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Tim Ventura writes: Hi Guys -

Sorry to go off-track here, but Gary Stephenson just finished writing a "PopSci" style article on engineering gravity, which follows directly on the heels of a new paper by Dr. Ning Wu (China) regarding a Gauge Theory of gravity.

Gary's doc is a good overview piece for High-Frequency Gravity Waves, and connects to Podkletnov/Li's work.

Ning Wu did a remarkable paper about Podkletnov's 1st experiment, which suggested that the shielding-effect was transient due to phase-changes in the rotating superconductor. This follow-up paper focuses on shielding effects in the superconductor and connects it to a gauge theory of gravity.

Ning Wu's Email is:

Also, don't forget Dr. David Maker's excellent work in an UnGauged Theory of Relativity -- I guess that these are different approaches, but Maker is predicting Podkletnov's force-beam claim at only 512kv pulses.

I've attached both Ning Wu & Gary Stephenson's papers for your review.


We're now in the final-stretch of the 2004 year, and in hindsight I'd have to say that more happened this year in terms of AG and new-propulsion than ever before. We have progress from several directions at once, and more importantly, we're beginning to see real connections between conventional theory and these anomalous effects.

This is really yet another reason to try and put together a conference for 2005. I know that there may be a bit of overlap with STAIF on some subject material, but I think we've got a real opportunity to make breakthroughs in the upcoming year that have never before occurred -- real explanations that validate these phenomenon, and some real teambuilding opportunities in the process.

Best wishes!

Tim Ventura

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Hi Guys:

In addition to Kirk's idea for an Antigravity Conference in New Mexico, Nick Cook just wrote me with a similar idea for a "Jane's Alternative-Propulsion Conference" in London. Apparently he's been thinking along the same lines.

London is more expensive for most of us, and Nick hasn't provided details yet on what Jane's is thinking of (public or private, technology-focus, etc). However, Jane's does offer lots of credibility, and it is likely to receive a bit more notice from funding sources.

Whatever the case, it is apparent that we should host a conference *somewhere* to cover a lot of these ideas. We've seen enough new information just over the last year that I believe we can begin to offer real insight into topics like:

1. An engineering-level explanation for the Hutchison Effect, Philadelphia Experiment, and secret Nazi-Bell projects.
2. A working model for engineering Bearden's Quantum Potential Envelopes (leading to a new branch of electrochemistry / materials-sci).
3. Real insight into the glut of research coming forward about HFGW technologies (with a more open dialogue than STAIF).
4. Reverse-engineering work on the SEG, Marcus Device, etc.
5. An open dialogue on Element 115, Bismuth, Mercury, Art's Parts, etc.
6. Enhancing Biefeld-Brown/Ion-Wind for vehicle scale applications.

So that's 6 potential topics right there, and I am sure that everybody will have pet topics. Also, keep in mind that things are moving forward faster than ever before in this area, so if we schedule a conference for late June / early July we'll be able to add a ton of additional information and subject material.

What we have going for us in this distribution-list is a high-degree of professionalism combined with both open-minded consideration & background knowledge for these anomalous effects. We've got "unnofficial" representation from Lockheed, Boeing, British Aerospace, Janes (Nick), the DoD, and several private research companies. Since nobody can get funding or support from within their organizations, maybe we can do something "under the radar" to resolve some of these questions.

Since apparently half of this distro is paranoid about this subject material, perhaps we should examine some simple options for confidentiality of some type. Alternatively, if the Jane's idea eventually wins out, perhaps it adds enough credibility to overcome some of the paranoia.

I have a conference bridge number if anybody is interested. Let me know and we can add in something like 96 people on a phone conference.


Tim Ventura
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