Warming to the Idea of Global Warming
Date: Monday, March 07, 2005 @ 20:41:55 GMT
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Lest we forget, Global Warming is not a passing fad. It will be with us for some time. Perhaps, we should begin now to get used to the idea of a radically changed Earth.

Scientists across the globe warn us 'till they are blue in the face that something must be done to stem the tide of earth changes taking place today, but in Washington, the cry goes out- Let's not hurt the economy.

Well, That's just plain selfish self interest winning out over change. I know. Change is hard, but are we to be the masters of change, or steam-rolled over by it?

Change is inevitable. When the word processor came to market, it hurt the typewriter manufacturers, but I do no type on a typewriter today, and we must all stand up for common sense.

Today, we hear from President Bush that no action is presently needed to adress global warming. "When action is needed, we will take action". President Bush is essentially mum on the subject of global warming. Why is this so? Perhaps, it is vested self interest.

When Ronald Reagan moved into the White House, one of the first orders he gave was to remove the solar water heater from the White House roof. He then let expire or removed the incentives for a fledgling solar industry, and many of these companies perished.

His answer. "If the solar industry becomes to successful, it might hurt the oil industry". He really did say this.

The oil industry accounts for 20% of our economy directly, and another 20% of our economy indirectly through support industries such as the automobile manufacturers. Perhaps we should just let things happen. Perhaps not!

Our choice is simple. The amount of infrared radiation in our atmosphere is never zero. The amount of cosmic radiation reaching the surface of the earth is never zero.

In the early 1980's, researchers exploring the properties of semiconductor particles, reduced the size of these semiconductor particles to between 2 and 5 nanometers. They discovered that the particles were converting ambient high-frequency radiation into visible light. They had discovered quantum dots- a new form of energy, and a new industry was born.

Today in Canada, we have a thin film solar cell in the lab that uses quantum dots between 3 and 4 nanometers that converts ambient infrared radiation into electricity at 30% efficiency.

By using principles of electronics, we can improve on this performance. A three-element trasnsistor is more efficient than a diode, and we should use what we know now to improve solar energy.

Resonant chambers amplify magnetic waves with the help of an inductance, but to President Bush, this must seem like rocket science. So, lets just get used to the idea that a little warming is good for the soul. When you write to Washington, or visit in the next fifty years, remember that you will receive a warm welcome all brought about by global warming.

After all, You wouldn't want to make waves would you? Don't you want to leave your grandchildren a changed climate, a warmer world, and rising sea levels?

Let's all just accept our fate.


Ralph Randolph Sawyer

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