Free Energy Principles closing updates
Date: Saturday, November 27, 2004 @ 17:21:17 GMT
Topic: Science

Dear Group,

I have been working on free energy research for many years mainly on theoretical basis due to lack of sufficient financial support. I will have to stop my research activity as my circumstances will not allow it, but I would like to share some of the unfinished results of my research with those who are willing and have the means for putting them to practice.

There are two recent updates to my site. One about a possible principle that may be responsible for the excess energy generation in Schaubergerís and Clem turbines at: or pressure.pdf

The other is about a parametric free energy converter (similar to Hyde Generator) at: or

There will be probably one more final update within about a week that will close the site.

Best regards,
Zoltan Losonc

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