Two great new zero point energy books!
Date: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 @ 20:00:38 GMT
Topic: Testimonials

I recently read through two of the latest books with zero point energy related material in them: The Free Energy Machine of T Henry Moray" and "Aethro Kinematics".

"The Free Energy Machine of T Henry Moray" was written by zero point energy researcher Moray B King, and dwelves deeply into the life and work of T Henry Moray, who built a set of machines that used the zero point energy of the quantum 'vacuum' to produce usable electricity, along the lines of the work of Nikola Tesla and many others. Moray King also wrote "Quest for the Zero Point Energy" and
"Tapping the Zero Point Energy". This book can be purchased from Adventures Unlimited Press:

The second book: Aethro Kinematics, by Steven Rado, describes the cosmological/scientific implications of a universal quantum aether, and, how longitudinal waves are propagated through it. While this book does not get into the technological aspects, it is definitely a must have for serious aether enthusiasts and zero point energy researchers. It can be bought from Amazon or direct from the author here:

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