Calculator for antigravity/ free energy devices
Date: Monday, March 07, 2005 @ 21:28:30 GMT
Topic: Science

From the free-energy yahoo group: Hello,

I am mr. Esa Maunu from Finland.

I have been studied different kind of antigravity/ free energy systems, and i think i have found one common system that explains many antigravity / over unity effects.

I think the key is the formed nested electromagnetic cylindrical walls around antigravity (MEC) device. The system is like big penning trap (particle collection) or sink, that forms a local void in ZPF.

Inertia is reduced in this void of ZPF.

I have designed an Excel file,that calculates needed dimensions and frequencies for differend kind of antigravity systems.

This calculation and formation of nested electromagnetic walls system is based on prime numbers.

Because prime numbers are not divisible,this system generates sharp and high nested cylindrical electromagnetic walls.

You can download file MEC Calculator2.0.4.xls from my web-site:


Esa Maunu

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