Russian scientists built 'perpetual motion engine' prototype
Date: Sunday, March 20, 2005 @ 18:55:18 GMT
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From 15:15 2005-03-17
Russian research institute of space systems is developing a "perpetual motion engine" that can be used in spacecraft and ground-based transport alike. "We have been developing the so-called jet ejection-free propulsion device for a few years now," said Valery Menshikov, senior research coordinator of the institute," in his interview to ITAR-TASS news agency. According to Mr. Menshikov, the researchers already built a prototype of the engine of a non-conventional type. He provided some details with regard to the new machine.

"The prototype device is propelled by the movement of a liquid or solid working body inside the device. The working body moves on a trajectory resembling a tornado. As regards the effect produced by the experiment, we might as well witness a new phenomenon involving the interaction between the working body and some fields, possibly a gravity field. The nature of those fields is still have to be determined," said Mr. Menshikov.

Researchers say that service life of the next-generation engine will be 15 years at the least. It is said to be capable of undergoing nearly 300 thousands start-ups. The engine is powered by solar batteries. Russian researchers believe that the engine will be used not only for orbit control and correction purposes at the space vehicles and space stations.

"In the future this environment-friendly engine may be also used in the aircraft and ground transport," said Mr. Menshikov.


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