Future Energy eNews - Mar. 9, 2005
Date: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 @ 21:57:36 GMT
Topic: General

  • Oil Depletion Analysis Centre - Offers the latest perspective on oil supply, peak, and future, with web links for more information - good resource article
  • Black Hole Bends Light the Wrong Way - First evidence of negative refraction, which implies negative mass or even antigravity
  • Energy Bills Will Go Up Under Bush Plan - Associated Press article on proposed Administration bill
  • Peak Oil Prediction is Not Rocket Science - Massachusetts State Rep spreads the word
  • The Future of Alternative Energy - Future belongs to renewable energy, say experts
  • Renewable Energy Legislation Proposed - Support a national renewable energy standard
  • Spray-On Solar Power Cells Are a Breakthrough - Another perspective on Dr. Sargent's remarkable invention by National Geographic News

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