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Date: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 @ 21:29:37 GMT
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From Tai Robinson and Bruce Meland: Hi All,
Spread the word far and wide about this BetterMotor Better Battery Conf. . Remy has been working extra hard and not even charging any money to attend. The mess that we are in Iraq and the Middle East directly relates to not having an alternate energy and alternate transportation strategy in place and ready to implement.

From: Shore Publishing

> Pequot Museum to Host Energy Symposium
> By Elizabeth Yerkes
> yerkes@
> Published on 2/25/2005

North Stonington -- Remy Chevalier hopes a March 5 "Better Motors, Better Batteries" symposium will jolt environmental activists, Native American tribal leaders and corporate energy giants into action. Chevalier is the editor of Electrifying Times, a Weston-based magazine dedicated to electric vehicles. (To clarify, ET is based in Bend, OR.)

Although he drives a "beat-up Subaru wagon because I can't afford an electric vehicle," Chevalier said he hopes the symposium will spark action. In particular, he hopes it will combine Connecticut's technical brainpower, Indian sovereign nations' funding, and native American's mindset of long-term environmental health into making, you guessed it, better batteries and better motors.

Organizers hope the gathering will underscore the need for "balance between energy technology trade overseas and the need to preserve factory floor hands-on experience in the state," the symposium's news release reads. The symposium also aims at raising awareness about lighter, faster and cleaner motors and energy storage.

To be held at the Pequot Museum's auditorium at 1 p.m., the symposium will be introduced by Ed McGaa, an Oglala Sioux Tribal Leader who wrote "Nature's Way," a collection of native American insights into living in harmony with nature. "I'm hoping that funding for new energy developments will come from some unexpected direction, possibly from some group or nation that has the guts to stand alone for what it believes is right -- cleaning up Mother Earth's waters, air, soils and whatever else we've polluted," McGaa said.

Chevalier and members of the Connecticut Technology Council will have break-out technology sessions after the introduction. "Connecticut is referred to in energy circles as the 'fuel cell' state, because for 30 years it was in this state that all fuel cells for space and military applications were being made," Chevalier said. "But once civilian uses of fuel cells became attractive for both economic and environmental reasons, the cutting edge technologies that Connecticut once helped develop quickly began to spread around the world, to Japan and now China."

Participants invited include representatives from Duracell, General Electric and the Connecticut Technology Council. Spokesmen for these organizations were unavailable for comment. The event is co-sponsored by Weston's Environmental Library Fund and Electrifying Times magazine.

For more information about the March 5 symposium, contact Remy Chevalier, director, at 203-227-2065.

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