Perendev Power Taking Orders for Magnet Motors
Date: Saturday, December 11, 2004 @ 23:50:40 GMT
Topic: Devices

Manufacturer wishes to gauge level of interest. No monies accepted until delivery ready.
by Sterling D. Allan/ Pure Energy Systems News/ Exclusive

MUNICH, GERMANY -- Perendev Power Developments declares on the news page of their website that they are now ready to take orders for their permanent magnet motors. Magnetic forces are the driving power, eliminating the need for outside input of fuel or electricity of any kind. Combined with an alternator, the unit is said to produce 20 kilowatts -- more than enough to handle the peak load of most homes.

Perendev does not yet have units ready to ship, though they claim that they have had several working prototypes and that they have had some independent testing run on their devices, and that they are gearing up to be able to volume-produce the product.

The purpose of inviting advance orders is to enable the manufacturer to gauge the level of interest in the product.

As similar claim was made around two years ago on Perendev's web site, any interested parties are advised to keep their hopes in check. This is a noteworthy development, but until actual product is being delivered, the news is not yet groundbreaking..."

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Q. Have you (Sterling Allan, author of this story) seen this motor running?
A. No. I only saw a motor that had just come from the machine shop. I helped assemble it, but we were not able to get it running while I was there. The video of a running motor is of the device I helped assemble, and which Mike later got running.

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