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    Honoring Tom Bearden
    Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 @ 16:23:47 GMT by vlad

    I just recently learned that, last month, one of the most influential people in the field of exotic energy research, Thomas (Tom) E. Bearden, Lt Col, US Army, Ret., passed away at his home in Huntsville Alabama after a long illness, at the ripe age of 91. Tom was a good and brilliant man and will be greatly missed by everyone who came to know him. God bless his soul. My sincere condolences to his family.

    Even though we never met in person (just corresponded by email), he was one of the people whose thoughts and ideas inspired me to start this site (ZPEnergy) more than two decades ago, to try to inform the general public that there are qualified scientists and inventors doing legitimate work in this marginalised, but so crucial for solving most of the world's problems these days, field of "free energy" research.

    To my surprise, I didn't find much about this tragic event on the net, but, I found a beautifully written eulogy (two parts), "Honoring Tom Bearden" on Jeane Manning's web site I would recommend all of you to read:

    ...and here are just two videos (among many) from YouTube, for those who want to see Tom and learn more about his work and the wonderful legacy he lives to the world:

    Pulling Energy from the Vacuum (Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden)

    Energy From The Vacuum 1/18 - Introduction - Tom Bearden John Bedini

    If you want to let Tom himself explain about him, I'll reproduce below a letter from his website, Cheniere.org, written as a response to a physicist who, like many other uninformed but arrogant "scientists", made derogatory remarks about him to the Secretary of Energy, 20 years ago.

    Rest In Peace dear Tom.

    Subject: FW: Discussion of your comment to the Secretary of Energy
    Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 16:53:07 -0500


    To:  Dr. Gordon ******,  physicist

    Dear Dr. ******:

    I understand you made a personal comment to the Secretary of Energy that I was a "crackpot", perhaps because of my activities in attempting to extract electrical energy from the vacuum.

    In the belief that you are a reasonable person, and since you have never met me and have no idea at all of my experience and professional abilities, I thought perhaps a reasoned discussion might be possible.  You have heard the hearsay for your hasty conclusion; now I am asking you to hear the other side of the story.  I will thus give you some more detailed examples of my experience and performance than would be usual in a casual letter.  This is to give you a deeper insight into the "crackpot", so you can better see the person, the experience, and his ansatz.

    We will attach also the strong rebuttal I successfully made to the referees at Foundations of Physics Letters, answering the charge that the notion of COP>1.0 electrical power systems was "perpetual motion" and such.  The defense was successful and that AIAS paper was then published, as we cite in our reply to the engineering student at Georgia Tech.

    First, I have a BS degree in mathematics, with minor in electronic engineering.  MS in Nuclear Engineering, Ph.D. in Science.  I also had a highly concentrated course (MOS 1181) in the U.S. Army, which the Army considered equivalent to an MS in Aerospace Engineering, and which included radar theory, communications theory, servomechanism theory, rocket propulsion (both liquid and solid), physics, mathematics, several different missile systems, guidance and control theory, etc.  Several other radar courses, postgrad statistics courses, etc.

    Completed several other Army courses, including graduating from Command and General Staff College.  This is essentially the equivalent of an MS in Military Science.

    I served on active duty for more than 20 years, specializing in Air Defense artillery (Nike Ajax, Nike Hercules, Hawk, Patriot, etc. as well as technical intelligence.  I served in Korea (not during hostilities) and in Vietnam (during hostilities), and was the Security, Plans, and Operations (combined G2-G3) staff officer for the Greater Saigon Subzone.  The actual aerial evacuation of Saigon was conducted according to the plans I had my staff prepare in 1972 and personally approved.  I was also there when the regular North Vietnamese Army came across the DMZ in a surprise and heavy invasion in Spring 1972, with tanks, artillery, the works.  I was staff responsible for all military combat planning and operations in a Subzone larger than the greater New York area, with all the vulnerable U.S. facilities such as MACV Headquarters, Naval Forces Headquarters, the U.S. Embassy and related facilities and personnel, etc. in my area of combat protection responsibility.  This was a 24-hour a day position, and I could not be relieved by anyone except the Commanding General himself or the Chief of Staff.  Among other things, I successfully survived several assassination attempts because of my own attempts to break up a Mafia-type operation at Newport Harbor, where half the U.S. goods shipped in there were stolen and much went to the VC.  A VC battalion was in fact stationed just across the bridge over the river, on the main road to USARV.  I was not permitted to do anything about this enemy battalion, right under my nose, during my tour. That was the tariff battalion, which received the stolen goods.  So one of the greatest VC supply depots was in fact Newport Harbor, under my staff jurisdiction, and I nearly lost my life in attempting to stop it.  Put in the same position again, I would again do my best to stop those supplies, being sent directly to the enemy and used to kill our troops and our South Vietnamese allies.

    Hopefully you may recognize that no "crackpot" would ever be appointed to such a staff position by the Army, and if the incumbent did somehow turn out to be a crackpot, he would be summarily and instantly relieved on the spot. In combat, one does not survive by being an idiot.  My military record stands on its own merits, and includes several awards for direct accomplishments such as (for example) solving a longstanding and severe technical problem in the Nike (Ajax and Hercules) missiles that would have caused 2/3 of them to fail if fired in anger, solving a problem in the Hawk missile system that was causing half the units to become nonoperational for an extended period.  My recognition of the cause of the latter problem, and my solution, were used for many years at the U.S. Army Signal School as the textbook example of recognizing and suggesting the fix of a severe technical problem.   I also set up and taught the first ever U.S. Army classes that instructed U.S. Hercules battery commanders and battery officers how to employ and utilize their nuclear warheads, including in and over American cities when defending against hostile nuclear attack.  Here I was teaching -- in the 1960s -- something similar to what faces our present military leadership in case of large WMD attack on a U.S. city or cities. As an example, to decontaminate an anthrax city, obviously a chemical spray will have to be used.  Yet any spray harsh enough to kill the anthrax spores, will also account for the deaths of some of our aged and infirm, sick, etc. citizens.  One has a terrible job when one tells a military commander that he will have to do something, to save a million or more U.S. citizen's lives, that will also directly kill 20,000 citizens.  That was the type of thing one had to deal with in the Nike Hercules, and I assure you the U.S. Army will not have a nutcase teaching such terribly important things with such stringent rules of engagement and control measures.  I received an Army Commendation medal for my solution to the technical problem in those Nike Ajax and Hercules missiles, after I personally briefed the commanding general on the problem and how to solve it.

    In technical intelligence, in the Defense Intelligence Community I first forecast a Russian nuclear capability in their SAMS (DIA did not believe it, but it was found to be true).  I also predicted a highly advanced antimissile nuclear warhead capability that the Russians had developed, that both LANL and LLNL believed to be impossible and against the laws of physics.  This was as a young captain, serving in what today is MISC, but then was the U.S. Army Missile Intelligence Agency.  For the antimissile capability, I lost the battle in my briefing to the commanding general, and the LANL and LLNL view prevailed. Six months later, Picatinny Arsenal tested a nuclear weapon built as the Russian weapons were built rather than like ours were built, in an underground shot, and there was the very effect I predicted and briefed, that was supposedly against the laws of physics.  And this was before I received my MS in nuclear engineering at Georgia Tech. Dr. Carter, Chief Scientist at Redstone Arsenal then, later offered to hire me as a result of that briefing and the proof that it was correct.  He had taken me apart, but like the perfect gentlemen he was, based on the LANL and LLNL positions.  Six months later, his hottest project became the very thing he had so taken me apart on.

    Upon the end of my tour in Viet Nam, I was personally requested by General Fimiani, Project Manager of the then SAM-D (later Patriot) project, under the highest priority (which the project possessed).  Then Lt. Col. Fimiani had known me from my direction of the Hawk Evaluation Team at McGregor Range, when he came through as a Hawk Battalion Commander with his battalion package.  He had personally observed my performance and ability.   Assigned to Patriot, within days of my arrival I personally briefed General Fimiani, then the Project Manager, that an "advanced concepts HE warhead" being promoted by Picatinny Arsenal (to the tune of some millions of Patriot dollars) was in fact nothing but the old obsolete S-band SA-2 warhead, which had already been dramatically upgraded for the C-band SA-2.  Picatinny had tested some of the S-band SA-2 warheads recovered from North Vietnamese firings.  General Fimiani cancelled that warhead project, and so Patriot was developed with at least a modern HE warhead rather than an obsolete one. That action did not win me friends at large, but it did serve the best interests of my country.  I also briefed the General that only one single legitimate vulnerability model had been produced by government support agencies for him, and thus his engineering warhead lethality and probability of kill models (which use of course a target vulnerability model as well as the warhead fragment flyout model itself) were not able to give reliable results.  The only true vulnerability model that had been made was that for the MIG-21.  General Fimiani summoned a meeting of the vulnerability community representatives, and lashed them unmercifully in person, then fired off back channel messages to their respective commanders.  Needless to say, in very short order, we had the necessary vulnerability models (within a year) that had not been produced in 10 years, even though funded off the Patriot (and earlier SAM-D) projects.

    It was only with Herculean efforts that the Patriot project was saved, and that the U.S. Army has any effective main air defense missile today.  In one "set-up", a distinguished wargames director from a DoD agency set up a Patriot Cost and Operational Effectiveness Study for Congress, comparing its performance to manned interceptors, which simply gave every USAF interceptor 3 kills just because it left the runway.  No gaming, no simulation, just a blunt statement.  On the other hand, the Patriot was simulated inaccurately so that it was at a grave disadvantage.  The end result would have been cancellation of the Patriot program prior to any deployment.  I briefed the new Project Manager, General Means, on this coming disaster, and General Means took very strong and immediate action through backchannel messages to the various Commanders of the agencies involved.  I then personally set up and directed a simplified but accurate simulation effort and methodology, and we delivered a completely separate COEA to Congress.  In this one we laid out all the issues fairly and clearly, and in a very understandable manner.  Raytheon furnished the extensive simulation efforts necessary to provide the full-bore simulation data.  IDA commented very favorably on the new methodology used in this COEA.  As a result, the Patriot was not cancelled, and the system survived.  Just now, as you are aware, there may be coming hostilities in the MidEast, and the newest version of Patriot, the PAC-3, has been readied in great haste as our field army has no other antimissile defense to speak of.

    I point out to you that, in the former Gulf War, had the Patriot not been available and in Israel to fire (not too effectively, but some, since that version was not an anti-missile version) at the incoming Scuds, Israel would have entered the war and that war would have taken a very different turn; as an example, a full-bore Arab-Israeli war would have denied us our Saudi bases, and with no bases, the magnificent performance of our forces could not have been sustained.  Instead of a magnificent armored sweep, we would have had heavy going, gotten bogged down by absence of bases, and had a more "normal" war with huge U.S. casualties.

    As MICOM Liaison Officer to CARDE, Camp Valcartier Canada, I was responsible for liaison for ARPA and MICOM on the then largest light gas gun test range in the Western World.  I also solved several major problems of long standing there, and assisted the Canadians in solving others.  That range and its Joint U.S./'Canada project produced much of the technical data and analysis for the design of successful re-entry vehicles in our space program.  I also provided Liaison on the joint U.S./Canada Meterological Data Sounding Rocket program, which was a successful.  There we straightened out some real problems in the previous lack of coordination between the Canadians doing the technical development and the U.S. agencies doing the overseeing. During that tour, I also acquired a French language capability, required for the position.

    I retired in 1975, and worked until 1993 in aerospace, for several aerospace companies.  This included two years in anti-radiation missile countermeasures simulation and analysis, being performed for the U.S. Army, several years directing SHORAD simulation and analysis, and a threat study drafted for Saudi Arabia just prior to the Gulf War, as well as a prompt "Lessons Learned" personal study (in my personal off time) delivered by my company shortly after the war.  This latter was placed in the Saudi's War College and became mandatory training for Senior Saudi Officers.  The former study (Threat to Saudi Arabia) became the formal threat recognized and accepted by the Saudi government.  I personally performed the Electronic Warfare portion of that study, and much of our draft study already delivered was validated by the Gulf War when it occurred right in the middle.  I received a substantial bonus from my company for the "Lessons Learned" study, as it caused a sensation in Saudi Arabia and helped save a $170 million company contract.

    For many years I worked long hours in my personal life on advanced concept weapons the Russians secretly had developed and were developing.   We first predicted them, then gathered supporting data from the open literature, showing the development of longitudinal EM wave interferometer weapons, now substantiated.  Today we can give a fairly thorough briefing on the subject, well-founded in physics and in higher symmetry electrodynamics.  I first called these "scalar" weapons, and today there exists a technical paper in the open literature, using O(3) electrodynamics, proving the fact that such scalar interferometry produces normal EM transverse waves and fields and field energy in the distant interference zone, just as I stated even though severely chastised for so stating.  We were the very first in the U.S., it appears, to point out the still-neglected longitudinal EM wave "interior EM dynamics" inside every ordinary EM wave, field, and potential, and comprising it, based on two papers by E.T. Whittaker in 1903 and 1904. Engineering the internal LW EM dynamics engineers not only electrodynamics as ordinarily known, but also general relativity.  Thus it involves the direct engineering of a unified field theory, but with specialized electromagnetic methods.  Superluminal movement of waves, e.g., comes out of it, much as shown by Rodrigues and Lu in their paper dealing with superluminal solutions to Maxwell's equations (formerly carried on the LANL website and published in the open literature, along with several others on undistorted progressive waves).  The 1904 paper initiated what is called superpotential theory, but the 1903 paper on the internal, infolded electrodynamics has continued to be neglected.  Later, working with Fogal, the inventor (two patents, others in progress) of the Fogal semiconductor, there finally came available the electronic means of utilizing the infolded EM longitudinal wave electrodynamics.  Fogal's work is now funded by several very large communications companies here and abroad, and his semiconductors will be on the market before very long, being produced by a major semiconductor manufacturer.  Fogal has demonstrated the transmission of, e.g., video pictures and programs through the interior of a purely DC potential, at a substantial distance.  There are other marvelous capabilities that spring from use of the Fogal semiconductor, and I personally have the rights for its use, worldwide, in energy systems.  Once available, it will make the design and use of COP>1.0 electrical power systems rather straightforward.  I accent that major well-known companies of the world are now financing Fogal, and will be placing the chip into communications systems in the near future.   This is a proven product, already headed into production and use, and I doubt that the DoE is even aware of it.

    I have participated in the past in development of an uncurled A-potential transmission system (by Golden), and by a demonstration of local (20 feet) superluminal communication (Golden).  Fogal has in fact demonstrated superluminal communication via the "internal, infolded LW electrodynamics", to a large company.  I am under nondisclosure agreement on that set of experiments, and cannot discuss or include details.  This capability will in fact be seen worldwide, when the Fogal semiconductors are in production and being used in equipment.  That is imminent.

    Since mass is mostly empty space, and similar to a solar system, with a particle here and there, and with the intervening space filled with waves, fields, and potentials, then "mass" is actually a vast superhighway for the passage of longitudinal EM waves, including from LWIs.  As an example, the U.S.S. Thresher was killed underwater off the East Coast of the U.S., in April 1963, by such an LWI.  The mechanism was simple; the LWI beams simply reached through the intervening mass of the ocean and earth and set the interference zone around the hapless sub.  It was an extensive IZ, in those early days, and not localized to the 3 inches they can do now.  In that zone, ordinary EM energy (scattering) was emerging from the local  spacetime itself.  Hence inside all the sub's electrical and electronic systems, there was "strong noise jamming" emerging directly in there, so the sub could not be controlled.  It then sank to crush depth and imploded.

    We published that openly, in several publications.   The U.S.S. Skylark, surface companion of the Thresher, was in the "splatter zone" surrounding the near-field IZ (where there is "partial IZ or was in those early days), and thus received excessive jamming of its own electronic systems -- so badly, that it required over an hour for the ship to send its emergency message back to headquarters that the Thresher was in trouble.

    The next day, while many ships were now off the U.S. coast and searching for the Thresher, Khrushchev placed a deep underwater EM burst (simply an LWI operated in the "peak power pulse" mode) deep under the ocean's surface, 100 miles north of Puerto Rico.  The surface of the ocean boiled, then a cone of water rose up about a mile high, turning into a cauliflower shape and falling back into the ocean.  A passing U.S. jetliner crew observed that phenomenon, and reported it to the Coast Guard and to the FBI upon landing in Florida.  My information came from a colleague who personally interviewed the copilot on that aircraft and on that flight, who himself had personally seen the phenomenon.

    We identified the type of weapon (LWI)  that killed the Arrow DC-8 on Dec. 12, 1985 at Gander, Newfoundland.   The instruments on the aircraft actually recorded the strike of the ball of EM energy (EM missile) formed by the distant interferometer in Russia, which is what struck the aircraft on the right fuselage ahead of the wings.  An eyewitness, Judy Parsons, actually observed the strike, but her testimony was not given to the Canadian board investigating the affair, because certain folks in the U.S. deeply involved in the Iran-Contra scandal, feared it was an Arab terrorist strike, and so a full-bore investigation might have smoked out Iran-Contra (which of course later did come out).  The site was bulldozed over far too quickly, by strong pressure from the U.S.  (a general officer arrived on the scene, to see that it was done).  The first thing that had happened to the aircraft was that the combustion in the jet engines were cooled.  This capability was already well-known to me and it had been tested by the Russians earlier that year against the engines of an airliner enroute from the East to San Francisco, and still off Los Angeles.  The engines of that plane flamed out, one by one, and the aircraft fell thousands of feet before finally getting the engines started again.  Here the Russians were just testing, to stimulate the system and see if the U.S. knew of the weapons.   They did not.  As the DC-8 at Gander went down the runway for lift-off, the cooling of the combustion began.  The thrust of the jet engines thus became below normal, so that the thrust per weight ratio also was reduced.  Simply increasing the weight of the airplane by icing will do it also, but so will leaving the plane clean and reducing the thrust.  Our investigators have no knowledge of LWIs, hence no knowledge of combustion cooling of jet engines at a distance (and many other tricks).  The pilot at liftoff realized something was amiss because he did not have the normal lift.  He started a turn to the right, whereupon the second hit -- that of the EM missile -- was made.   That fiery ball of energy melted right through the fuselage (the hole was checked, and there are no combustion products there, as there would be from an ordinary missile, etc.).  The EM missile explosively ignited the plastics in the seats and carpets in the forward part of the airplane, and those plastics explosively outgassed -- one product being cyanide gas.  A few breaths, and the passengers in the forward cabin were dying of cyanide poisoning.  The autopsies on the bodies later showed that about half the people on board did in fact die of cyanide poisoning before the plane crashed and exploded; they were already dead.  The autopsy results were also deliberately withheld from the Canadian Investigation board.

    I published a picture -- a real, honest-to-God photo -- of the EM missile strike of that very same weapon that killed the Arrow DC-8, but two weeks earlier in practice offset tests using U.S. shuttle launches from Cape Canaveral as convenient "practice target ICBM launches" for testing in the "launch phase antimissile system" mode.  Also, I identified the standard artillery technique used for fire control; shift from a known registration point.   There is some "deviation" in the LW beams of an LWI in going through the "superhighway" inside the earth and ocean's masses, and so the analog of "meteorological corrections" to the artillery firing of LWI EM missiles must be applied.  The "shift from a known registration point" is one convenient and proven means for such "mett corrections" in standard artillery practice.   The "registration point" for that test at Cape Canaveral in latter Nov. 1985 was a little ball of light high above the launch area, and I published a picture of that one also (it was seen by hundreds of persons, and it was also published in a Florida newspaper). That EM missile practice strike itself was deliberately kept out of the visible spectrum itself, occurring in the IR and UV so that humans would not visually see it.  Film, however, will capture further into IR and UV than the human eye sees, so it was captured on film.

    This is just two weapons incidents out of more than a hundred I identified over the years.  All of which I properly reported, then published.  No one at the time believed it in officialdom.  Today, it is certified and known. As an example, this appears to be the exact weapons (these LWIs) that Secretary of Defense Cohen confirmed openly at a conference in Georgia in 1997.  Quoting:  "Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."  Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn.  Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.

    We were writing (albeit crudely at first) about such weapons in 1979.  We also explained the so-called "microwave radiation" of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, which was for nearly a half century, and was responsible for the deaths of three U.S. ambassadors, plus many people developing diseases and health conditions.  My long years of work on deciphering the Kaznacheyev mechanism for EM induction of cellular changes and diseases in cell cultures, and also in deciphering how the Priore team in France (working with eminent French scientists) were able to produce revolutionary cures for cancer, infectious diseases, suppressed immune systems, and clogging of the arteries in laboratory animals.   The results are rigorously documented in the hard French scientific literature, and in one doctoral thesis granted by the University of Bordeaux.  After 14 years work on the problem, we did solve it and have published the gist of the solution.  In 1998 I sent a 200+ page document to the NIH, USAF, DoD, and others recommending a crash national effort to develop a portable, suitcase-sized treatment unit for emergency treatment of mass casualties resulting from the coming WMD weapon strikes upon our cities and population centers.  Sadly, no one even read the French references cited to prove the results that could be achieved.  But we tried.  We are still trying, but through civilian channels and an attempt to raise private funding to get on with it.  If a full-bore Arab-Israeli war erupts there in the MidEast from the present deteriorated situation, then we as a nation are very likely to get those dreaded WMD strikes upon our cities and large populations.  There are even large Russian nuclear weapons already brought into the U.S. and in the hands of Spetznaz teams; read Lunev's book, with the data released by the CIA, and he tells us how the Russians spirited in the nukes, very easily.

    So the first phase of WW III -- delivering the weapons of mass destruction to their targets -- has already been accomplished, by the Russians and several other nations hostile to the U.S.   The world is actually time bomb, ticking away.  And this is largely the official, recognized threat I am citing!  The threat of massive WMD attacks in our cities and population centers is indeed the officially recognized strategic threat to the United States.   If a full Mid-East Arab-Israeli war erupts, then the probability of such attacks in our cities becomes menacing and perhaps even imminent. The terrorist teams and the weapons are already on site, waiting for the order to attack.

    We have also furnished information (whether believed or not) on other terrible doomsday weapons developed by the Russians (always under KGB stringent control and operation, never in the normal armed forces), and some by China.  The dominant weapons on earth today are the quantum potential weapons developed by Russia, Brazil, and one other small but friendly nation.  Unfortunately, China either now has the QP weapons, or is very near deployment.  China has, e.g., recently deployed a most formidable weapon indeed, that would nullify our plans to send a Naval Task Force to the rescue or defense of Taiwan, in case of pending Chinese attack.  That weapon is a variant on the old "pulsed positive energy" weapon, and is easily explained.  So they deployed a second major kind of EMP weapon, where the pulse is negative EM energy in spacetime rather than positive EM energy in spacetime.  The negative energy pulse curves the local spacetime, so that electrons are emptied out of the Dirac Sea and Dirac Sea holes are created violently in the pulsed or interference zone.  The Russians tested a small version of such a weapon in the Afghan war, against the villagers of two Afghan villages.  The struck bodies instantly lost all their flowing Drude electrons, so all electron currents were instantly extinguished.  This is total and instant death for every cell, every part of it, every bacterium, every virus, etc.  The bodies fell like limp rags, and lay where they fell with never a single twitch.  Of course not!

    Recently a U.S. Navy 2-carrier group maneuvered and demonstrated in the South China Sea, as a show of force demonstrating our intention of supporting Taiwan against any Chinese attack.  Unknown to that task force, EMP(2) weapons were already deployed there by the Chinese.  What would happen to an aircraft carrier struck by such a weapon?

    All the personnel would be instantly and totally dead.  In the ship and its complement of equipment and systems, all electrical currents in electrical and electronic systems would be extinguished instantly, as the electrons fell into the Dirac holes and annihilated.  So all electrical and electronic systems would be instantly dudded, totally.  With a very few shots, the entire Naval Task Force would be floating dead in the water, never knowing what hit them.  That capability exists in the hands of the Chinese now, and it is already one of those things deployed against Taiwan and South China Sea naval forces threatening or impeding the Chinese.

    Of course Dirac sea holes can be used, if we but put our minds to it.  Even the staid Nature has reported the marvelous results of using Dirac holes (positrons) in a microscope.  See Philip Ball, "The positron probe," Nature, news feature, Vol. 412, 23 Aug. 2001, p. 764.

    So we confirmed "electron dissolution", longitudinal EM wave interferometer weapons, etc.  I wrote of these and briefed various government groups on these, long before anyone would believe it.  Many still do not know of such weapons, and still do not believe it.  The weapons are there.  They are confirmed.  So the "crackpot" -- who simply did his job using the conventional "gather and interpret the indicators" method of standard intelligence -- has been largely proven right.  On the weather engineering. On the volcano eruption stimulation.  Etc.

    What is not well-known at present is that a rogue Japanese group, consisting of the Yakuza and the Aum Shinrikyo, leased the earlier LWI weapons from the KGB, on site in Russia, right at the end of 1989, when the Russians had just deployed their quantum potential weapons.  The leasing is easily confirmed; my information came from a person physically present at the meeting in Russia where the lease was consummated.  The Aum Shinrikyo set up a university in Moscow where the KGB engineers could teach them the technical aspects of LWI weapons.  The down payment on the lease was $900 million in gold bullion.  Sen. Nunn's committee confirmed that the Aum Shinrikyo alone had a billion dollars in gold bullion, and the Yakuza had ripped off the Japanese consumer to the tune of several hundred billion dollars, in fact causing the decline of the Japanese economy.

    So the "fingers on the triggers" of the LWIs, since early 1990, have been rogue Japanese.  It is not that difficult to get information from Japan, but one would be a fool to "go it alone" without proper backup.  Japanese groups have indeed approached me with much information, but I declined meetings face to face, etc., with no protection and no backup.  We had one run-in with the Yakuza here in Huntsville, Alabama (multiple witnesses, all reliable Ph.D.s and aerospace engineers) and I do not wish for more.

    To decipher what the Russians had done in weaponry, it very early became apparent that they were not using ordinary U(1) electromagnetics, because that standard model prohibits the very things that were occurring.  All that says is that they are using a higher symmetry electrodynamics, in which a great many more things can be done that exist in U(1) EM, and particularly which exist in ordinary electrical engineering, which has a 136-year old archaic foundation and is riddled with known errors.  Who says so?  Nobelist Feynman said so, John Wheeler says so, etc.  Many other formidable electrodynamicists and physicists have pointed this out.   It is not difficult to show a great number of these errors, and many have already been pointed out in the literature but ignored.   So over the years, by looking beyond U(1) electrodynamics, I slowly learned enough about higher symmetry electrodynamics to recognize the mechanisms involved in such things as these weapons and also the Priore and Kaznacheyev work.  My work was obviously crude at first, and was improved as I learned more.  Today it will stand on its own merit, for the necessary higher symmetry EM is there in the literature and waiting to be uncovered and used.

    One thing impressed me very much: The standard practice in the U.S. intelligence and R&D community of using U(1) electrodynamics and B.S. level electrical engineers, radar engineers, etc. will never reveal what the Russians, Chinese, and several other nations are doing in their advanced weapons programs using the higher electrodynamics and some of the finest nonlinear scientists in the world.  In fact, as has been shown in the last three years by the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study (of which I am a fellow emeritus), Myron Evans (600 papers in the hard refereed literature) and other advanced EM theorists have shown that what comes out of it is a unified field theory, closely allied to Sachs's well-documented unified field theory, that applies from the quarks and gluons all across physics and to the entire universe.  Further, in some things where it has been tested, Sachs' theory predicts results much more accurately than the standard model being used.

    I will tell you that, on three occasions since January 1997, this nation has been within days of full strategic assault by the KGB and others (including the rogue Japanese manning the LWIs in Russia).  These were scheduled attacks, and the first one would have been in February 1997.  For that one, we desperately notified (with some difficulty) the "friendly little nation" that has QP weapons, and it forced an abortion of the attack.  The attack was immediately rescheduled for May 1, 1997 (May Day that year would have been a really big KGB celebration!).  We finally figured out (in desperation again) why and how the little nation's counter had been countered, and with all other means failing, we simply faxed the Prime Minister of that nation directly, warning him of the changes in the attack, what would be used to counter the QP weapons and how, and to change his command and control system from a "sane" (look, see, decide, issue the fire order) mode to the "insane" mode (every two hours, the computer automatically issues the launch order and launch sequence begins for the QP weapons.  If anyone is left alive on site, at one point in the sequence the codes are entered and the weapons stood down and reset again, to wait for the next two hour launch sequence.). That change was made, fortunately, and the Russians were notified by the Little Nation of the change.  So that Russian "energetics" (their term) strategic weapons strike was aborted two days before the actual strike would have occurred, destroying the U.S. in about 2 hours.  Those Russian forces were standing down, just about the time that Secretary of Defense Cohen was making his statement in latter April 1997 confirming the earlier type weapons, in that conference in Georgia.

    A pre-emptive strike was made by the friendly little nation on the facilities in Russia that were later preparing the third scheduled attack. I do not know the exact date, but had again warned the little nation of that pending attack and its nature, what it consisted of, etc.

    In all these actions, I also notified our own officials and U.S. Intelligence of what I was doing.  If it takes it to save my country, I will contact the devil himself to get a checkmate or abortion of an impending strategic attack against which we are helpless.

    I did so, once again, for the fourth attack.  That one was so bizarre and eerie, that none of our scientists would believe it, although again I notified our own proper authorities.  There was indeed a rather large and completely undetected strategic battle, and the little nation won easily, as it turned out.  They even sent me a carefully worded "Thank you!  We had missed that one!" message.  In all these actions I took, I am quite certain the NSA intercepted my open message to the Prime Minister, and my open messages to the National Embassy of that nation here in America.  Again, one does what he has to do to try to help save his country, and that is precisely what I did.  I will do it again if the occasion arises, since we ourselves do not have the necessary QP weapons required for real deterrence.

    Meanwhile, I have suffered a heart attack, and am slowly recovering over the next several months, still suffering from some hypoxia.  My work on the COP>1.0 electrical power systems is successful, and I have personally worked upon four such units that actually produced COP>1.0.  The Sweet vacuum triode amplifier (which I named and also explained its operational mechanism) produced a COP = 1,500,000.  Highly experienced test engineers, independently, tested it, such as Walter Rosenthal, a professional aerospace test engineer of many years experience.  Walter also observed and tested the closed-loop, self-powering Sweet VTA version built by Sweet, which I never personally saw or worked on.  The Sweet unit could also perform antigravity, and a highly successful test in that mode was conducted by Sweet.  The results are reported in Floyd Sweet and T. E. Bearden, "Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics to Tap Vacuum Energy," Proceedings of the 26th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC '91), Boston, Massachusetts, 1991, p. 370-375.  The weight of the open-loop unit was steadily reduced by 90% on the bench, and the actual measurements of the experiment are reported in the paper.  I no longer work on antigravity, but focus on energy and medical applications of higher symmetry electromagnetics.  Also, since we still do not have effective U.S. defenses against KGB/Russian energetics weapons, I continue to observe the situation for any major new developments, as best I can.  Almost always, the evidence appears in the open literature, if one has the proper "higher symmetry electromagnetic system" filter to recognize what it is.

    That is a sort of quick overview of my background and experience.  My long years of successful and decorated service with the Army speaks for themselves, as do my years of work in aerospace.  I solved many real problems in both areas, during my tenure in each.  They are a matter of record, and readily substantiated.

    As far as my work on permissible COP>1.0 electrical power systems is concerned, I attach two documents: (1) a response I gave to an electrical engineering student at my old alma mater, Georgia Tech, and (2) a rebuttal I gave to the charge of perpetual motion nonsense, in the defense of a second paper on the motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) which is a successful overunity laboratory experiment we are developing for commercialization, in partnership with the National Materials Laboratory of the National Academy of Sciences of a friendly foreign nation.  There we were pleasantly surprised to find that higher symmetry electrodynamics and the flaws in the Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz theory are well-known and recognized, and that in fact the higher symmetry EM is already being taught in their universities.  Our joint effort company in that nation will develop the system for commercialization, with the first  2 KW or so unit to go on the market a year from now.  Scale-up thereafter will be very quick.  We have also solved the problem of close-looping and stabilizing a COP>1.0 system, together with a close colleague of long standing, and we have released that to our colleagues overseas as well.  We will have a robust demonstrator in the U.S. when and if we obtain separate funding to do it. We are not really interested in "debating" overunity, since every charge and dipole in the universe is already a legitimate and validated COP>1.0 EM system.  But most of our advanced experimental work is now underway in that very prestigious and capable foreign laboratory of international recognition, as legally released by the U.S. Commerce Department.  In our view, the ansatz of the scientific and electrical and energy community in the U.S. is still too outdated to permit and support real "out-of-the-box" research and development in the electrical energy field.  Hence to get it done, it must be done overseas.

    Every electrical power system that is presently built, and ever has built, was and is powered by electrical energy extracted directly from the vacuum by the source dipole in the generator, once the charges are forced apart and that dipole made.  Generators do not power their external circuits by transducing their input mechanical shaft energy.  Instead, they expend their internal energy to force those charges apart and establish the dipole between the terminals of the generator.  If we believe particle physics and the conservation of energy law, then that dipole extracts usable EM energy from its continuous absorption of virtual photon energy, transduces it, and pours it out of the terminals and along the conductors of the external circuit, filling all space around those conductors.  The flow of EM energy in a circuit is a transmission and reception problem, having nothing to do with j(phi).  The broken symmetry of the opposite charges of the dipole, has been proven for over 40 years in particle physics, with the award in 1957 of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang for the discovery of broken symmetry.  The very definition of broken symmetry with the vacuum flux, means that the dipole-- which continuously absorbs virtual photon energy from the vacuum -- integrates some of this absorbed energy into observable EM energy and outputs that observable EM energy in 3-space in all directions.

    In U(1) electrodynamics and particularly electrical engineering, the vacuum is assumed inert and the local spacetime is assumed to be flat.  In effect, this arbitrary assumption discards the "active environment" in which every charge and dipole -- and hence every electrical power system -- operates. Isn't that nice!  That puts the system in firm but assumed equilibrium with its active external environment -- which consists of that active local vacuum and that active locally curved spacetime.  As everyone knows, any system in equilibrium with its active environment cannot exceed COP = 1.0, for a perfect loss-free system, a priori.  On the other hand, anyone worth his salt also knows that a system is disequilibrium with its active environment (such as a windmill in a wind) is permitted to do five "magic" functions.  Such a system can: (1) self-order, (2) self-oscillate or self-rotate, (3) output more energy than the operator inputs (the excess is freely input from the active environment), (4) power itself and its load (all the energy is freely received from the environment, like that windmill in the wind), and (5) exhibit negentropy.

    Please read my rebuttal paper sent to Foundations of Physics Letters to answer all charges against the permissibility of COP>1.0 systems.  Also my reply to the engineering student, pointing out what electrical engineering is and is not, and does and does not do.

    I will have a book, Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles, published by World Scientific in 2002.  That will reveal all that anyone needs to know, to set about directly developing COP>1.0 systems, including how to close-loop one for self-powering.  If the U.S. Department of Energy will not fund and perform such research, then we have to insure that it gets done elsewhere and by many companies and groups worldwide.   That we have already insured; it is now just a  matter of time until these "impossible" COP>1.0 systems are on the market -- precisely similar to the treatment given to Ovshinsky's amorphous semiconductors by this same U.S. scientific community, which also loudly called Ovshinsky a "crackpot" and charlatan, and slandered and libeled him unmercifully.  The Japanese funded his work, and one day the U.S. scientific community awoke to find several thousand amorphous semiconductors working very well in copier machines.  Since then, their use has grown, and of course once Ovshinsky proved it,  the community had to accept it.  But no one ever apologized to Ovshinsky for their slandering and libeling him so widely and resoundingly.  Any historian of science can give you dozens of cases where exactly the same treatment was dished out to out-of-the-box discoveries.  This is the normal knee-jerk reaction of science, unfortunately.   The not-too-long-ago development of the ultrawideband radar, e.g., was more of the same, and pioneers like Harmuth and Barrett were savaged, hounded including out of a job, slandered, libeled, etc.  All the critics were wrong, wrong, wrong.  Today, of course, many of those same arch critics consider themselves to be UWB experts first class.

    Anyway, that is a sort of overview of my background and experience.  As for my personal data, I'm married (happily, for 37 years), going on 71, have four grown children, and I live at 2311 Big Cove Road, Huntsville, Alabama 35801-1351.  I will be happy to answer any questions you have, and since you seem to have accused me of being a nutcase, I would appreciate the Secretary at least hearing the other side of the story, and not just be convicted by hearsay in one casual remark.  I cannot travel yet, because of my health, but am certainly willing to meet you in person, and you can see with your own eyes whether I'm a crackpot or a scientist trying to do a very tough and difficult job.  If you wish a real briefing on the Russian advanced energetics weapons, come and spend a couple of days with me, after giving me time to ready my viewgraphs, and I will lay it out for you...

    Source: https://cheniere.org/correspondence/090201.htm



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