'Free Energy' in 2005
Date: Monday, March 28, 2005 @ 13:54:49 GMT
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From PESN - Eagle Mountain, Utah, USA: A survey of a very dynamic field, from solar and wind to cold fusion and magnet motors. What PES Network Inc is doing to promote alternative energy technologies. Pending launch of Open Source Energy Network (OSEN).

Written for AmericanAntigravity.com
by Sterling D. Allan
Copyright © 2005
Pure Energy Systems News


Three years ago, I had a phone conversation that transformed the direction of my life and steered me into the world of free energy. Until then, I had a passing interest in what seemed to still linger in the realm of science fiction -- fascinating but far from practical. But in that phone conversation, I was being told by the person I talked to that he had personally worked on a number of these devices: a car that got triple the usual gas mileage, an electric motor that put out several times more energy than it consumed, a magnet motor that got spinning so fast it took off from the bench and would have gone through the roof if one of the researches hadn't fortuitously grabbed the disconnect lever, bringing it back down to earth. I was hooked; and though I've become a bit jaded about many of these claims, I am convinced that the pursuit of free energy is a worthy endeavor...

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