Permanent Magnets - Space Energy
Date: Saturday, March 19, 2005 @ 20:40:15 GMT
Topic: Science

Hal Fox writes: Dear Alfred and Hal Ade,

In my visualization of the cosmic all, I would suggest that strong permanent magnets are an excellent proof that considerable space energy exists and is constantly pouring out energy. My suggestion is that a permanent magnet (or any magnet) partially aligns the "every direction flow" of space energy. This partial alignment is the magnet field that one senses and uses. If there were no space energy, then there would be no magnetic fields.

Your comments invited.

Best personal regards,

Hal Fox
Doctor Whodini (Bill Alek) writes:


According to Gravitomagnetic Theory, the magnetic field energy produced by perm magnets is equivalent to the relativistic INCREASE in mass of the "circulating" electrons: dE = dm x c^2

In other words, these electrons are circulating around the nucleus at relativistic speeds. There is a substantial increase in the rest mass of an electron. The magnetic field energy is therefore, dm x c^2.

This model "fits" the experiment EXACTLY!


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