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    Space energy has been long demonstrated...
    Posted on Monday, March 29, 2004 @ 20:45:15 GMT by vlad

    Science Anonymous writes: by a french physicist who started to denie the dogmatic constantness of the light velocity.

    just actually, if c does change in the space then the energy density of space mc2 can vary dramatically. Just compute it :
    dE = dmc2 + 2mc.dc (if dm = 0) dE = 2mc.dc
    as a gradient of energy does become a force :
    grad(E) = mA = 2mc.grad(c)
    A = 2c.grad(c)
    thus, a variation of some 17 e-6 m/s is enough to obtain a acceleration of 10 m/s-2. MIND IT !!
    so any acceleration is derivated from a space variation of the light velocity !!! Explaining particularly the gravity.
    please visit our site at http://franckvallee.free.fr/SYNERGETICS/introduction-emg.htm
    (sorry explanations are in french)
    Thanks for attention



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    Other speculations based on E=mc^2 (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Monday, March 29, 2004 @ 21:49:25 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    From the intalek yahoo list:
    Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 19:07:00 -0600
    From: "William Alek" Subject:
    Re: [antigrav] Ginzburg's Relativity Theory

    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: William S. Alek
    > Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 3:31 PM
    > To:
    > Subject: Fwd: Re: [antigrav] Ginzburg's Relativity Theory
    > --- In greenglow@yahoogroups.com, amir javadi
    > wrote:
    > Dear Neil
    > Greetings;
    > The Ginzburg's Relativity Theory is very near CPH theory.
    > By according CPH theory when V==>C, mass converts to energy and for
    > V>C , energy converts to force. But this projection is not for high
    > speed. When velocity of object increases, force converts to energy
    > and when speed of object does decrease, its energy converts to force.

    I actually observed this phenomenon at the Mystery Spot as RED SHIFTING and
    BLUE SHIFTING of frequency.

    > I do not know properties of aether, and I never find aether's
    > properties. Do you know properties of aether?
    > Sincerely
    > Hossein Javadi
    > Robert Neil Boyd wrote:
    > >From "The Divine Cosmos":
    > Relativity theory states that an object gradually increases in its
    > mass once we begin accelerating it. In conventional scientific thought, no
    > object can exceed the speed of light, because as it approaches this
    > speed, the equations state that the object would become infinitely
    > massive. Yet, in very loose terms, Ginzburg found that you could
    > completely reverse (invert) these equations without violating any known
    > scientific observations. This means that instead of growing more massive,
    > an object will actually shed energy back into the aether as it is moved,
    > thus causing it to gradually lose all of its core characteristics of
    > gravitational mass, inertial mass and electric charge as it approaches
    > the speed of light. Ginzburg introduces these new concepts in
    > the next quote:
    > [We have added emphasis and deleted the letters for terms such as
    > "velocity" in order to enhance readability:]

    Velocity is not the correct representation that should be used. I suggest
    using gravitational frames.

    > The main two features of these new equations are:
    > - Both the gravitational mass and inertial mass of a particle decrease as
    > its velocity [speed] increases.
    > - [The] electric charge of a particle [also] decreases as its velocity
    > increases
    > As seen here, an object's overall mass (weight) is represented by
    > both gravitational and inertial masses, which are simply measurements of
    > how gravity and inertia behave on the object. Curiously, both gravity and
    > inertia have essentially identical effects on matter, which is known
    > as Einstein's "Principle of Equivalence". This principle shows us
    > that gravity and inertia are two forms of the same energy at equal
    > strength ?" one moving downward (gravity) and one providing resistance as
    > we move through space (inertia.) This is one of the easiest ways to see
    > that there must indeed be an "aether" or "physical vacuum" that is
    > behind both forces, and Kozyrev had also noted this connection in his own
    > studies. So, once we start accelerating an object, (which we said is like
    > a sponge submerged in water in this new model,) the added pressure will
    > compress the atoms and molecules in the object and cause more and more of
    > its aether to be released.
    > Ginzburg then continues:
    > "...You may not be prepared to abandon immediately the century-old
    > relativistic equations. But once you are ready to do so, you will
    > discover many amazing things:

    This is actually a VERY good idea! Classical relativity will ONLY confuse
    the new model.

    > - Only when a particle is as rest may it be considered as "pure"
    > matter. As soon as the particle begins to move, its gravitational
    > mass and electrical charge will start to decrease in accordance with the
    > new relativistic equations, so that a part of its matter will be converted
    > into a field. When the particle's velocity becomes equal to the ultimate
    > spiral field velocity "C", its gravitational mass and electric charge
    > become equal to zero. At this point, matter will be completely converted
    > into a "pure" field."

    Paul Marmet takes a very similar approach to this. Paul invokes mass-energy
    conservation which states that the faster a particle moves, more of its mass
    is converted to field. To me, this seems to be an absurdity because at the
    Mystery Spot, I observed both a DECREASE in volume AND an INCREASE in mass
    consistant with relativity. The change in ALL space-time metrics listed in
    Table 1 and 2 are consistant with Hal Puthoffs paper identified in section 4:


    1. The speed of light is invariant in ALL gravitational frames of reference.
    2. The speed of light is variant across different gravitational frames.

    I think there are issues with Ginzburg and Marmet model.

    > The "ultimate spiral field velocity" of C that Ginzburg mentions is
    > slightly higher than the normal speed of light, due to the spiraling
    > path that he believes all energy must follow. This simple change to the
    > basic relativity equations then leads to a new quantum physics of
    > transmutation, with the concept that an object could completely disappear
    > from our known physical reality. This raises a key question: "Disappear to
    > where? "
    > "...Ginzburg asserts that an object becomes "pure field" as it
    > increases up to light speed. However, there is solid evidence that there
    > are different vibratory levels of aether, and we therefore conclude that
    > as an object is accelerated towards the speed of light, either by linear
    > motion, internal vibration or related energetic action, the missing energy
    > and mass is simply displaced into a higher vibratory level of aether. "
    > This "higher vibratory level of aether" implies ever finer sizes may
    > be involved, since as we know, the higher the energy, the shorter the
    > wavelength.
    > I like this kind of expression, as it supports my notion of the
    > possibility of multiple layers of subquantum particles of various types
    > and sizes.
    > Neil


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