The right thing to do!?
Date: Sunday, November 21, 2004 @ 20:14:55 GMT
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Sky Agnitti writes (free-energy yahoo group): One of these days, we are all going to decide that the right thing to do doesn't mean that we'll get paid for it. Sometimes by doing the right thing you actually guarantee that you won't get paid. I know everyone has family to think about, but the only reason that a family's self-interest rises above that of your common man is because the powers that be force us to make these decisions.

When I come up with my energy solution, I am going to make sure that I receive no money for it. I am also going to make sure that everyone out there can reproduce it and make their own copy of it with minimal investment in parts or experience. This is the only way to wrestle the power and control away from the top 5%. Anyone who doesn't see this is just another capitolist, not a humanist.

If you are financially secure then all the power to you. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and not all of us can realistically be pure humanitarians.

-Bruce Perrault

I am a homeless priest. I do research and experiments at UMass Amherst via student contacts. I encourage everyone to excel. It is not a perfect world, but it could be a lot better. This is why I disdain paychecks or recognition. Altruism is the only way.

Sky Agnitti

Yes, those where the days, I remember them well, when I was homeless myself for two years. I don't recall how old I was but it was in my early twenties. One winter night I almost froze to death in my VW Bus but it was the freest time in my entire life. However, I am now in another chapter of my life. I have children and a lab to support. I don't think that I could accomplish my goals being homeless at this point. We all do our part in our own special way. Most often, this requires recognition and money.

God Speed,
Bruce P.
Ok, well Bruce when you win the Nobel you get a million bux.. So there is your humanitarian Incentive.

Kent Andersen

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