Positive and negative energy; stable wormholes
Date: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 @ 00:12:33 GMT
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Dr. Jack Sarfatti writes (to physicist Tony Smith): See "Strange Angel" by George Pendle on lives of Jack Parsons & Frank Malina. I met Frank with Carlo Suares in Paris in 1973. Frank was a founder of Aerojet General and Eugene McDermott a founder of Texas Instruments. Small world indeed. The problem is most humans are not able to understand this kind of information. It's like Plato's Cave. The Sun is too bright for these mere humans. They prefer to stay in darkness lost in the Shadows - as if The Shadow knows! ;-)

On Feb 28, 2005, at 5:34 PM, Tony Smith wrote:

Jack, in your message about Joe Firmage, ABC TV, etc, you said:

"... There is nothing wrong in what Kaku says in general. The difference is that I [Jack] have many more details of how to do metric engineering of warp, wormhole and weapon W^3. ...".

I agree with you on that. Along those lines, have you seen the paper at http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/gr-qc/0306051 by Sean Hayward that says in part:

"...when ... a negative-energy pulse ... hits the wormholethroat, the double trapping horizon bifurcates to form a tunnel of past trapped surfaces, with the two mouths accelerating away from each other and approaching the speed of light, forming the cosmological horizons of an inflationary universe. ... the wormhole has exploded into an inflationary universe.

This provides the first concrete mechanism for inflating wormholes from space-time foam to macroscopic size. ...

In all cases, positive or negative initial energy respectively causes collapse or explosion.

Clearly the wormhole is dynamically unstable, though it had been previously found to be linearization stable, indicating a non-linear instability.

For smaller perturbations, the collapse or explosion occurs more slowly ...

Unexpected critical behaviour was also discovered ... for both exotic and normal field perturbations. All this is unexplained. ...

... Conclusions ...

Traversible wormholes can be constructed from black holes [the seed black hole can even be as small as Planck size, which only takes about 10^(-5) grams energy equivalent] by absorbing exotic matter.
Traversible wormholes can explode to inflationary universes, by gaining exotic matter. This provides a mechanism for inflating wormholes from space-time foam to usable size.
Stable wormholes can be operated and maintained by balance of positive and negative energy, and enlarged or reduced by ordering of positive and negative energy. ...".

I think that what Hayward is saying is consistent with what you and I have been saying for some time, hoping that someday the USA black project community will open its eyes and begin to work on such things in a New Manhattan Project.

It is obvious to me that Firmage is sadly mistaken when he says that he "... prefer[s] the science of Puthoff, Haisch, Hestenes and others (polariziable vacuum interpretation of general relativity, origin of inertia and weight in charge-ZPF interactions, physical interpretation of quantum mechanical behaviors, respectively) to explain ... such wonders as interstellar travel ...".

Kaku was actually a poor choice to explain a realistic wormhole approach. For example, he is so unfamiliar with the details of which you are well aware that the ABC TV web pages at http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/Primetime/story?id=528724&page=1 say:

"... [Kaku said that a]... civilization that could harness the power of stars might be able to use that shortcut through space and time, and perhaps bridge the vast distances of space to reach Earth ... "... I say open your mind, open your consciousness to the possibility that they are a million years ahead [of us]," he [Kaku] said.

Kaku believes that only this type of civilization - millions of years more advanced that us and capable of using wormholes as shortcuts - could reach Earth and might be one explanation for UFOs. ...".

In my opinion (and you probably agree) we are NOT so far from being able to use Dark Energy to build wormholes and other useful stuff, IF somebody somewhere undertakes a New Manhattan Project to do it.

[Sarfatti: Yes. It's happening now. Thanks Tony - more soon. Getting ready to head to Santa Barbara :-)]

It is interesting that Hayward's paper was not blacklisted by arXiv and was not even partially blacklisted to the physics archive.

However, to me it is even more interesting that he is based in Korea. I am afraid that the real progress in this (and a few other very promising unconventional areas) will only come from Asia, and that the USA is headed toward being a has-been former world power.


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