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Date: Sunday, March 06, 2005 @ 21:20:56 GMT
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In the greenglow yahoo group, "michael_dean_jr" writes: Moving forward in Breakthrough Propulsion Physics:

First and foremost such technologies are only possible because nature has allowed them and second off, we do not own nature as individuals; nature owns us.

The mentality responsible for slow advancements within our technologies is based on the "it's mine" mentality. This is the very mindset of the board persons within large petroleum companies. It's their oil, their money, their coveted way of life that is thought to be theirs and theirs alone to secure their own sustenance. Free energy is a threat to such "sustenance". It is also touted as their contribution in maintaining a "marketplace" so that others may live as in meeting their sustenance.

Many of those persons within this research (propulsion physics and ZPE, etc) are guilty of the very mindset that is found in the petroleum business. It's my technology, I made it, and I'm the one who should gain all the "royalties" from this thing, "it's mine". As if Earth and its life forms are the only that exist or are the most advanced within the universe and we could somehow be "first" at anything and one persons "discoveries" are the first of such "discoveries". Notice the word "discovery" or "discover", yes that right, to un-cover that which has been covered, but covered by whom?

The "it's mine" mentality and it's reality as a default "lock" to keep such juvenile and animalistic tendencies away from the rest of the universe and its content is a wonderful thing. Because this mindset is possessive it secures the universe from wild and crazy entities from raping and pillaging that which is within the universe at large. How this is accomplished is found in the fact that possessiveness leads to unshared and non-unified explorations, when this occurs, a venture or goal is slowed to its slowest possible advancements. We see how unification can lead to the greatest accomplishments and how division leads to chaos and disorder, ultimately stifling growth within a society.

Though we see the United States as the strongest nation, it's strength was accomplished through a shared goal, the security of freedom, unfortunately it was adopted on the free market society and the market has now engulfed the "goal", this has lead to the stagnancies of the United States and we will see our nation begin to roll deeper into the abyss of depravities and removal of freedoms, its a given, the U.S. will fall just as every nation in history has proven itself to fail. The only way failure can be avoided is to re- establish our goals as a nation for a "Nobel" or greater cause, a cause greater than ourselves, the very non selfish goal that created the U.S., the observation of others rights/freedoms.

It's real simple to destroy the advancement of such technologies, I can come in here and sow fear or dissention and this will lead to keeping silent from either fear or anger, the possessive "it's mine" mentality is already an inherited virtue and no-one need attempt to instill that within you, so, you're screwed off the starting block by your own mentality before anyone even tries to trip you up a little.

The universe is ours and we belong to it, it is not mine, it is ours as a collective. Those who choose to ignore this are left to their own devices (take a look around you if you need such proof). What many of you fail to realize is the fact that such technologies open the universe up as our home, not our backyard but our home and those who live in our home are our family and as a group who are not into the "it's mine" mentality, no-one is left to need or lack of sustenance.

The default lock is securely engaged, what can you do to unlock this lock? Which of the two possible lives do you chose to live, do you chose live in an "it's mine" life or do you chose to live in a, "it's ours" life. Some of you may point at communism. communism failed because it lacked the technology to allow such a way of life to continue. Aside from that, communism is living and working together to meet only the groups' needs, what I have referenced is to meet the needs of universe as a whole, beyond our needs. So, I'm not talking about communism, I'm talking about being stewards of that which has been created.

Go figure, you have a choice to live like a caveman or you have the choice to live like what some might ignorantly confuse as "gods".

The choice is up to you. Live in fear, anger and selfishness or live beyond such petty constraints.



From: Robert Neil Boyd
Subject: Re: Natural Ways

Yay Mike!

Good stuff! You got the "me first" aspect out of it.

Now all we have to do is get the "people first" perspective out of it, and realize that all of Nature has just as much right to Live as we do. When we treat Natural Beings as Heart-Equals, with the same kinds of consideration and respect we would accord to another human being, then we can return to living in co-operation and harmony with Nature, as it was in the first place, before intellectual excesses started running rampant over heartfulness. I think people can gain great benefits from watching how Nature does things, and discovering that all living things constantly live in The Harmony.

All Life is Sacred.

Nature is filled with Divinity and it is the easiest aspect of the Divine to contact directly. The Native Americans had it right. Then the invaders came along and screwed it all up with their "might makes right" approach to what they called "living". I call their version of life "intellectual obsessing", a conquering mentality. It's easy to see what this common basis for destructive behaviors leads to. Our various difficult global situations all stem from this same behavioral source: Obsessive thinking, rather than appreciating all the Beauty that is directly and immediately available to the senses, and the emotional sensitivities, at any given instant.

"When because of all their fears,
Their eyes can't hope to see,
The beauty that surrounds them.
Now isn't it a pity?"

- George Harrison [The Beatles]

Thanks for bringing that up Mike,


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