Tapping Magnetic Energy ? ZPE from the free-energy group
Date: Thursday, November 04, 2004 @ 20:26:47 GMT
Topic: Science

I thought this was some good food for thought.

It argues that the magnetic field is acting as a valve for energy from higher dimensional spaces. (Or tapping ZPE: we simply do not know yet.)

Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 09:19:39 -0500
From: Louis
Subject: Tapping Magnetic Energy

Which should show you that the magnetic field is acting as a valve for energy from higher dimensional spaces. (Or tapping ZPE: we simply do not know yet.) But the fact that an energized SCM coil behaves in this fashion simply solidifies my point: you can put a given amount of energy into the system, and then cause it to expend energy indefinitely without additional energy input? You know there is no free lunch: just think about this for a moment. You can put a finite amount of energy into the SCM coil, and then levitate a 5 lb. weight above it indefinitely. Do you see the problem here?
It obviously requires the expenditure of energy to keep a 5 lb. weight plate hovering in mid-air. The earth is pulling down on the weight plate at 9.82 m/sec^2, and yet it remains there. In order to keep the weight plate aloft, the magnetic field must exert 5 lbs. of pressure upward against the weight plate. Whence comes the energy to accomplish this, day in and day out?
There must be a source: the magnetic field is acting as a conduit, tapping SOME sort of energy!

If you were to go back before the advent of the solar cell, and show someone a small motor being driven by an attached black plastic square, and claim that the black square held all of the energy to power the motor, they might believe you -- thinking the black square to be a battery of some sort -- up until said "battery" had been running the motor in a brightly lit room for weeks on end: someone would realize that the black square, rather than CONTAINING the energy in some stored chemical form, must be acting as a conduit for external energy of some kind. (If they were to switch off the lights, they would quickly realize whence came the energy! ; ->

In our case, the magnet is acting in the same fashion, but rather than converting photons into electricity, magnetic fields are tapping something else, and unfortunately, finding that "something" has not been as easy as simply switching off the room lights. If we look, we will eventually discover the source. But if we believe that "the energy is in the magnet, and that's that", we shall never look, and thus, shall never discover the true source of this energy. It is there. Heavy weights simply do not hover in the air without energy being expended: period. We KNOW that energy is being expended: our job is to discover the "how" and the "why" of it.


On 11/1/04 9:58 PM, "Gary S." wrote:

> Actually, levitating heavy objects is easy IF you have
> a source of a steady magnetic field. For that you have
> two choices: a permanent magnet or a superconducting
> coil previously energized to make such a field. No
> "new" energy has to be added to either if to suspend a
> weight above them (or attract one that's suspended
> beneath it).

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