Andrei Sakharov 1967 Emergent Gravity from ZPF & Nonlocality of Gravity Energy
Date: Monday, March 07, 2005 @ 22:55:26 GMT
Topic: Science

From Dr. Jack Sarfatti: The foundations of metric engineering the fabric of space-time geometry for interstellar space travel are implicit in this paper.

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Emergent Gravity Gauge Force/Geometrodynamic Duality - Abstract:

Andrei Sakharov’s 1967 conjecture for the emergence of gravity from zero point vacuum fluctuations is brought to completion. The missing idea was the cohering of these fluctuations by spontaneous breakdown of U(1) symmetry inducing the inflationary vacuum phase transition to the Big Bang. The warped anholonomic part of the Einstein-Cartan tetrad is related to the Goldstone phase of the post-inflationary Higgs field. The paradox of nonlocality of the pure gravity field stress-energy in geometrodynamics is solved using the equivalence principle that imposes a gauge force/geometrodynamic duality.

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