Our $100 Billion Clean Energy Future
Date: Friday, March 25, 2005 @ 20:47:03 GMT
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By EV World

MP3 audio of March 21, 2005 telephone press conference on Clean Energy Trends 2005 report.

March 22, 2005

Clean Edge, a San Francisco-based energy research and publishing firm, in collaboration with Nth Power, a quarter billion dollar venture capital management firm, held their fourth annual Clean Energy Trends 2005 telephone press conference on the eve of the release of their free report.

EV World was not only invited to participate in the telephone press conference, which featured Clean Edge principles Ron Pernick and Joel Makower, along with Nth Power's Tim Woodward and Rodrigo Prudencio, but we were also granted permission to record the event for our listeners. During the 25-minute presentation, the four discussed the current political and investment climate for a wide range of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, focusing on five major trends for 2005: biofuels, energy efficiency, solar, hydrogen infrastructure and green buildings...

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