How a true FE device might work
Date: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 @ 20:53:05 GMT
Topic: Science

I the free_energy yahoo group, David Thomson writes: Hi Sheldon,

> If you are a physicist you are safe
> assuming that no free energy exists.

You're not safe making any assumptions in science. Always make your assumptions with the qualification that you could be wrong, not that you will be right. If you don't know something for a fact, then you don't know it at all.

> Strict Mass-energy conservation is an important tool and has
> proven to be quite usefull in making serious predictions, like the Neutrino.

You sound smart. And to someone who hasn't investigated quantum physics, it would sound like you had the last word on this topic. But you don't.

Energy conservation is true, and you're safe there. But the quantum world is not made up of mass or energy, it is made up of angular momentum. Hence the primary unit of all electron/photon exchanges is a unit of angular momentum known as Planck's constant.

Modern physics doesn't fully realize this yet, as my book is just now getting finished. There really is an Aether, and it is a quantum unit as well. Essentially, the Aether is a unit of rotating magnetic field in which all angular momentum exists, and thus electrons, protons, neutrons, and photons all exist because of the Aether.

But angular momentum has a unique existence of its own, which is not yet understood by modern physics. Angular momentum at the quantum level also exists in between Aether units. This is well known, however, as it is measured as the dark matter of the Universe. The dark matter of the Universe is the stuff that neutrinos are made from. Neutrinos are captured angular momentum due to the binding of an electron and proton, which creates a neutron. This is all perfectly quantifiable, as I have done it.

The whole mass/energy paradigm is fanciful thinking. Mass in never converted to energy (which is merely a unit of work) and energy is never converted to mass. Everything at the quantum level is a constant exchange of angular momentum.

Within the Aether, all energy is conserved. No extra mass appears from nothing or disappears. However, angular momentum can pass from the Aether back to the state of dark matter (proton proton collision that produces "quarks") and angular momentum can pass from dark matter to the Aether due to creating a resonance in the Aether through the Casimir effect. When photons are created from the Casimir effect the photons can then be converted to electrons and the electrons can be put to work.

As long as a system remains closed (angular momentum does not pass in or out of the Aether) conservation of energy laws apply. But when the Aether is tapped and dark matter is allowed to be absorbed into the Aether through resonance, then the system is opened to a greater domain. Now we have to consider that there is a conservation of angular momentum between the Aether and what lies outside of it.

The limited knowledge which you presently rely on (thinking that the Aether does not exist) prevents you from understanding how dark matter is converted to visible matter. So to you, a device that converts dark matter to visible matter would appear to violate the conservation of energy or angular momentum laws. But that is only due to your limited understanding and poor assumptions. But when you eventually understand that the Aether exists and that angular momentum passes in and out of the Aether, then you'll see how a true "free energy" device can work.

The conditions for creating the resonance between electrons that absorbs angular momentum into the Aether in the form of photons are very limited. It requires a very specific distance between electrons and the electrons have to be properly magnetically aligned with respect to each other. The surface on which the electrons are resting must also be spherical in geometry. When the conditions are right, a steady stream of photons could be generated which could then be drawn into a circuit if a load is present.

There must be at least a dozen different methods for tapping this free energy that are within the reach of the average inventor. Once the physics are clearly understood, we'll see many viable free energy devices being built in garages.

People like you claim to have all the knowledge that exists, or access to it. But you don't know near as much as you think you do. I decided to look at the physics myself, without committing to the understanding of the establishment, and see if I could improve on the physics. I made at least a dozen significant discoveries in physics worthy of a Nobel Prize, not the least of which is a mathematically correct Unified Force Theory. But it does stop there, the theory also explains dark matter, the Casimir effect, neutrinos, the fine structure constants, the exact geometry of subatomic particles, and even quantifies consciousness at the quantum level.

That's why I'm interested in that new movie. My theory actually shows how consciousness is directly related to the Aether and the quantum particles that exist within it. This is all supported by the existing data in the neurosciences.

I'm really sick of the skeptics who continue to insult people, flash their credentials, and speak with arrogance about the accuracy of their knowledge, rather than investigate the science with an open mind. Modern skeptics are nothing more than a priesthood selling a dogma and punishing those who don't subscribe to it. They are no different from the Inquisitors of the dark ages. Same shit, different century.


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