Is it too soon to change my service provider?
Date: Sunday, June 23, 2002 @ 09:10:00 GMT
Topic: Customers

Just a note to assure you that the public is ready.I first discovered the topic in an interview with Brian O'Leary in issue 17 of Mondo 2000(can anyone tell me what happened to my subscription or the check for $24.00?),which I can't seem to find in print anymore. Thanks Mondo for opening my eyes to a brighter future.
Although my understanding of the science behind zpe is limited, I fully accept it as "reality" and look forward to ,at least, new info on the topic and the inevitable transformation to a new way of life.

Even though I'm not an involved person in research or invention of these technologies I'm more than idly curious about the subject and would be very interested in discussing the topic with anyone who is interested in sharing what they know. I am not interested in stealing ideas only in fueling my excitement for a time when humanity can leave the trappings of capatialistic greed and focus on expansion of knowledge and experience.
(I leave it to the discretion of the webmaster to share my email address with anyone in the houston area or elsewhere who has the time or the inclination to communicate regarding zpe or related topics[no junk mailers please])

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