Testing the GMC Holding Corp. device
Date: Sunday, November 21, 2004 @ 19:27:40 GMT
Topic: Devices

Butch LaFonte writes (free-energy yahoo group):


Hi all,

After twenty five years of following and researching overunity devices, and coming up with my own theories, I feel someone has developed a true self sustaining permanent magnet/electro-magnetic overunity device! They have agreed to allow me and a group I put together to test the device under the conditions I state below. Anyone interested in being part of the testing team please email or call me.

I need among the group someone who has an oscilloscope and has used it on a professional basis. I need two scopes as a matter of fact, so one can be used as a backup. Any other test equipment is welcome also. The unit will be running for six hours standing alone for testing. If you have a good quality video camera, please bring it along. They are located in Orlando, Florida, USA
I will start putting together the test team immediately and then set a test date. Everyone will have to pay their on expenses and I can not pay you in any way for your services. You will get to be part of history though if the test proves it is a new source of energy. My number is listed below. I would like for everyone to agree to put the video they take on the internet and to also send it to every friend and contact they have to keep this from being suppressed should it turn out to be a new source of energy.
Please read the following series of post.

Butch LaFonte

Butch LaFonte wrote:


What are your feelings on meeting the following test standard for your system so that I could post the results to all the known energy discussion groups and energy organizations I am a member of on the internet.

Butch LaFonte
Birmingham, Alabama
Day or night
Phone 1-205-699-5364
Cell 205-790-5361

1. The device standing alone on the floor or on a table that has no cavities where energy storage devices could be hidden.
2. No wires, cables, pipes, tubing, of ANY type leading away from the device. It must stand alone.
3. Video/audio taken from all angles allowed.
4. Measurement of voltage, amperage, resistance, heat, work performed, ect. allowed. The measurements must be on video with audio.
5. Six hours continuous running with load required.
6. No batteries, only capacitors allowed.
7. After tests, if capacitors are used, be allowed to purchase one of the capacitors from the devices capacitor bank at random to take for examination.
8. Any part of the device that could be used for hidden energy storage be opened by the owner on request from people doing the testing.
9. If possible, the device moved during operation for a distance of ten feet.
Butch LaFonte

Dear Butch:

We have no problem whatsoever meeting or adhering to your request. In fact, if you want to take the system out to dinner or whatever we have no problem either. We don't live in that so called con or charlatan world. I have worked on Wall Street now for approx 35 years and I will not issue statements especially of this magnitude without being able to back them up. I could be indicted for issuing a fraudulent press release on a publicly traded company of which I am the principal officer. I am an extremely conservative person to begin with. We have taken this technology to a whole different level than some of those who have attempted to do things in this area. I am neither afraid of being rebuked or statements that the government or others will attempt to seize or shut us down. Truth and performance always survives. Looking forward to meeting you and letting your group test the motor. For your information, when one of my associates first saw the motor along with! two electrical engineers from a major utility company, the inventor left the building and they tested the motor with all new equipment($1,500 worth) that we purchased and they had the motor running for a solid 9 hours. True story. We have taken the same approach.

Best Regards.

The web site address > http://www.jagonline.net/

Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 14:20:32 -0600
From: "Butch LaFonte"
Subject: Need 12 people for test teams, 6 teams of 2 each

I need 12 people for the Orlando test team. I have a few people already lined up. I want to have 6 teams made up of 2 people each. The device will run for 6 hours. That will give each 2 person team 1 hour to test the unit. At the end of 6 hours I want all teams to meet and compare test results and express conclusions. Each team needs to have a plan ahead of time for how they want to test for overunity. I also would like to have extra people video taping the entire 6 hours of testing, if they agree to put the video on the web and also mail it to all their friends and contacts and ask them to do the same also. A tripod mount for one of the cameras would be nice. Please, only people experienced in the use of test equipment for the 2 person teams. All data needs to be written down and copies made for backup. I would like for the teams to work alone uninterrupted by the other teams in any way. Any one who comes to just observe is welcome but must not interact with the team testing in any way or distract or crowd them. I want 6 different team opinions, lots of video, six different cameras if possible, close up still pictures, and a group discussion afterwards.

All data will be put on the web and we as a group will decide if we have true self sustaining overunity with a load.

Above all, we will need to remember we are guests of these people and any negative comments saved for the meeting afterwards when it is just team members only. We need to be respectful to these people so we can be invited back in the future and to show our thanks for having invited us.

This should be fun and very interesting. We could be seeing history in the making.

Butch LaFonte
PS Remember, they we be meeting the test conditions I requested.

Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 15:34:23 -0800 (PST)
From: Richard Brace
Subject: GMC Holding Corp

How does our company become a member [of free-energy yahoo group?]. We would like to keep as many people around the globe apprised as to our new Motor. We will shortly be having demo viewings in the Greater Orlando area and maybe their would be an interest by your group. We are extremely cautious of what we say inasmuch as we are a publicly traded company and we must adhere to strict communications rules.

Best Regards.
Richard Brace, Pres.
Website jagonline.net.

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