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Date: Sunday, March 06, 2005 @ 21:11:03 GMT
Topic: Devices

In the free-energy yahoo group, Arpan Telwar writes: Dear Friends,

I am new to this free energy group. Free Energy has thrilled and excited me a lot.

I am a business man based in South Asia. I have been looking into to the concepts of free energy from a long time but yet have not found any thing efficient for commercial feasibility.

I am looking for a free energy device which is commercially and technically feasility. Energy and Power and the biggest concerns in South Asia in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan and some other small countries.

I have even seen the concepts of Perendev magnetic motor. But as what experts on internet say that even Perendev motor get demagnetize after some time and the cost of magnets comes more when compared to fuel based motor.

My question to all the group members is, Is there any device available right now which is technically and commercially feasible. If some inventor here has some device or even know about it and wants to earn money, then concerned person can work together commercially.

I have seen some conversations on fuelless heater. Is it true. Is it true. or is there any kind of water heater which do not require any fuel.

It will be nice on the part of group members to reply back.

With regards
Arpan Talwar
Syncosis Technological Services Pvt Ltd.

Subject: Re: free energy feasibility

Hi Arpan,

Try the ATREE model: Markovich's ATREE

Sorry I lost the site link to the color drawings but search atree and markovic it should be easy to locate.

This seems to be the easiest generator to build.

Lots of Love
Tom and Carole

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