Fuel-less Energetics (problems , solutions, forecasts)
Date: Sunday, June 23, 2002 @ 18:36:00 GMT
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This paper by N.E. Zaev appeared in the March-April issue of the New Energy Technologies (#2), the magazine published by the Faraday Labs in Russia (see Hot Links section for a link to them). It clearly shows the quest for free energy (fuel-less energetics) was and is very much alive in that part of the world too.

Exactly 42 years ago, the Central Committee of the Soviet Union's Communist Party gave a resolution (#715296, 23 June 1960) formulating the following scientific tasks: 1) To develop new energy sources, 2) To work out new principles of motion without reactive mass flow, and 3) To develop new principles of protection from nuclear radiation. There was even an institute established by P.K. Oshchepkov (inventor of radar), the Public Institute of Energy Inversion (PIEI) based on the thesis that "energy is impossible to eliminate, but it can be dissipated; energy is impossible to create, but it can be collected."

Such a heresy that concentration of energy is possible (negentropy) was quickly attacked by the USSR Academy of Science (academic dogma and ego work the same everywhere). They were qualified as unscientific ideas claiming that "science does not possess a single fact contradicting the second principle of thermodynamics"(?). They asked for closure of the PIEI and release the engineers to focus on the "bright future" building process! As we know, they did that to cybernetics, genetics, etc. considered capitalist propaganda, which explains the significant gap between the west and the Russians in those scientific domains. But make no mistake, they have brilliant scientists and they're catching up quickly and the fuel-less energetics research is well on its way to a breakthrough.
Here is an extract of Zaev's paper that deals with how they/he sees the social aspects of fuel-less energetics emerging:
"Importance of available power in this or that social structure yet has not been appreciated by social theories. It still is obvious: in developed countries the power consumption level is 12 kW (17 horse-powers) per each resident. Many centuries life went unchanged, only monarchs and leaders changed while energy was always produced by "warm machines" (oxen, horses etc) out of hey and oats. Since the end of 18 century "hot machines" (steam-engines, turbogenerators, pistons) have appeared, using fire, steam, coal, oil and petrol. They have dramatically changed our life for the last two centuries. Here comes the age of fuel-less energetics, the age of energy taken from "cold machines", making use of the environment. At a
glance it looks like a sheer blessing:

1- It promises abundance of cheap KWh, they will be 15-20 times cheaper than now.

2- Electrical energy production is absolutely harmless and ecological.

3- Fuel-less power is highly autonomous, usually generated near the place of consumption (apartment, farm, ship, military outpost...).

4- Once started, energy concentrators will generate for unlimited long period (more than 50 years) with minimum maintenance effort.

5- This energetics will provide everyone with 15 (and more) kW, which may raise labor performance and, respectively, improve living standards and comfort.

6- This power engineering will return Nature its rivers, woods, fields, because dams, high-voltage power lines, waste banks near mines and mines themselves, power plant pipes and ashes waste piles will disappear.

However, we should bear in mind the drawbacks of the transition period:

1- Steady shutdown of the fuel and energy industry will begin, i.e. redundancies of miners, railway workers, oilrig and oil refining workers.

2- Fall in demand on chemical current sources will result in dropping orders for lead, zinc, mercury, silver, cadmium which will cause unemployment in nonferrous metallurgy.

3- Autonomy of new energy systems will lead to fall in demand on wires and cables. Long-distance power lines, high-power cable networks in cities will become useless. Heavy engineering industry (turbines, hydro generators, transformers) will be stopped due to recession in demand.

4- Eventually a recession in motor industry will start: diesel and carburetor engines of vehicles will be replaced by electric motors.

However, fuel-less energetics coming will be followed by intensive structural metamorphosis:

1- Electrical engineering has got long-term orders for a production of a wide range of electric motors replacing combustion engines.

2- Electronic industry will start mass production of micro-concentrators of environmental energy to substitute battery elements in home and portable audio and video equipment.

3- Contractors will get a huge pile of orders for estates and cottages because of the inevitable drift from the cities to the countryside. Low prices and availability of power allow uban facilities for comfort at any place.

4- Industry is to start mass production of compatible energy systems ranging from 0.5 kW to 50 kW applicable in apartments, farms, blocks of flats, motorcycles, motor cars (particularly, electric cars).

5- Eventually ferrofrosters, doube-purpose cassors, will come capable to produce both power and cold in the same unit.

Electric energy abundance, its availability will diminish one of the main problems of any civilization: concern about resources ownership and control, fuel mining, i.e. the concern about Heat. Thus the social structure with its functions, purposes and methods will start slowly but steadily evoluate. Struggling unemployment, working day will be reduced up to 6 hours, working week -up to 3 days. Retirement age will lower down to 40-45 years; the army will tackle civil defense tasks only.

Motivation of labor will weaken; education will lose its attractiveness; then the "atomization" of society will appear, i.e. its fragmentation and personal isolation at farms, cottages and villas will go up; also individualism, indifference to public matters will come up. New civilization will be set up on the land of new energy Eldorado as if returning to initial harmony with Nature and to the sense of human existence at a different level of the historic spiral."

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