Tom Bearden - Student Book Giveaway (Energy from the Vacuum)
Date: Saturday, March 05, 2005 @ 15:43:45 GMT
Topic: Science

Tony Craddock writes: CIRCULATE WIDELY

A philanthropist has donated several thousands of dollars to underwrite free copies of Tom Bearden's "Energy from the Vacuum - Concepts & Principles" for qualified students. This book of almost 1,000 pages contains 30 years of Tom's research on the subject, and is the only book of its kind available anywhere.


Please pass this offer on to qualified students. This offer will only be available till the Fund is depleted.

Additional contributions to this Sponsorship Fund are welcomed (appropriate financial statements are provided to the Sponsors).

Tom Bearden does feel that it is most important to educate today's students around the world in these missing, or hidden, concepts and principles, as the education of students in this "field that is not a field" is essential to bringing about the eventual widespread introduction of Energy from the Vacuum.

Note: Discounted cases of 12 (ea) books are also still available for those of you who prefer to give these books out in person.



Tony Craddock
Cheniere Press/ The Tom Bearden Website

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