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    WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals
    Posted on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 @ 02:18:57 GMT by vlad

    Manufacturers This appears to be the latest from GWE/WEM (selection claimed to be from recent correspondence of GWE/WEM with potential licensees):

    “…World Energy Management has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals and has executed confidentiality agreements with prospective Edison Technology licensees…

    Currently, there are three remaining steps involved in the process for potential licensees prior to receiving a license.

    1. You must supplement your proposal with specific information on configurations (models) that you would like to offer your customers. Based on the information you provide, you will be given specific manufacturing and cost information related to each of the models you wish to offer your customers.
    2. You will be provided with specific license agreement language.
    3. You will be permitted to examine and evaluate production representative examples of the specific product model configurations you have elected to offer your customers.

    In an effort to expedite the process of bringing the Edison Technology to market, you will not be asked to travel to GWE facilities to complete the license and evaluation processes more than once…

    The first part of this process requires you to inform GWE concerning the electrical and gas consumption requirements for each model of the Edison Device that would best and completely serve the respective customer base for your nation. This information will enable GWE to develop the most economical and reliable approach to manufacturing the specific models that would best serve your customers, and, additionally, supply you with suggestions for fine tuning specific configuration options.

    In developing this information for GWE, it is important to keep in mind that customers are capable of linking numerous Edison Devices together to meet their individual needs. As such, you may wish to configure each model so that it meets the needs of the majority of customers within the market segments you have elected to support. In selecting potential configurations, a balance should be struck between customers who will use less energy and those who will use moderately more. As an example, the process development device pictured on the GWE website produces 190 Kwh of electricity per 24-hour day and the equivalent of 20 therms of customer usable gas energy per 24-hour day. Scaling a home version of the Edison Device at this level might be “overkill” for many homes and would add unacceptable and needless customer purchase cost.

    All Edison Technology is essentially the same. Licensees will distinguish their product offerings in the market place from other competing manufacturers of the Edison Device by closely matching models to the majority of their customers needs.

    The information GWE needs from you regarding EACH MODEL you wish to offer customers is as follows:

    1. How many kilowatt-hours of electricity will need to be delivered to customers using each model?
    2. How many therms of natural gas will each model need to supply customers per 24-hour day? (GWE will calculate the conversion from natural gas to hydrogen)
    3. What voltage amount must be supplied to your customers?

    Please keep in mind that three single-phase producing Edison Devices typically supply three-phase industrial electricity…

    This supplemental information must be received no later than July 31, 2003 in order for you to qualify for the 2003 licensing year. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions...”

    Is anybody out there that can confirm this? [vlad]



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    WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals

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    "WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals" | Login/Create an Account | 49 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 @ 08:59:24 GMT
    Where did you find this posting? On GWE's site? It looks like it may have come from someone who's preliminary proposal was accepted by GWE. I wonder if the 190 KwH means that the device can maintain a maximum of 190KwH output ad from the sounds of it you can link up multiple devices to double or tripple that output.

    This is exciting but im still remaining cautious. Does this mean that licensees get access to working models yet.

    I wonder if GWE has the facilities in place to start mass producing demo boxes for all the licensees to evaluate it.

    I also cant understand how a group or partnership is this close to providing a free energy device to consumers and receive little to no mainstream media coverage. With all this talk by the US government to become independent of imported oil and the billions of dollars released by the government to make it happen, not a peep or a squeak in the media about the edison device. Even if GWE does not talk to the media, (Their communication policy, Media
    Given the proprietary nature of our business, its security demands, and our desire to remain private, Genesis World Energy and Genesis team members are unavailable for interviews or direct communication) the awareness could still be made by existing information on GWE site as well as these discussion forums.

    This device has been sitting in the neutral zone for to long. I think its time to reveal to the world what side of the fence its really on. Bogus|Legitimate.

    Re: WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 @ 09:05:49 GMT
    I look at it like this. The investors must be ok with how things are going so far at GWE. If they weren't then they could do to GWE what the Tilley investors had done to Mr. Tilley.

    Re: WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals (Score: 1)
    by Technophile on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 @ 12:28:17 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    The most interesting part of this is that the energy output of the device is stated for the first time in meaningful terms.

    Always before when they stated the output, the numbers were nonsensical. For instance, at one point they say that the device puts out hundreds of cubic feet of hydrogen per day, and the average house uses less than 5 cubic feet per day. But the average house actually averages less than 5 therms of gas energy per day with each therm being the equivalent of about 370 cubic feet of hydrogen. When they talked about electrical output they made the nonsensical statement that it put out 30 kW per day. The units just didn't make sense.

    Now they talk of 190 kWh per day and 20 therms of gas from the pictured unit. The units, at least, finally make sense. If true, this is a phenomenal energy output, many times the average residential usage. Note, though, that the captions on the pictures of the device on the website indicate that each of the three cells produces 100 cu ft of hydrogen per day, a total for all three cells of only ~0.81 therms of energy, not 20 therms. So the current numbers are completely different from anything stated previously.

    At least these new numbers make sense, even if they contradict those on the website. If they are also true...wow!

    Re: WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 @ 17:32:02 GMT
    I received same kind of reponse from nehjla shaw. I have read lot of negativity about their secrecy, but I honestly believe this kind of secrecy is needed to deal with the OIL clout (mafia). I am looking forward to visit their place soon.

    Re: WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals (Score: 1)
    by test on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 @ 19:28:29 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Sigh, there is so many dumb people in the world, but I think they can learn to be 'clever' I guess its all to do with your education.

    Re: WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals (Score: 1)
    by ElectroDynaCat on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 @ 20:59:40 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    There's one of two possible outcomes to this development, GWE has either achieved the greatest breakthrough in energy production since the discovery of fire and we scoffers are going to be left in the by the side of the road with most of the laws of physics, Or this is the biggest barefaced and elaborate scam since Ponzi. I can't really make a sound decision, there's a lot of smoke, where's the fire?

    just dragging things out (Score: 1)
    by chipotle_pickle on Thursday, July 10, 2003 @ 16:54:28 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://freehydrogen.blogspot.com
    The original proposals were done back in May. So now at the end of another two months they want the proposals updated. Have they provided the cost information that the licensees would need to know to configure an appropriate product? Looks like just another stall.

    Their proposal questions are still dopey. "How many KWH will need to be delivered using each model?" A person knows how many KW they need, not KWH. How is the licensee trying to write this proposal supposed to know how many KWH are stored in a g-Cell. This is one of those questions that they invented their communications policy not to answer.

    Did this letter go to all the licensee candidates? If not, it could be that someone is trying to figure out which one of them is leaking.

    Was it still unsigned? It was looking to me like the Shaws might have dropped out in March, but it's hard to say, with all their copy unsigned and unattributed.

    Something interesting going on.... (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Friday, July 11, 2003 @ 04:56:50 GMT
    If their technology is for real then they have achieved a BREAK THROUGH that will change the entire world.

    As of right now there is no strong evidence that they are lying, and we need to just wait and see what happens.

    However, if they ARE lying or running some kind of scam (of course there is NO evidence of this) then they are going to really tick off a WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE.

    Also, I don't honestly see how you can CHEMICALLY get THAT MUCH ENERGY from a few ounces of water. SOMETHING else must be taking place.

    I don't know if it is related to hydrogen atoms going below the ground state, some type of cold fusion reaction, or something else. But SOMETHING must be going on!

    Time for Genesis World Energy to answer questions! (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, July 14, 2003 @ 00:31:31 GMT
    Hello Everyone,

    I am facinated with GWE and I think it is time that we work together to ask them some more questions. I think it is time that if they start providing a little more information.

    I don't know if they are a scam or not, and I hope that they are for REAL. Because if they are FOR REAL then a revolution is going to occur next year. Just imagine being able to power your home with just a perhaps a few ounces of water a day!

    GWE has not updated their question and answer section in ages, they have not posted any papers on their technology, and have not even posted any more information about their prototypes.

    Who here is interested in asking GWE some POLITE questions? I am not articulate enough to lead such an effort, but I hope that perhaps zpenergy.com would do so.

    So far, GWE represents the best hope of the alternative energy community. So I think it is important that we find out more information about GWE.

    Who is interested?

    Re: WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, July 14, 2003 @ 20:23:10 GMT
    I have a gut feeling that the company that is developing the fuel cells for this device (not GWE) is using its tie-in with GWE to raise stock prices. As long as people keep submitting proposals to GWE, the fuel cell company can keep telling its investors that something useful is going on...it's all just an elaborate stock market scandal that will soon be exposed.

    On the other hand, I sincerely hope that they are a legitimate company with a revolutionary product. But, it really seems that a lot of staaaaaling is going on, which leads me to believe that this is just an elaborate scheme.

    Re: WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, July 21, 2003 @ 02:44:00 GMT
    If the Edison device is real the skeptics are going to be eating a lot of crow.

    Re: WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Saturday, August 02, 2003 @ 22:43:52 GMT
    My company recently applied to Genesis for licensing rights to their "invention". Some considerable time later we received an e-mail from Darren Shaw, the CEO of Genesis. His choice of wording was strange and aroused suspicion. I have since read all the sceptic posts to various sites and am now convinced it is, at the very least, highly suspicious. The major factor, however, in my decision not to pursue this further, was a visit to the California Power Authority website. CPA have for some time now been calling for alternative sources of power to help substitute their flagging system. In particular, they are calling for "hydrogen fuel cell technology". Among the many respondents, Genesis was not listed. Of the respondent's systems, the best offered only 50% electrical efficiency. If Genesis are indeed legitimate, why did they not tender their "amazing" product to the CPA?
    Kind regards,
    Chris Chapman

    Re: (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Saturday, June 19, 2004 @ 21:54:22 GMT
    Let me clarify that I'm just a regular person currently working a job at a solar company. My favorite subject is alternate energy and propuslion. I love this subject.
    I am currently practicing and putting together an "alternative energy generator" so to speak that others have replicated and I feel that I have some tricks that I can try that noone else has thought of. So I'm just trying to clarify that I'm not associated with the company we are discussing. So everytime I start to read something which gives me the feeling like Gee doubleyou EEE is "really going to do it" I get mixed feelings (I'm pretty sure that people that like this subject want to be the first ones to make a self running device) and I have to have a "moral talk with myself" so to speak.
    I need to remind myself of the bigger picture and whatever social issues I have with it. I just better suck it up because the world is going to be that much easier for everyone if they succeed (your lifestyle will improve by a couple orders of magntitude).
    Listen if they succeed I'll be layed off. But you know, that won't be their fault, not in the least. I need to take responsibilty for my own situation and qualifications.
    But I'm a real person not an object that when moving in a direction resists changes by an outside force. I mean I keep up on all the current tech So I know that we are going to see lot's of technological changes in our lifetimes. So whatever personal issues you have with BASIC CHANGES THAT ARE IMPROVEMENTS WHICH ARE GOING TO OCCUR OVER HOW YOU AND OTHERS ARE GOING TO ACCOPMLISH YOUR DAILY LIVING you need to put them aside as soon as you discover the change that is going to come. Because honestly even though you think that you are comfortable and you sort of have this idea that most other people are comfortable and don't want to change the truth is that people are competitive. And if something works bEtter and cheaper and is available someone is going to use it and then sooneone else and then eventually more and more people are going to use it until it becomes the new reality.
    Everytime a fundamental BREAKTHROUGH occurs it is like increasing our awareness of the environment as a whole.
    Like for example liquid metal (actually 1 word no space). Although it's only been out for a few years now they only have 3 sports items and I think one cell phone hinge that is made from it.
    Go ahead and ask someone right now if they know what liquid metal is, and you know what... they won't know.
    Probably 9,999 out of 10,000 people won't know what it is. But you know what.... it is going to fundamentally change all of your lives. A couple more years and sooner or later there's is going to be some Nascar guy on TV slam into the wall and make a big hole in it and the car will remain virtually unaffected.

    And then some announcer is gonna say, "Unbelievable! The car is undamaged. Were told this is one of the higher strength liquidmetal alloys."
    And that'll be that. The new age of super alloys will become a reality.
    More and more sports records will be broken.
    So this is an inevitability.
    3 guesses (yeah, right, like you need 3 guesses).
    Who do you think jumped all over that crap like flies as soon at IT looked like a real tech that was going to produce real products.

    Back to the company we are talking about.

    Look. You need to remember those times in your life when you started to improve your own life by making a change for the better and there was someone (or someones) there making sure that you do not succeed because they felt that you were endangering their survival.

    Do you understand that? Come on now....Remember those times...look back and remember who it was or the whos that they were.
    Do you remember how dificult it was to make that change for the better. You ever been around short people that were doing this? Bullies in the playground? Gangsters in your neighborhood? Ever suddenly found yourself with some food in your hand inside of a yard full of vicious dogs fighting for food? In a poor neighborhood filled with people that closely resemble your looks but are uneducated and love to compete?
    You know sometimes you get into these situations where you find yourself just trying to hide because all you really want to do is peacefully improve yourself and have some friends to do it with BUT YOUR EVERY MOVE IS BEING WATCHED?
    They drive you nuts.
    Think about it now...Maybe you are starting to realize/remember what is really going on right now with this company/situtation.
    Do you understand? The bullies of the nighborhood are looking for a target. Where is the target? Where is the target? Where is the target? They need to find the target. Where is this guy that's teaching everyone self defense.

    And what do you keep doing Chipotle. Trying to investigate and dig up as much information as you can. Thank you. LEt's go ahead and provide as much information as we can so that these robots that keyword - scour the internet looking for any stray intel they can pick up to help them locate the correct target or atleast close to the correct target will be successful.
    Let's go ahead and bring more and more attention to them so that they continue to represent the most important threat right now when they are probably trying to lay low so as to fall down on the list of priorities.
    All the companies actions thus far seem to me to try to evade and give them no target to shoot at.
    I have no idea how they are going to pull this off given the path they chose. It is not that the invention is so incredible so much that they seem to be taking actions to try and directly put it into the hands of as many people as possible.
    They even came on this website and said right to the point security trumps revelation.
    Maybe I've clued you in to what I feel is really going on and you can go back and reread what they posted on this site.
    Maybe we can sit here and debate that maybe they should have went small and quiet and open instead of big and "straight head on into the fire."But those discussion have already been had many times in the various alternative energy forums.
    Maybe they are constantly having mixed feelings between what they could have done had they gone the other route.
    Let's all remind ourselves of some of the things which are going to happen with a tech like this widely used around the world.
    First off, worlwide the price of ALL CONSUMABLES will gradually fall probably over a period of 10 years. Same goes for commodities. As costs for shipping items and powering plants/companies will decrease which will cascade into lower and lower prices.
    A simple obvious example is aluminum whose principle cost is electricty.
    Probably the only thing which will probably rise in price will be real estate in remote areas since utilities can now be obtained by everyone from water and pure water can be obtained almost everywhere by pulling it right out of the air with machines like the "vapaire" and the "water finder" which obviously has automobile implcations.
    I hate to go SCIFI on you but you have to admit this would indeed open the door wide to the current private space travel sector. Which might lead to commercial asteroid mining and beyond. You know there are a lot of propulsion patents both gyroscopic and otherwise that are not in use simply because they require too much power for the weight. Also I'm sure all those years of work done for the aerocar would welcome changing out combustion for a low weight safe power supply and electric motors and all their years of planning to make a bus type tranpsortation system in the air will become very close to reality. I'm sure the space station would welcome getting rid of all those panels and recycling the hydrogen instead of venting it.
    You know power from water fulfills predictions made many years ago by some wise old men.
    Everything would change bigtime. Even your taxes would be less wasted. Companies would have more to spend on R&D. People that formerly relied on others lack of ability to get around and take a shower and power devices would now be out of work and have to really face their social situation as a productive member of a society now capable of bringing formerly unobtainable visons into reality.
    And so now we are approaching the real issues here.
    Now let's be honest, probably most of the people here are from North America and/or Canada & England.
    How do you feel about China for example suddenly becoming oil independent. Hmmmmm?
    Did you know that if they start modernizing and traveling in planes at the same percentage that the U.S. currently does, there would be virtually no room in the sky. It would be overcrowded.
    They have a lot more people than we do. And honestly I don't speak any of the Chinese dialects. How about India? Lot of people there too.
    Also, extremely low cost portable energy enables a lot of these current third world countries to change into a major supplier of goods and developer of tech.
    You know what I mean.
    The new guy on the block has just as many shiny cars, muscles and girlfriends as you do and he's got freinds....lot's of them and they don't speak your language or believe what you do.
    Can you handle that?
    Honestly I find it hard to accept but know that it is coming eventually and so have to put aside my social issues and look to the future.
    You know some of these guys that are in other countries are not going to fall for some of these "old boys networks" that tries to keep their 9 to 5 by agreeing to outdated Scientific principles/axioms/laws which don't really work or apply in the face of new discoveries.
    I agree sweeping change is uncomfortable, I'm afraid what will happen as there are still a lot of conflicts going on in the world.
    But you know as for the people that wish to suppress the social issues that they have to confront when a breakthrough technology enables the world;
    You'd think someone would realize they are trying to hold up a tidlewave.



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