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    Dear Associates II: This is 'scalar field work'
    Posted on Sunday, October 10, 2004 @ 20:41:25 GMT by vlad

    Science glennmr2002 writes: Dear Guys,

    I simply repeat some earlier work and add some related stuff for hopeful clarification.

    I’m quite aware that most of us are busy and tired of too much confusing detail, and believe that we’ve already worked out what to do, just need to focus and make time to work at it.

    The fellow Aussie inventor John Davey told me of his technique for tapping into the ZPE and “Steve” and I worked out how to apply it - focus a double set of scalar waves into a locally defined area/space and set up a load set to take off energy electrically. It so “happens” that the physical set-up for this closely resembles descriptions quoted below regarding the Philadelphia experiment, BUT we are not trying to shift TIME here, just transduce energy!

    ... we are not trying to shift TIME here, just transduce energy! (Also a recently discovered/invented antenna arrangement has similar features too – the “Crossed Field type Antenna”! - practical "hams" should see this: http://www.antennex.com/preview/cfa/cfa.htm )

    This very important principle, that artificially superimposed E and H fields at right angles can create a suitable wavelength for broadcasting without the need for tall antennas of quarter-wave height, is a rediscovery from Maxwell’s equations – which tell us that an electric field arises from a collapsing magnetic field & vice versa – an orthogonal magnetic field with an engineered 90 phase lag already is “virtually” an electric field in relation to the field it lags! It should be noted here that such an arrangement can be just as suitably described as a producing a “rotating electromagnetic field”, and similarly, a magnet spinning the right way could also imitate such an alternating field effect! However the next point to note is that this whole scheme involves VECTOR spinning fields only, whereas the non-conventional scheme I describe above/below involves SCALAR fields produced by the super-positioning of 2 counter-rotating magnetic or electric fields. For clarification, we can even stop talking about “a pair of electric fields at right angles” and replace this term (and its real implementation) with a substitute pair of magnetic fields at right angles also having a 90 degree TIME/PHASE lag!

    Together, the 2 pairs then constitute a double set of alternating scalars! (note: the MAGVID of Stefan Marinov was similar, but still only involved vector fields, quod vide at http://www.fortunecity.com/greenfield/bp/16/magvid.htm )

    See also the keen insights presented on: http://www.geocities.com/cadduceus/files.html

    The CAD I sent called “Radical GRLC” shows just 1 way of producing such a set of waves Elecro-mechanically, but as i said, it can be done electronically too, such as outlined below quoted from an old email from Tom - "T. Akin."
    wrote (in 2003) “A extract from a site on the Montalk project --- : "How to generate a Rotating Field" http://www.tricountyi.net/~randerse/rotating.htm & http://www.tricountyi.net/~randerse/ortho1.htm

    Many of the sources in the alt-science underground relate that Philadelphia Experiment-type setups rely on a rotating (usually magnetic) field as the key mechanism for producing space-time shifts. We should be able to accomplish this without the need for bulky, expensive 1940's electromechanical equipment such as synchro-motors and generators. Indeed, it can be done quite simply (at least the basic waveform control) using today's fast digital signal processing chips and software. For you hobbyists, however, there's also a relatively simple way to do it using analog circuitry built from readily available parts. First, we need an oscillator or wave function generator, which can be built using a few parts that you can buy from Radio Shack. (We are assuming audio frequencies in this discussion, up to about 10 KHz maximum.)

    1) Using the example of the simplest periodic wave, the sine wave, the first step is to generate both the sine wave itself, and simultaneously, a cosine wave (a sine wave shifted in time by +/- 90 degrees with respect to the sine wave) at the same frequency.

    2) These two waveforms must then be transmitted into an area together, with a 90 degree spatial separation between the antennas/coils/speakers/transducers. In other words, they're perpendicular or "orthogonal" to one another.

    3) Across from each of the above, at the opposite side of the central focal point for all this transmitted wave energy, we need another transducer whose waveform is inverted or phase shifted 180 degrees from our sine and cosine waves, above. (vector zero effect) Thus our 4 transducers' outputs form a "cross" with one transducer at each point of the cross, or "compass," in a horizontal plane: the "North" one projects the reference sine wave; the "South" projects an inverted sine wave; the "East" projects a cosine wave; the "West" projects an inverted cosine wave. All four transducers are aimed at the central focal point which they surround. Now what you must understand is that the above will only work if you have complete control over that 90 degree phase separation at each and every frequency of interest. If you decide to change the reference oscillator frequency, the cosine wave must "track" and maintain the quadrature (90 degree time-) relationship. If you want to do this with more complex waveforms, such as sawtooth or square or even white noise, this can be very problematic………”

    Now I will simply paste in Tom’s and my earlier comments to jog people’s memories: (Sun 2nd Nov, 2003 (AD))

    Hi Glenn.:
    This is 'scalar field work'. If you can join the beam (several beams) into one stream , you might get 'time distortions'. If you do, try to rotated or accelerate it in say a circle track. Put recording instruments inside to watch for 'time distortions'. I will be interested to know your progress. This will be a good one for our center after we get set up. Thanks. May we give GOD the Praise and GLORY. Your friend in Christ.
    Tom. (wram_tech)

    Glenn’s New Explanation:

    This is based on SCALAR effects - already proven and done by the local (Brisbane) inventor i spoke with. (but i've been too busy to try it myself) (updated 12th Nov. 03)

    The physical arrangement here is due to the fact that each cone/core has of course an inductance WITHIN itself, whilst also having a mutual inductive capacitance with its opposite of the pair, that is - the material BETWEEN the pair of conic (or pancake) coils is affected with a scalar pressure, while the material/air INSIDE the coils is affected with normal inductance. Thus overall, we can say that it is a matter of SCALARs in(wards) and VECTORs out(wards).

    Impedance Matching is still to be achieved by making the transformer winding impedance into the GEOMETRIC MEAN of the source and load impedances, and the transformer windings ratios should also cascade down following the Golden Ratio, that is: 0.618/1, whilst also the final impedance should be a subharmonic (by the same ratio) of the impedance of Free Space (377 Ω).

    Thus: Zo = 377, Zs = 233, Zt = 144, Zl = 89, Z RL = ZGC = 55 (Ω)

    Equipment: Signal Generator, or Rotating Magnet Pair in centre , then Cone Sets arranged geometrically as shown in the CAD consisting of: 16 (or 8, if Auto-Transformation is used) CONIC plastic formers for conic windings, filled with powdered ferrite/air

    - 4 of these will be driving coils, 8 will be (auto)transfomer coils, and 4 will be driven focusing coils, as per sketch.

    Procedure: it is based on the principle that 2 crossing scalar beams will produce constructive/destructive interference at the point when/where they cross, if their signal are phased at 90 degrees with reference to each other (similar to when matter/antimatter are recombined to produce a large amount of energy – truly O/U)! SAFETY NOTE: This procedure has been proven to WORK, and can be dangerous.

    Make windings on CONIC formers (it is assumed that the readers know what bifilar means – if not, just look it up elsewhere) The ideal vertex angle will also be related to the Golden Mean in this way: θ = 2(atan(1/√Φ)) These can be wound in a normal fashion, except that here the cores are cones instead of rods. Proven theory states that when pulsed this will produce a DIRECTIONAL scalar beam in the direction of the cone core. However, in this case, we are directing both waves into the CENTRE.

    INPUT SIGNAL(s): The signal itself can be pulsed d.c. OR a.c. in sine or square mode, and as stated by the local inventor, the higher the frequency, the more power will be manifested! (thus no particular frequency, which is why I suggest the mechanical magnet “regulator” method below, going at “ELF’ or at least (s)low speeds.

    The following scheme is my suggestion, additional to what he said:

    Arrange 4 Conic Coils with perimeters touching so that rotor may partially spin INside them; The polarities are such that there are 2 pairs of contra-wound coils facing each other, each of which will be set at 90 degrees to the other. (to put the 2 signals 90 out of phase with each other ) it can be done 2 ways:

    1) actually it could also be done directly - electronically using phase shifting circuitry, within the sig.gen. or more simply:

    2) physically using a spinning/driven magnet set/pair as a “regulator” in the centre between the 4 driving coils, which are of course at 90 degrees to each other. This ensures that 1 transformer pair’s current is then 90 out of phase to the other pair at right angles. (see RADICAL GRLC Design!)

    This way may be more reliable, or at least more visual in terms of 4 x 90.

    The output is said to produce a large amount of energy/heat at the junction/nexus point (or crossing) of the 2 scalar beams thus produced. In this case here, it is in the centre of the receiving core material. This can be converted to other forms, of course including electricity, as it can be here, where a balanced/matched (prepared) load set can be attached.

    “good luck” and GOD bless our efforts!



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    Re: Dear Associates II: This is 'scalar field work' (Score: 1)
    by mojo on Monday, October 11, 2004 @ 13:01:03 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Hi all,

    I think the basic theory here is that the energy is transduced out of the phi potential by a spinor momentum field created by the A potential. This momentum field is an oscillating A potential with a spin field attached.



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