Theory of Expansion
Date: Saturday, March 05, 2005 @ 11:45:03 GMT
Topic: Science

What is Expansion

We are living in the most intriguing time, in a universe like nothing we imagined just a few short years ago.
A hypothetical such as, is man expanding or contracting by some mysterious force were curiosities of fiction.

Humans e.g. are not subject to this phenomenon of universal expansion; the dark matter (DM) permeating our frame has higher thermal value in comparison to DM in space.
Theoretically with the earth continuously being depleted of thermal energy, contraction will occur to the matter in possession of the highest thermal content first and translate to a decrease in fmp* diameter (DM) .

Here we may apply the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This law claims that "Energy spontaneously tends to flow only from being concentrated in one place to becoming diffused or dispersed and spread out".
As long as our planet compensates our thermal value we are safe, and dark matter will absorb energy from the higher thermal emitting matter (E.g. earth, stars, galaxies etc.).

When considering universal expansion we can only observe what we can see. Suppose we observe the stars in the outlying universe, and suppose we observe idiosyncratic mannerism of everyday matter, can we structure common inherent properties. Assuming the universe, galaxies and all the matter on earth are permeated * by dark matter particles, can these idiosyncratic phenomenon in possession of these structural and behavioral characteristics apply a logical postulate?

There is a consensus in the astronomical community that most of the mass in most galaxies is non-luminous dark matter and those celestial objects in space and matter on earth are analogous.

Dark matter is the generic term for the fundamental particles in the universe though not directly observable, do permeate all matter and fill all space with their presence as inferred by the motion of galaxies.

Dark Matter particles absorb contiguously and omni - directionally thermal information from higher energy sources (e.g.stars).
Hypothetically one may extrapolate an increase in thermal content will increase the diameter and or the local content of fundamental particles (DM) and interpret this as an increase in universal volume

If this assumption is valid than our sun's thermal information (energy) lose to DM should lead to an increase in earth's orbit even if ever so slight.
fmp * = fundamental particles (The term "fundamental particle" is used here to avoid having to invent new terminology)

The fmp- forms a 3 dimensional geometrical lattice, isometric, homogeneous, permeate and immerse all matter and assist to define the magnitude of the universe with their volume inflation.
The neutral fmp (graviton) is instrumental in the construction of plasma; graviton particles must rest in an adjacent formation. Sequentially vast quantities of contactual neutral particles are needed to simply fill the volume and implement a route for universal thermodynamic transference.

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