New Research Paper - Proof of free energy from Ambient Heat
Date: Sunday, March 27, 2005 @ 15:54:34 GMT
Topic: Science

From the free-energy yahoo group: I finally took some time to create a research paper including two animations at I tried to make it an easy read, but you'll probably need to read it numerous times to see the proof. It proves that vast amounts of free energy can be extracted from ambient heat using classical physics. Included is a simple free energy machine example.

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Please send private emails if you have any questions as I rarely have the time to check all the message boards. All that I ask is that before replying *please* reread the paper as your questions will probably be there.

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From: "softwarelabus"
Subject: Re: Diode array - releases electricity - absorbs surrounding heat

Here's a nice web page regarding Charlie Brown's Thermal Electric Chip with diagram and more details. There's a link to his patent but you'll need quicktime to view it.

U.S. Patent 3,890,161 %2Fnetahtml%2Fsearch-bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&d=PALL&RefSrch=yes&Query=PN%2F3890161

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[see also: "This appears to be what the world's looking for" post in our forum - Vlad]

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