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    Tilley bike missing from page? & Status of car/building power system?
    Posted on Sunday, March 21, 2004 @ 19:01:41 GMT by vlad

    Testimonials This reply from Jerry Decker to Carl Tilley was posted on the KeelyNet list, Mar 21. I share Jerry's frustration and I'm sure there are many others like us. We have to be very tolerant/open minded in our reporting on the new-energy FE/OU research, since mainstream media and scientists are totally ignoring it. We also know that, unfortunately, some of the latest scams have become very sophisticated and bold.

    I personally get excited when I hear about a device whose prototype is already in the commercialization stage (no more research needed, less chance for being a fluke or being suppressed).

    When press conferences (where even utilities are invited) and public demos are offered as well as third party reputable lab tests claimed to be available to serious businesses, I use the logic of an honest man and ask myself: who would go to such an extent (and risk) with a scam and how can they make money and get away with it? Well, we all have a lot to learn! What I continue to believe is that we shall witness some day (soon I hope) the kind of real breakthrough in energy generation we all hope for, and everybody (skeptics, scientist, media) will embrace it as if they never said "it is impossible". [Vlad]

    Hola Carl et al!

    Carl Tilley wrote:
    > Hi Jerry,
    > The company that is producing the bike is in control of this now. They wish
    > to produce their own publicity and test results. As part of the agreement
    > we removed all news on our web site concerning the bike.
    > They have decided not to use the E-Bike and build their own design. That
    > bike we used was a production type off the shelf with our modifications and
    > not the best suited in design to fit our applications. But it was suitable
    > for our testing.
    > Carl Tilley

    Thanks for responding!

    I was hoping this FIXED production date for the bike would be real...you know of course people will just add it to the pile of Tilley claims and failed results.

    Does this bike manufacturer have anything FIXED? Is there someone who could be contacted to ask about it? Is the company name secret? Ah, never mind...I don't think its ever going to stop with a final resolution...

    Don Smith uses this very annoying method, claiming many overseas MANUFACTURERS of his invention, that he is 'on the board' and very famous elsewhere...but he never says who the companies are, where the machines can be bought (he claims many thousands are made and sold), etc, etc...AD NAUSEUM.

    Others also use this to deflect and distract by referring to untrackable, unproveable companies, partners, groups or manufacturers....it all REALLY makes it look like a scam, with a 'watch this hand while the other is up to mischief' kind of trick.

    The excellent English comedy series Yes, Minister! had one episode where the Minister and his Permanent Secretary were independently called to an investigation to be interrogated about serious improprieties in their department, for which they were jointly responsible.

    The Minister kept referring difficult administration questions to the permanent secretary and when the permanent secretary was called to answer them without the presence of the Minister he would refer difficult POLICY questions back to the Minister.

    The argument always hinged about the TYPE of responsibility;

    that the Minister sets government policy that the Permanent Secretary ADMINISTERED policy

    FINALLY, they got both the Minister AND the Permanent Secretary together in one room at the same time....at that point, there was NO ESCAPING, so the Minister folded and dropped trying to protect his department...

    This episode is one of my favorites (I have the whole collection on CD) as its very entertaining and quite witty.

    My point being its about deflection and unending promises without proofs. With one excuse after another, anything to keep from having to complete and verify JUST ONE CLAIM.

    My opinion doesn't matter in the bigger picture, but Carl, you know I've tried to give you way, way more leeway as to having some hope that you really do have something and aren't just another scam artist.

    There are others who also have hopes that you were telling the truth, that you did in fact discover something which produces what you claim to be 3 times more out than in, in a mechanical rotation device.

    But honestly, when will this all stop? When will JUST ONE device come to market or sale of the technology with some trackable timeline as to a marketable product?

    One thing I have noted with scamsters and con artists....they start out with one major fascinating claim....after milking it as long as they can, they divert and jump to ANOTHER claim, without finishing the first one...then again milk it as long as they can, then another, and another, like a big fish on a line, wiggling back and forth trying to keep from getting reeled in.

    Well, Carl, its time to reel in....in fact its way past time....from what I can tell, its over 4 years since you came to public notice and yet still nothing to date.

    I appreciate IMMENSELY your letting our group visit your lab and see your car, your boxes and setups although we didn't get a chance to actually measure anything ourselves, just to look at your readouts.

    And I have to admit, I really admire introduction to the idea of building and proving a technology, then showing black box demos (more power out than in) to investors, then taking the highest bid, give them the secret, let THEM patent, manufacture and market it and GO ON to other projects.

    And your contract rider which would require them to have the technology on the market within a specific time period to prevent it being locked away or suppressed...

    Both of these ideas I think are excellent and I have adopted them for my own projects.

    However, there is no proof from any of what you have ever said that others can verify. No kits, no models, no basic experimental phenomena (such as a proof of principle), no NADA.

    I am pretty much burned out on my hopes for you. This electric bike being just another shoe dropping....how many shoes CAN drop before its time to forget about the Tilley claims and go on to other things?

    Will you become yet another Dennis Lee, Joe Newman, John Searl, Don Smith, Bruce Perrault and the host of similar airheads making unending claims in attempts to troll people into investing or donating, whatever...

    Its always been about HARDWARE that would benefit the world.....

    You claimed a discovery able to produce sufficient additional energy to power a building or an electric car (etc.) years ago.

    Nothing tangible or useful to the public has come out of it in all this time.

    I guess I'm going to have to give in to what so many have been saying now for so long, if nothing else simply because the PATTERNS YOU PROJECT smell to high heaven of a major con artist.

    Thats not good enough for me......I want to see it DISPROVEN, absolutely without error, or conversely, PROVEN and your technology and discovery verified.

    You have consistently refrained from seeking independent verification by any testing lab, group of qualified electronics engineers/physicists and witnesses, university labs, etc...

    Only reports by your own people that just aren't sufficient...now pulling back on yet another announcement...

    Ho-Hum...thats it...WHEN you have independent lab results where they are willing to back their reputation on your device as truly overunity....thats the time to have confidence in Carl Tilley, but I'm just going to have to give up on you....and classify you as yet another unending claimant, who will go down in the books as unproven, probably as suppressed, but just another 'story' that never was real.

    I hate to write that having seen your lab and equipment...and you and Doug have been fairly forthcoming in information and such, but there comes a time to fish or cut bait....no more fishing for Tilley, no more teases, no more deflections/diversions....

    I'll have to add a page to my own Tilley files warning people of the ongoing and unending unproven claims, the ball dropped so many times and the reluctance, nay, DEFIANCE of not seeking independent verification which is necessary for validity.

    It frustrates me to think others who have been slamming you almost from day one.........WERE RIGHT...but dammit, you don't help it ANY by these shenanigans.

    Thats it for me...thanks again for being so nice and open with the lab visits, thanks for the emails and updates and I wish you luck in your future endeavors....but the Tilley technology appears to be yet more 'vaporware' without any verification, proof or real results that will ever see the light of day to help the world.

    Thus, its time for me to move on to other technologies and claims. Good luck!

    Jerry W. Decker - http://www.keelynet.com

    Post: http://www.escribe.com/science/keelynet/m15344.html



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    "Tilley bike missing from page? & Status of car/building power system?" | Login/Create an Account | 2 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Tilley bike missing from page? & Status of car/building power system? (Score: 1)
    by ElectroDynaCat on Monday, March 22, 2004 @ 06:18:15 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    It should be obvious to any observer of the FE/OU field that if claims alone made things work, we would already be on the bridge of the Starship Enterprize. I would seperate the Free Energy scene into 3 categories:

    1. Outright scammers that are just out to take your money and divert your attention from areas of research that may be promising.

    2. Unsophisticated researchers that might have deceived themselves into thinking they have found a possible workable device. Sometimes when these individuals get associated with the first group they can create a very real aura of credibility.

    3. Legitimate researchers that follow strict scientific protocols and repeatabilty standards. This is the least number in the field, sadly, and they are risking their professional reputation by delving into this research .

    Congradulations Mr. Decker, for waking up and seeing the light. Spend your time and money wisely.


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