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    Andrija Puharich on Nikola Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter, ZPE
    Posted on Saturday, December 09, 2017 @ 17:02:31 GMT by vlad

    Science Andrew Michrowski (P.A.C.E.) writes: Example from Nikola Tesla's successful magnifying transmitter - magnitude of zero-point energy - postulation with Planck's equation

    We submit that the interaction between EMF activities and its derivation have been duly approached by Nikola Tesla with his magnifying transmitter, as is postulated in the attached presentation made to the Rt. Hon. Pierre E. Trudeau in July 1976 by the late Andrija [Henry K.] Puharich, physicist, and M.D., and one of the earliest micro technology experts, accompanied by the Hon. Senator Chesley W. Carter, on behalf of our learned society, while chair of the Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Health, Welfare and Science. Puharich was working on this submission with Nobelist Richard Feynman as well as other high-level physicists working with the United States Government for weeks prior to this executive-level presentation which was reviewed also by the Parliamentary Library researchers.

    Unfortunately, according to evidence presented forthwith, the US Department of State forced the National Research Council of Canada, twice, to deny both Canadian Prime Ministers (Trudeau, and subsequently, Brian Mulroney) furtherance of the development of this planetary-scale modality of not only transmitting - without loss (and hence pollution) but also to harness supplementary power in the process. This venue would have resolved the planetary-scale energy crisis that is still at issue and the collateral climate change factor as early as the 1970's and 1980's.

    The various references to advanced electrodynamics, the 100,000.000 Volt potential barrier, advanced and scalar potentials, to the expressions of Alfred-Marie Liénard and Emil Wiechert, Paul Dirac, Ludwig Valentin Lorentz, Louis de Broglie - as well as Max Planck - are, we feel, helpful in addressing this engineering between electromagnetism and other universal resources.

    Much progress has been achieved in advanced electrodynamics that may help to elucidate, articulate and clarify the postulations of Dr. Puharich, enabling furtherance towards the implementation of clean energy.

    [Vlad] The paper is available in our Downloads/ZPE related section.

    Andrew Michrowski writes: Any thoughts on this view of ZPE?...

    From: goldenuniverse
    Subject: ANTI--THESIS


    Vlad/ZPEnergy writes:

    Andrew, the most eloquent comments on the few attempts of explaining ZPE using QED and general relativity I found in one of Professor's G. Jordan Maclay writtings ("A few general comments on vacuum energy"). Here are some relevant quotes below:

    start quote: Meaning of Zero-Point Fluctuations

    "... If you have a hot body in equilibrium with its surroundings, it is radiating and reabsorbing photons (quantized bundles of electromagnetic radiation) of all wavelengths. The energy of a photon of frequency f is Planck's constant h times the frequency hf . The energy distribution of these photons is given by the Planck blackbody equation. If you imagine cooling the body and surroundings to absolute zero, you would find that a temperature independent electromagnetic field remained. This electromagnetic field, which is always present even if no matter or charged particles are present and the temperature is absolute zero, represents the lowest state of the electromagnetic field. The corresponding fluctuating electromagnetic field is called the zero-point (ZP) field of the electromagnetic field. The presence of this zero-point field is predicted by QED (Quantum Electrodynamics). QED is the most precise physical theory we have; its predictions have been verified to 1 part in 10 billion! The zero-point field is the "ground state" of the electromagnetic field. In this ground state, the equations indicate that no ordinary physical photons are present, yet electromagnetic energy is present. The energy for a given frequency is ½ hf , one half of the usual energy of a photon. Sometimes the zero-point field is described as consisting of "virtual" or very short-lived photons, that appear and disappear before it is possible to detect them. The presence of zero-point fluctuations has been verified experimentally with very accurate measurements of the Lamb Shift, other atomic energy level shifts, the magnetic moment of the electron, and the Casimir force. QED predicts that the number of ZP quanta (½ hf ) of frequency f is proportional to the square of the frequency. This gives an energy density for the vacuum that goes as the cube of the frequency.

    Special relativity requires that any observer going through space cannot tell how fast she is going in an absolute sense. Thus the zero-point fluctuations must look the same, independent of her velocity as she travels through space. Therefore the Doppler shifted frequency spectrum must look the same as the unshifted frequency spectrum. This requirement of special relativity results in an energy density of the zero-point fluctuations identical to that predicted by QED, namely an energy density proportional to the cube of the frequency. Summing over all the frequencies present, gives a total energy density in the vacuum of which is proportional to 1/L^4 where L is the shortest wavelength of the ZP fluctuations allowed. If we take L as zero, then we obtain an infinite energy. Applying quantum principles to general relativity (geometrodynamics) suggests that at lengths shorter than the Planck length (10^-35 m), the nature of space-time fluctuates, and therefore no meaning can be ascribed to a length shorter than the Planck length. Thus we could use the Planck length as a cutoff.

    The energy density of the ZP fluctuations in empty space (according to QED) is about 10^114 joules/cubic meter if we use the Planck length (10^-35 m) as a cut-off.

    General Relativity and Vacuum Energy
    In general relativity, any form of energy has an equivalent mass, given by E = mc^2, and is therefore coupled to gravity. This enormous zero-point energy density is equivalent to a mass density of about 10^92 kg/cc, and would be expected to cause an enormous gravitational field. This large field leads to some major problems with general relativity, such as the collapse of the universe into a region of space that is about 1 Planck length across. Thus we have an inconsistency in two very important and well-verified theories, QED and General Relativity. A brief discussion of this problem is given in the excellent book "Lorentzian Wormholes" (Springer-Verlag, 1996, p. 82) by Matt Visser.

    As a brief aside, it is amusing to compute the equivalent mass for a region of the vacuum about the size of a proton, which is approximately a sphere about 10^-13 cm across, using the enormous energy density formally predicted above. This process yields an equivalent mass of about 10^53 kg. This means the vacuum energy contained within a region of space the size of a proton is equivalent to a mass of about 10^53 kg. A very rough estimate of the number of nucleons in the universe is 10^80. This number is based on the statistical distribution of stars in galaxies and the number of galaxies. Most of the mass of matter is in nucleons, so the mass of the universe is roughly the weight of a proton times 10^80 or about 10^53 kg, which is the same as the mass equivalent of the vacuum energy in a region the size of a proton. Conclusion: A volume the size of a proton in empty space contains about the same amount of vacuum energy as all the matter in the entire universe!!!!!

    This simple-minded computation is interesting when we think about the big bang theories, in which ultra dense matter in a small region of space explodes and develops into all the matter in the known universe. Could it be possible that the vacuum energy in a small region or space underwent a transformation into mass? This simple-minded computation does not include other forms of energy, such as black holes, or gravitational potential energy.

    As mentioned above, the enormous density of the vacuum energy appears to cause severe conceptual problems in general relativity since the energy couples with gravity. We can reduce the zero-point energy by the use of a larger cutoff wavelength. One choice for the short wavelength limit is the Compton wavelength of the proton as suggested by Nobel Laureate physicist Richard Feynman. The energy density is then reduced to about 10^35 joules/cubic-meter corresponding to an equivalent mass density of 10^12 kg/cc. To appreciate the enormity of this number, compare it to the chemical energy of a fuel, 10^15 joules/cubic meter, to the energy density of matter, 10^20 joules/cubic meter, and to the energy density of a nucleus, 10^30 joules/cubic meter.

    This energy density is still very large, but does look better from the viewpoint of general relativity. However, now the bad news. The use of a cut-off is actually in conflict with special relativity, because the value of the cutoff will depend on the velocity of the rest frame of the observer. This would mean that the vacuum energy density would depend on your relative motion, which is a violation of special relativity. So again we have an inconsistency between well verified theories.

    A variety of "solutions" have been proposed to resolve the inconsistencies between general relativity and quantum theory, including the use of a "renormalized" vacuum energy. In this approach, the vacuum energy of empty space is set equal to zero, and only changes in vacuum energy, such as those that occur in Casimir effects, are included in the formulation of general relativity. Other approaches include supersymmetry (SUSY) and the use of extra dimensions (Kaluza-Klein theory), and superstrings. Another approach might lie in a reinterpretation of Mach's principle. In the spirit of Mach’s principle the mass of an object is interpreted as the effective gravitational attraction of the object to all the rest of the matter or energy in the universe. Perhaps the vacuum energy needs to be included in this formulation. Many think that a new theory of quantum gravity is needed to resolve these conflicts.

    At this time there is no consistent interpretation of the zero-point energy density in empty space. … It’s an embarrassment to physicists to have such a conflict between such well verified and accepted theories. In fact it is so painful, that most physicists don’t even want to think about it…"

    end quote.





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    "Andrija Puharich on Nikola Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter, ZPE" | Login/Create an Account | 2 comments | Search Discussion
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    PACE REQUEST for timely SUPPORT (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Saturday, December 09, 2017 @ 17:12:16 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Andrew Michrowski writes: Scientific organization requests assistance for initiatives

    From the Planetary Association for Clean Energy Inc./ La Société planétaire pour l’assainissement de l’énergie, inc – PACE

    PACE request for timely support:

    which can be made out:

    by PayPal, http://zapnuclearwaste.com/zap-nuclear-waste/donate-to-pace/. [zapnuclearwaste.com] by VISA/MasterCard (888) 639-7730 [www.zpenergy.comtel:%28888%29%20639-7730] (toll-free in North America)

    in Canada: by e-transfer to: paceincnet@gmail.com

    or by cheques / money order to: PACE, Inc., 100 Bronson Avenue, Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8, Canada 

    • Research and Public Information Development (RAPID) on ADVANCED and TRANSFORMATIVE CLEAN ENERGY SYSTEMS (therapeutics, life sciences, consciousness, energy, environmental protection and conservation, aeronautical and space sciences (especially advanced propulsion systems), archaeology (recovery of indigenous insights for planetary restorations) .

    • on-site evidence gathering for a class action suit concerning existing and emerging electromagnetic field emissions when they are injurious to society, fauna and flora - to at least 30% of population in developed areas. This case could have worldwide repercussions. View: collectiveactionquebec.org [collectiveactionquebec.org]  
    • prototyping stand-alone electrical energy supply / re-instatement of soil and water resources for sustainable communities, internationally.

    If you wish to obtain details about these humanitarian and scientific developments, please ask us.

    We thank you for your interest and continued support!

    About PACE:

    The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Incorporated was founded in June 1975 in Ottawa, Canada, under the guidance of the Hon. Senator Chesley W. Carter, then Chair-person of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Health, Welfare and Science as well as member of the Senate Special Committee on Science Policy. With the Hon. Carter, a number of scientists undertook to make use of this Association to develop an international interdisciplinary network of advanced scientific thinking individuals and organizations. Together, these were to promote and steward “clean energy systems” for eventual implementation on a planetary-wide scale. 

    Clean energy systems are defined as those which draw on natural supply, which are universal in application, which are inexpensive and which do not cause polluting residue.  

    Already by 1976 such systems were being examined and promoted by the founders of the Association. This initial nucleus of scientists grew. In 1979, the Association became incorporated as a Canadian non-profit corporation. Its Federal Charter foresaw the role of facilitation of the discovery, research, development, demonstration and evaluation of clean energy systems. Another role cited is stewarding the planning, co-ordination and implementation of clean energy systems on planetary, continental, regional, local and individual scales. Experience has enjoined the network to act responsibly by serving as a monitor and an alert system for emerging “unclean” systems not considered by other groups.  

    In 1980, the Association became a Learned Society and hosted its first sessions as such at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Its network currently comprises about 3,500 individuals and institutions in over 60 nations. Its official publication is the Newsletter. Since 1981, books, proceedings, monographs and electronic publications have been released to both general and specialist audiences.  

    In 1986, the Learned Society initiated sustained efforts towards international technological transfer through a Symposium/exhibition in Hull (Gatineau), Québec, followed by a 1989 presentation at the United Nations, where it is recognized as an Associate NGO, since 2004 in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

    In 1990, the University of Ottawa‘s Institute for Research on Environment and Economy has conferred an associative status to the Society.

    Lies! (Score: 1)
    by Kadamose on Monday, December 11, 2017 @ 10:22:18 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    The Michaelson-Morley experiment, conducted in 1887, proved that the Earth was not spinning or moving.    Desperate to undo this revelation, the bankers and their cronies (physicists like Lorentz) came up with a hail mary theory that would, hopefully, divert people's attention away from this discovery.   This hail mary theory would later manifest itself as General Relativity.  

    General Relativity was created for the sole purpose of hiding the fact that we live on a flat plane - and also to hide the fact that this plane is powered by an invisible force known as the Aether.   So, the question that needs to be asked is: why would they want to hide this?   Oh let me count the ways:

    -Without an Aether, there is no free energy, and, at the time, the bankers were desperate to control the entire electrical grid.   By eliminating the Aether from the equation, they made the electrical grid a finite resource, even though it isn't the truth.   In the end, they succeeded - like they always do.

    -Living on a  flat plane proves that, not only was the place created, but you and I, and everything else was too.    This proves that we are not a mistake, and that we are not only significant, but extraordinary.    The name Earth is an anagram for HEART - meaning the center.    The Earth, aka the Heart, is the center of all creation.   By denying the populace this information, the end result is a population of people who feel insignificant and disempowered.   This allows the bankers, the jews, and all the other evil demons who run amok, to control this place with an iron fist.

    -Theories that followed General and Special Relativity, such as the Big Bang theory, are all designed from the ground up to make human existence, as well as all of existence, to be insignificant.   It is interesting to note that the Big Bang theory was created by a Jesuit Priest named Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître.   If that wasn't interesting enough, the heliocentric model was created by another jesuit priest 500 years ago by the name of Nicolaus Copernicus.   Prior to this, the entire world believed that the earth was flat.   Why is this?    Because it was TRUE - the people in ancient times were not liars, and were of a much higher caliber in both intelligence and grace than the people today.

    The heliocentric model only came into being because the entire system, including administration and education, had been subverted by satanic Freemasons.   Kepler, Newton, Galileo, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Voltaire, Thomas Edison, Mozart, Beethoven, Winston Churchhill, Nathan Rothschild,   Henry Ford, Aleister Crowley and many, many more, were all a part of this satanic brotherhood, and it is this group of people who subvert the truth today.

    Relativity, The Big Bang, Quantum Mechanics, Gravity -- all of these concepts are complete bullshit to support THE GREAT LIE.   If you fall for this nonsense, which all of us have at some point, then it is time for you to wake up.    It will be a painful process, but it is a necessary one if you ever want to be free.


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