual reply when there is talk of free energy; or when you get more energy out of a process than you put in. The constant failure of anyone actually trying to produce such a machine has led to an inevitable and inalienable conclusion.

"Countless inventors have tried to construct a machine which will produce work from nothing – always in vain," wrote the Nobel Prize winning physicist Max Born. "In the end this failure was recognized as a law of nature. Thus the principle of the conservation of energy was formulated; this has remained a fundamental concept of physics to this day, and has proved itself extremely fruitful," Born added.

Nonetheless, researchers such as the late Dr. Eugene Mallove and Bernard Haisch, of Calphysics, have devoted many years trying to find the angle needed to harness and create applications for the "free" energy that permeates throughout the universe (and indeed pushes it ever outward!). This speculative investigation into a hypothetical "zero-point-field inertia resonance" caused much of the brouhaha that has dogged Haisch, as he says that his explanation of inertia in the universe may one-day power spacecraft.

"There exists a background sea of quantum light filling the universe and that light generates a force that opposes acceleration when you push on any material object," explains Haisch. "That is why matter seems to be solid, stable stuff that we, and the world, are made of. So maybe matter resists acceleration not because it possesses some innate thing called mass as Newton proposed and we all believed, but because the zero-point field exerts a force whenever acceleration takes place."

Haisch is something of a hero to basement boffins, inventors and (pseudo)scientists who are used to taking the-road-less-traveled and have recognized in Haisch a kindred spirit. But while Haisch hypothesizes about future spacecraft powered by a mysterious inertia, he is also the first to say that he could be very wrong. "Dr. Paulo and Alexandra Correa in Toronto, Canada, have managed to create a special type of what (Wilhelm) Reich would have called an Orgone Accumulator, but they call it a Hybrid Orgone Accumulator, that sits, around-the-clock, generating power in a small Stirling engine, as though there were a source of 2 watts of thermal energy inside the metal Faraday cage. Now that's vacuum-energy for sure."

Such claims are disputed by mainstream scientists of course, as the effect of vacuum energy that exists everywhere equally – which is why we don't notice it. But Haisch claims that this is irrelevant, and as long as "zero-point energy is real; there is the possibility that it can be tapped as a source of power or be harnessed to generate a propulsive force for space travel." At present it all comes down to whom you believe, but – barring some amazing new discovery – as it stands, the basic tenets of physics seem to have the upper hand.

(The writer falls into the same simple minded trap that infects so many seemingly rational people in claiming free energy and perpetual motion enthusiasts are claiming to produce something from nothing.

No one I know ever claimed anything remotely like 'something from nothing.' We look for new methods for the conversion of energy from one form to another, except that 'we' think the source can be magnets, gravity, inertia, cosmic rays, atmospheric energy, earth energy, coriolis forces, gyroscopic forces, zero point energy, etc. as long ago spelled out in this paper on Something from Nothing Revisited [www.keelynet.com].

And what really PISSES ME OFF is that orthodox scientists have been seeking 'something from nothing', way more energy out than in, wasting many billions of dollars on fusion [keelynet.wordpress.com] where;

"the goal of creating a tiny star by replicating the process that powers the sun and similar celestial bodies. This controlled form of fusion theoretically could tap into the boundless energy that binds the universe together, creating intense heat and driving huge generators that could supply enough power to run the entire world’s electricity grid in perpetuity."

Yet free energy enthusiasts are considered half baked due to our attempts to discover how to tap into zero point and other forces to CONVERT them to useful forms such as electricity, heat, mechanical force, etc..

Perhaps if we had BILLIONS OF DOLLARS spread out over many hundreds or thousands of projects to investigate gravity and free energy, our chances of success would be significantly greater, ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE GREATER, than focusing all that money and effort SOLELY ON ONE METHOD that to date has yielded NO RESULTS. Doesn't it make more sense to hedge our bet with dozens, hundreds or thousands of different approaches than waste all that money on JUST ONE?

One day there will be one or more major breakthroughs by one or a group of maverick inventors [www.vanguardsciences.biz] that will be released all over the internet so that anyone can build a free energy generator and scale it up to whatever power level they need. That is assuming we can ever find a forward thinking, selfless, investor or group of investors with huevos grandes to make it happen.

I have had several investor types say 'Why should I fund this when I can just wait and get it on the cheap when it comes on the market?' Can you believe that? What if other countries (China, Saudis, Japan, Korea, etc..) fund their own maverick research projects and BEAT US TO THE TECHNOLOGY for free energy and gravity control? Will people still be so smug and self-serving then? Basically having sold out their own country because they are too cheap or fearful to use some of their 'disposable' income to fund such projects.

KeelynetFrom 'Return to Tomorrow' - Sargon leads the party to another room where more spheres are found. Only two of them are glowing; the others are dark and cold. Sargon indicates the two active spheres hold the minds of Thalassa, his wife, and Henoch,[1] a former enemy of his. Sargon explains that this is how they stored their minds after the war, and have been lying in wait for someone to find them. Kirk's body becomes too drained, so Sargon returns to the sphere and Kirk pops back into his body. While McCoy is disturbed by the prospect of alien possession, Kirk states that during the brief exchange, he learned what Sargon is and what he wants, and he is not afraid.

In an impassioned speech in the briefing room, Kirk reminds his reluctant officers that "risk is our business" and suggests amazing technological advances which Sargon and his people might be able to provide. Finally voting yes, the team gathers the active spheres and brings them to the Enterprise.

Surely there are some philanthropist(s) or investor(s) out there who 'get this' and why it is so important to help recreate/rebuild jobs, factories and opportunity for Americans, to bring us back and even exceed our past accomplishments when we can reclaim deserts as rich, lush farmland, colonize other planets, produce energy on demand. Maybe my views and lab plans [www.vanguardsciences.biz] are just too extreme for ever finding funding for any of us... - JWD) - Full Article Source [www.scienceagogo.com]


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