GWE, now Genesis Scientific...has updated their progress
Date: Thursday, December 23, 2004 @ 20:18:09 GMT
Topic: Devices

A bucketload of new information is on the new GWE web site. Wonder why they changed their name?
(See an extract below)

The Adventure Of Bringing These Technologies To Market

The Fierce Winds Of Change

When we set out on this journey, we knew it would not be an easy one. Creating the original technologies was extremely difficult. There were many times when we didn't think we would succeed and we would have to settle for releasing a technology that would do the job, but not deliver a pivotal instrument in the world's energy solution. After we achieved results we worked hard for, but had not expected, we began to realize what kind of an impact technologies like these might have on the world. It occurred to us that it's human nature to hope for things you wish you could have, yet fight change with everything in us, if that change means possibly losing any of the comforts we've become accustomed to.

In our case, the vast majority of people in the world would have nothing to lose by the change our technologies represents, and a great deal to gain. However, not everyone would be comfortable with our kind of change. With that thought in mind, we planned accordingly.

Starting within hours of publicly announcing the creation of our original technology in late 2002, there have been intense efforts to interfere with our products and technologies going to market. These people have used any vicious means possible, including engaging in blatantly criminal acts. Their goals in engaging in these hostile activities are to destroy any valuable relationship the Genesis Team might need in taking the technologies to market, and to obtain as much additional information as possible that could be used to continue their efforts.

Over the past year, we have made significant progress in neutralizing the effects of these hostile activities, and today they have substantially less effect on our advancement. Possible interference is the reason we have always gone to great lengths to keep our information confidential. We feel that satisfying people's curiosity does not outweigh the potential loss of benefit for humanity.

Never Underestimate The Value Of A Dollar

Around the time the Genesis Team announced the creation of its original technologies to the public, they began entering into a series of top-level fixed percentage subcontracting arrangements to handle the major business aspects related to delivering the technologies to the world. In many cases, the parties handling these arrangements became over aggressive and indulgent about finding ways to make a lot more money than they had originally agreed to based on the opportunities they were given. Others began attempting to seize more control or influence over the Genesis project's future by taking advantage of the trust the Genesis Team had placed in them. Between February of 2004 and October of 2004, the Genesis Team had terminated all of these outside relationships and had begun organizing these efforts internally. Instead of contributing as much time as possible to helping the world, much of the Team's time over the past year and a half has been spent dealing with issues related to other people's greed and power-centric egos.

Adding Up The Days

Between the new discoveries the Team made in the core technologies, the intense outside interference we have experienced and the Team's need to shift the handling of it's top-level business operations away from subcontracting relationships, Genesis is approximately fourteen months behind its original 2002 schedule.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Oh yeah! Just being able to be around and work on the technologies is an incredible privilege and an experience that defies description. Even years after we started creating the technologies, all of our hearts begin racing with excitement each time we are near them. Being able to experience the passion our licensees share with us is like nothing we ever imagined. They are people from every corner of the globe that are doing something extremely positive for the world. Finally there are the people from all over the world that have reached out to us through this website over the past two years. We have only received a hand full of cynical comments out of countless thousands of others that were incredibly supportive and kind. They have made the more difficult parts of this adventure truly rewarding.

Are we there yet? Almost there. Much of Genesis' planned production of key technology components for the next 30 years has been pre-sold.

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