Secrets of the Aether Library Rental Now Available
Date: Friday, March 04, 2005 @ 20:01:07 GMT
Topic: Science

Our new book, Secrets of the Aether, has been selling well to prominent physicists and theorists. But for many people the $64.95 price tag has been too much of a leap of faith to read a new theory for the foundations of physics. We are now offering a library rental eBook for $4.95. Included is a mathematical basis for tapping Zero Point Energy.

This library rental includes the text, equations, and graphics of Secrets of the Aether so you can read the book before deciding to purchase the printed version. The library rental eBook works like any other library rental. Thirty days after activation, the file will lock.

Secrets of the Aether is a new foundation for physics. It presents the Aether Physics Model, which yields a mathematical Unified Force Theory, explains dark matter, and even provides a means for quantifying consciousness. For more information about the book and to order the library rental copy, visit


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