SEG Replication Update
Date: Sunday, December 26, 2004 @ 15:42:11 GMT
Topic: Devices

Jaro (Transworld) wrote (Sweet-VTA yagoo group): Dear Group,

I've updated the AG Group website with pictures of steel magnet molds that we had made. We now have a 20-ton press, kiln, steel molds, and a few kilos of magnet powders, so we're ready to start making experimental magnets for the 18" SEG. I'd like to thank all those who contributed to our SEG-replication effort so far.

We're doing this on low budget, with our members contributing labor, money, and technical know-how. Great job, everyone!

I am confident that if John Searl had a working SEG, we will build a working one also. So what separates us from building the SEG now, is about 50 kg of magnet powders, an AC magnetizer, and a lot of work. We need to get this done, so that we have the credibility to start raising big bucks for building a large SEG craft that will take us to Earth orbit and eventually to the Moon and beyond.

Space Shuttle is obsolete, Space Station is having problems, Rutan's Spaceshipone is very expensive, and using 40-year old technology (rocket fuel), so the SEG could be THE FUTURE of Space flight, if only its concept can be proven experimentally. And that's WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON. Join us and support us, you just might be helping to CREATE NEW FUTURE for Mankind.


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