Secrets of Sweet activation and related information
Date: Sunday, December 05, 2004 @ 22:51:03 GMT
Topic: Science

From Tom Bearden's correspondence page:

Checking out **** to confirm I had made an address card on him, I read his "small bio" on his website. Suddenly for some reason I had a real flash, connected with the Sweet overunity mechanism. I do believe that finally we've cracked the "last part" of it. As with so many things, it turned out to be pretty straightforward once one connects something like three different things.

1. The huge unaccounted nondivergent Heaviside energy flow component, accompanying every Poynting diverged energy flow component. Here we have in a nominal case a trillion times as much energy flow as we normally are taught to account. When I was working with Sweet early on, I did not have the information yet on the Heaviside flow component. Also, when I had that information much later, for some reason I never went back and "reconnected" to again review the primary mechanism.

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