Perendev Seeking Licensing & Investment Funds
Date: Saturday, March 12, 2005 @ 19:00:07 GMT
Topic: Testimonials

Sterling D. Allan writes: I've posted a recent letter&attachment from Perendev to a potential investor, along with my preface words of caution.

I have known Mike Brady since May 2002. At that time, when I inquired about his magnetic motor, he said, "yes the motor is running and almost ready for the market, only the commercial packaging still to be done." You will see below that in a letter soliciting licensing and investment funds that he is still representing himself and his company as being around this far along with the magnet motor.

As one who has been intimate to the workings of Perendev (I own and I built a team to spearhead the marketing and manufacturing of his magnet motor in North America), and one who has stood by Mike through much skepticism and criticism, I have this to say about his this most recent development.

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